Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

I have been asked to write on no investment business ideas, but the problem is that most no investment business ideas don’t work. Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

So I will tell you some of my experiences and you can pick up one if you like (I hope at least one works). Also keep in mind, making money isn’t easy and the only way to make a lot of money is to create a product or service that lots of people want and can afford. I will tell you about some of the no investment business ideas that I have tried:

Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

1. Posting ads on Craigslist:

You can post ads offering to do other people’s chores for free. For example, cleaning their house or yard, writing a paper for them, etc… This works best in college towns where students are always looking for ways to save money.

2. Selling candy bars at school:

This is easy because your customer base will come to you and it’s very cheap, all you need to do is buy the candy bars in bulk then just place them on a table each day before lunchtime, people will be willing to buy them and you can even make a slight profit. Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

3. Yard Sale:

You can charge others to help them sell their stuff by making signs, putting ads on Craigslist, and posting on Facebook groups. If you want to make money here, your best bet is to buy items from people (such as old electronics) and resell them yourself for a higher price. Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

4. Selling old stuff:

This is an easy and fun way to make money, but it will require some work on your part (like driving around). You can place ads on Craigslist or even set up a table at school or in town and sell stuff you don’t want anymore (and if you’re nice enough maybe your customers will even buy that old thing you were holding onto just in case).

5. Selling Homemade Products:

The key to this business is making something customers want, if they don’t find it useful or desirable then no one will buy it. You can sell things like handmade jewelry, soaps, cupcakes, cookies, etc…

6. Mehandi Artist

: This is a good business because you are selling art. You will need to be really talented in order for someone to pay you, but if your Mehandi designs are amazing people will want them and they can be quite cheap too.

7. Car Wash:

I did this while living in Pakistan, what I would do was go around the rich neighborhoods on the weekends and wash cars for people. If you want to do this you need to have a spray nozzle with water pressure, buckets, car soap, and some rags.

The key is finding out which are the wealthy areas in town so that you can have a higher demand for your services there, don’t waste time cleaning cars at the poor areas because no one can afford you there.

8. Babysitting:

This is probably the easiest no investment business to start, all you need is a little training and lots of patience, kids are really tough so if you don’t have much experience then try watching younger siblings or someone else’s baby first before trying it out on your own. But you have to be very good because most people will hire babysitters based on their past experience with them.

9. Cleaning Houses:

This is similar to the yard sale idea, you need to know which part of town has rich people so they can afford your service and where all the houses are located. Also, try checking out local churches and public areas like malls and shopping centers to make extra money.

10. Make Money Online:

This is an excellent way to make money, but it can take a lot of time before you start seeing any profits (you should really check out my blog and other links on this site for info about how you can start making money online).

11. Makeup Artist:

You can also use the internet to sell makeup online, this is a good way because your customers don’t even need to go anywhere at all. All you will need is some training and start out by making friends on Facebook groups (where people post about their favorite brands) then learn how to make them using cheaper ingredients like make-up pigments, you can sell these to people for a good profit.

12. Singing Lessons:

This is another business where your talent will play the most important role, if you are great at teaching then this will be easy money because there are lots of amateur singers who want to improve their skills or simply learn how to sing in tune.

13 .Carpenter:

This is a very versatile business that can be done by almost anyone. You can work independently or hire people to do the labor for you, you will need to invest some money in tools and materials though so if you don’t have any start out by cutting wood using hand saws and sanding them down with sandpaper to lose less profit when selling them.

14. Rickshaw Driving:

This business requires an investment of about 70,000 rupees ($715 USD) but it is very profitable because there are so many people who use them so you can make really good money. You will have to get a license from the local authorities in your area to allow you on the streets and to avoid paying tickets. You will also need to get a rickshaw, the other expenses include things like gas and oil but you can use your earnings to pay for these while keeping some money aside as profit.

15 . Ceramic Designer:

This is a business that will require lots of investment so you can buy different types of clay and glazes, but you don’t have to worry about selling because ceramic art sells for really high prices so people are ready to spend thousands on them.

