20 Part-Time Business Ideas For Students (Daily Earn 120$)

Having a part-time job is good for students because it will teach them how to deal with people, and earn money at the same time. It’s also a good way for them to learn responsibility. 20 Part-Time Business Ideas For Students (Daily Earn 120$)

When they turn into adults, most of them need a full-time job to support themselves financially. They can’t live without having an income. So, having a part-time job while studying at school is good for students.

There are numberless jobs that college and university students can do to make money. It will depend on your character and skills. You should be able to find what you like and motivate yourself to work hard in order to achieve your goal. The following list is just some ideas for students who are looking for part-time jobs.

20 Part-Time Business Ideas For Students

1. Tutor

If you really like to study, maybe, you can become a tutor after graduating from college or university because it’s related to what you were interested in during your study time. It will be very challenging and fun at the same time helping students to improve their grades.

And the best thing is you don’t need any qualifications for this job. So, there’s no risk at all especially for students who are still studying in college or university and considering whether to drop out or not.

2. Working in a restaurant

Unfortunately, some people think that waiters and waitresses are people who are not smart enough to work in other places. It’s totally different from reality. Some restaurants are looking for waiters and waitresses that have degrees or even master degrees.

You can earn money by working part-time in a restaurant during your school time, so you can still study at the same time getting income which is useful for your daily expenses. In addition, this job will help you improve your serving or waiting skills which can be very useful in your future life.

3. Teaching assistant

Do you love kids? Then, you can apply to work as a teaching assistant at schools that accept students from preschool up to fourth grade. This type of job is not only giving you the chance to work in the classroom, but also making you study skills and experience which is very needed when you are looking for a full-time job.

4. Volunteering in an association

If you love helping people in an organization, volunteering at school can be one of the best options for students who still studying at university. You can take this job as a part-time job and show your interest to the president or someone at school.

Some associations will give you good remuneration for helping them, and also it’s a great experience for students who want to pursue their career in social work.

5. Being a tutor

How about tutoring your friend, who is also studying at your school? Does it sound interesting? Being a tutor for your friend will be great because you can give them advice and create the best schedule to help them do their homework. If you are good at managing time.

This job will be very useful for you to learn how to manage your time well. It’s different from the tutor job. Before this type of job, please make sure that you are good at studying or your friend is in needs to be tutored by someone else because nobody wants to spend money on something they don’t need.

6. Freelancing

Freelance writing is one of the good part-time jobs for students who love writing. What you need to do is create a website and write articles about some interesting topics such as technology, science, entertainment, and so on.

You will get paid depending on how many articles or pages you have written and your readers or clients. So, creating a website is the best way to get this job done. What’s more? This is a job which doesn’t require you to get any special qualifications.

7. Teaching kids at home

Do you like kids? This is one great part-time job for students who love children or want to be a teacher in the future, but they haven’t got enough time to do that because of their study and other activities. Children can be your agents to give you knowledge that will help them in the future.

8. Writing business plan at home

If you are interested in economy or investment, then freelancing is the best idea for you! It’s an easy and interesting part-time job that can bring extra income for your daily life, but it depends on how well you are doing.

This job is also the best choice for students who study economy or business because it can give them a lot of information to learn how to run their own business someday.

9. Become a translator

Do you have many friends from other countries? If so, being a translator might be the best job for you. You can work part-time and find a job online. Now, there are many companies or agencies which offer this type of service. If you want to try, you should register at websites such as bengoos.com or gengo.com

You can read more about translation jobs here: 10 Great Ways for Students to Make Money in Japan

10. Tutoring online

There are many websites that offer this type of job, such as tutorabc.com. Basically, what you need to do is give materials for students and give them lessons via webcam or phone.

It’s not difficult at all; however, it will be very interesting because you can make your schedule freely. There are many forums which you can post your schedule and contact information for students to find you.

All the jobs will be updated regularly so that students can choose their own tutor by themselves. This type of job is also great for beginners who are just starting to do this kind of job because it’s easy, flexible, and straightforward.

11. Dog walking

If you are a dog lover, why not be one of them? You can take your dog to the park and get some additional income for it. Dog walking is the best part-time job for students because we know that it’s hard to find time to walk with your pet and also sometimes we don’t have enough time to spend taking care of your pet.

12. Running errands

Do you want to be a part-time job student? Running errands is one of the best jobs for students who are looking for quick cash. The job won’t take too much time, but you can receive money instantly because all the customers are helping each other by sharing errands to do. Those jobs will be updated every day by people who need someone to help them with errands.

Business Ideas For Students

13. Being a tour guide for walking tours

Are you good at local attractions, history, or geography? Are you interested in doing this type of job? Then being a student tour guide is the best choice for you. This job allows students to increase their knowledge and ability to communicate with other people, especially foreign travelers who speak different languages.

You can choose your favorite places or themes that you would like to share with your customers. You can also suggest some interesting attractions which are near where you live so that they will spend more time in Japan

.14. Become a model for your boyfriend or girlfriend

It might be one of the funniest jobs that you can try, but this job is very interesting because you can explore many things which are new to you! This type of part-time job is also great to build up your self-confidence and communication skills.

It’s easy to find a job online, just go to websites such as posemaniacs.com and look for your favorite type of model such as fashion, art, or nude. You will receive a message from those who want you as their model for photo shooting.

15. Drawing manga/illustration

If you are interested in drawing, then why not try to draw for customers directly? This type of part-time job is also very interesting because you can get feedback and communicate with other people. You can find many jobs online to be a manga artist or character designer. For your information, there are many websites that offer jobs such as hanimezine.com, MMO-ch, com, and pixiv.net

16. Translate English to Japanese

Are you a native speaker who can speak English? Are you interested in translating a part-time job? Then this kind of job is perfect for you! You can find many websites which offer translation jobs such as gengo.com or bengoos.com.

This type of job will help not only your part-time income but also your Japanese skill. When you are translating documents, you will be more careful about how you translate them into Japanese because there is always another person who will check your work.

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17. run errands for elderly people

If you are interested in this type of job, then why not try it out? This is one of the best part-time jobs for students who want to earn more extra income.

Some employers need someone to take care of their elderly parents, so why don’t you become one of them? It’s not only about taking care of your parents but also your ability in communicating with people who are older than you will built up.

You will also learn more about their culture and daily life. This is a good way to understand each other in different age groups.

18. Become a film extra

Do you want to be someone on the big screen? Why don’t you try being a film extra? You can earn money by just sitting down or taking interesting poses during movie shooting. There are many websites that offer this type of part-time job such as filmvz.com, gumin.jp, and film-extras-central.com.

All you need to do is make a profile on those websites, upload your best photos and wait for the movie shooting schedule in your area!

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19. Participate in research studies

Are you interested in joining medical research directly related to the healthcare field? This type of job is also very interesting because not only you will work closely with doctors but also the study results will be published in well-known scientific journals. Participating in a study might have some risks, but there is always a reward for your contribution such as money, a free trip, and many more.

20. Become a host or hostess in fancy restaurants

If you speak another language such as English or Chinese then why don’t you try this type of job? This is one of the fastest-growing industries these days because foreign travelers will come to Japan very often! You can find a lot of jobs online to be a host or hostess.

There are many benefits of being a part-time worker! Not only you can make your full-time job more secure but also this type of job is perfect for students who have too much time during the day.

How about you? Do you have any idea of part-time jobs for students? Please let us know! We will want to share your ideas with other people who are looking for a good one!

Are you interested in finding a great part-time job near your school or home? My advice for you is looking a job online because it’s more convenient and easier if you don’t have to go anywhere. So let me introduce some websites which offer simple tips on how to find a part-time job.

20 Part-Time Business Ideas For Students

20 Part-Time Business Ideas For Students
20 Part-Time Business Ideas For Students

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