16. Beautician:

This is another business where it won’t take much effort or money but the most important thing is to have a good reputation if people think you are a bad beautician they won’t pay for your services. So try being extra nice when working with your customers and always do quality work, you will gain more profit this way.

17 . Fitness Trainer:

You can start this business by going to the gym that you like and offering your services to the people there, they will pay you for training them. You can also advertise yourself online or put up posters where it says something like “looking for a fitness trainer?”

18 . Jewelry Maker:

This is another handmade business that requires investment in materials, you will need lots of different metals and gemstones so it is good to start as early as you can if you want to make some profit. You need tools like a drill and grinder, but these will all be really useful later on when you sell bigger jewels.

19 . Exotic Fruit Orchard:

This business requires a large amount of land where you can plant different types of fruits that you find in foreign countries, the main fruits that are sold for really high prices are Mangos, Papaya, and Avocado. You can also try growing exotic spices but this is another business with lots of potential because spices are expensive to buy at local markets. Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

20 . Art And Craft Supplier:

This business requires an investment for importing new materials, you will need to contact different suppliers that are based overseas because of low prices. You can also make some money by buying things at wholesale prices and selling them at retail.

21 .Manicurist/Pedicurist:

As with any beauty job, this is not an easy job, you will have to sit with your customers and talk or listen to them while doing a good job on their nails. You can sign a contract with a nail salon so they will pay you an hourly wage, but if you have your own place then you get the earnings yourself.

Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

22 . Marble Carving:

This is another business that requires investment, you will need to buy marble and metal tools so it is advisable to save some money first. You can sell your products at local stores or open up a shop in an area that has lots of tourists.

23 . Pet Caretaker:

This job requires an investment too because you will need to buy food for dogs, cats, and other animals, but dog walking is very profitable because people are always looking for someone to walk their dogs.

24 . Mobile Rickshaw Owner:

This business will require you to get a license from the local authorities in your area so it isn’t hard to start, you can get an old rickshaw and restore it then use that or buy a new one, but this is another business with a lot of competition so it will be hard to make some profit.

25 .Car Restorer:

This is a good side business that doesn’t require much investment and lots of people like old cars and wants to restore them to show off in their front yards or sell at car shows and these classic cars have a high value.

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26 .Investment Advisor:

Most investment companies will require you to have a degree or diploma, but this isn’t hard to get because there are institutions that offer good courses online too. This business can be really profitable if your customers are rich people with lots of money.

Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

27 . Organic Farming:

You can make organic fertilizers and sell them at local markets or become an agent for big suppliers, this business requires lots of work because you will need to sow the seeds and fertilize the plants yourself.

28 .Construction Worker:

This job is one that requires a lot of energy, you will need to get tools like jackhammers and chisels but there are lots of jobs that are suited for you because you can choose where to work.

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29 . Smuggler:

This is one profession that requires a lot of energy because you will need to climb mountains and tunnels but if you are not caught then this business can be very profitable, the best places for smuggling are mountains because there are always secret caves and tunnels that you can use.

30 . Musician:

You will need to make lots of investments for this business because you will need to buy musical instruments and good equipment, but if your songs are loved by many people then you can sing them at concerts where there is a demand and sell albums later on.

Top 30 Part-Time Business Ideas Without Investment

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Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment
Top 30 Part Time Business Ideas Without Investment

1. How can I start a business with little or no money?

There are many ways to start a business with little or no money. One way is to use your skills and talents to create a product or service that you can sell. You can also look for opportunities to partner with others who have the resources you need. You might even be able to barter services with others.

2. How do I get access to money if I have no credit or poor credit?

To get access to money when you have no credit or poor credit, you can always try borrowing from friends and family. You could also borrow locally through peer-to-peer lending sites or micro-lending sites. You could also look into getting a small business loan.

3. Are there any grants or funding available for new businesses?

There are many grants and funding opportunities available for new businesses. You can find information on grants and funding from your local Small Business Administration (SBA) office, state government websites, and online.

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