10 Brilliant Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

10 Brilliant Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs: How do you come up with business ideas? The best ones seem to pop into your head fully formed, as if from nowhere. But if you’re in the position of needing to start your own business, it can be tough to come up with that A-ha! the moment at first.

10 Brilliant Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

Thankfully, there are plenty of other options available to you, many of which don’t require much investment at all. Read on to find 10 brilliant business ideas under 10 lakhs in Pakistan.

1) Saree Retail Business

Not only is it a viable business idea in tier II and III cities where a lot of women wear sarees, but it’s also relatively low risk, as fixed costs are pretty low. And unlike textile retail businesses which struggle with inventory management, you can easily move your merchandise in and out as required. (There’s even a buyer who buys sarees by weight).

However, there are other risks—you might not be able to get loans from some banks for starting your business. Moreover, since rentals are on the higher side in these cities and there isn’t much footfall in smaller towns for some products (like mobile phones), getting started could be difficult. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to take calculated risks, then retailing sarees can definitely be one of them.

2) Digital Marketing Training

One of these business ideas is inbound marketing. If you have an established website or a popular YouTube channel, then it’s time to start thinking about inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing refers to directing potential customers toward your website with content they want to read (and hopefully buy). Social media and search engine optimization are both parts of inbound marketing.

As well as developing useful how-to content that’ll generate leads over time. It can also be accomplished by participating in influencer networks where companies will pay you a portion of their sales if someone purchases something after clicking on your link or watching your video. All it takes is creativity and research!

3) Professional Interior Design Service

With a business idea in mind, all you need to do is build it—to start small and have a realistic picture of what you’re getting into. Once you’ve got your interior design service up and running, consider adding social media such as Facebook, Twitter, a Pinterest element so customers can stay in touch with you.

Find ways to make your service stand out by selling on personal experience or establishing yourself as an expert in design trends. With online shopping taking off, now is a great time to start out! Just don’t forget that hard work pays off: in order to be successful, you’ll need tenacity.

4) Party Bus Hire

Get your group together and head to a concert or football game, then hire a party bus to bring you there. Most companies rent out vehicles by seat, not by the passenger, meaning they make more money if they fill up their vehicle. Since party buses often have seats that convert into beds, you can charge your passengers per bed instead of per person and make more money.

Over time, as you become better known in your city for having a top-notch business, you can start charging per person—even if that means renting out fewer beds. For groups who are planning ahead and have time for some logistics planning (i.e., double-checking each guest’s accommodation situation), party buses are an affordable way to get people where they need to go in style. If you need help getting going, here’s what you should know about starting a party bus business.

All it takes is $9000 – There’s no denying that every penny counts when you’re just starting out, but with everything else taken care of – phone line, gas card, etc – $9000 will cover your permit application fee ($200) and enough chairs ($600) to comfortably fit all your guests. Once complete, it doesn’t take long before guests line up from all over town waiting for their turn on what has quickly become a popular nightlife staple! You’ll begin raking in thousands within weeks!

5) Cooking Classes

Ever thought about teaching people how to cook? With various technologies allowing us to learn in new ways, you can start a cooking class business from your home. You don’t need any special training, and it isn’t too expensive to buy or rent some materials. And, most importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of time—so you can have another way to make money without working long hours.

Here are some tips for getting started Post fliers around town advertising your class. Consider hosting an event to drum up interest (maybe at a community center?). Offer a tasting menu first so people can try what they’ll be learning before they sign up! Host final exam parties where students come by and prepare food alongside you so that everyone is confident with their newfound skills.

(And you might even convince them to come back regularly!) Give current or former students as much work as possible: Tasks such as cleaning dishes may be valuable, but tend not to pay very well. There’s nothing wrong with hiring out cleaning, just recognize that giving someone paying work is better than giving them unskilled labor!

6) Home Remedies Store

From ginger to turmeric, honey to coconut oil and neem leaves to lemon, we have access to an unlimited number of naturally occurring ingredients that are as close as our spice rack or backyard garden. But did you know that you can make a business out of selling natural home remedies?

There’s an infinite number of traditional treatments used in India that have been passed down through generations. So start your own natural remedy shop and share your grandmother’s recipes with everyone! Here are 10 brilliant ideas under Rs.10 lakhs 1) Herbal Products Store (organic, Ayurvedic).

There is no dearth of herbal products available in the market and people prefer them because they promise a healthy living without any side effects. Start an herbal product store and sell pure herbal products at a premium price (Rs 500-1000). You can also sell non-herbal items like soaps, moisturizers, and body care products along with your herbal range.

This will diversify your offerings while also increasing sales on other items (if priced accordingly). Make sure you stock up on each product regularly as it may take time for customers to notice your new business if there is little demand for these items near you – but once word spreads, there is a big potential for growth here!

7) Startup Entrepreneur Coaching

There are plenty of corporate business ideas out there for you to choose from. However, not all of them are promising enough. If you’re willing to invest your time and money in a startup, it’s crucial that you do your research and pick a business model that can sustain its initial losses until it gets off its feet.

Some entrepreneurs start off as freelancers or side-giggers before they launch their main gig; while others try out niche businesses—which are often specialized products or services within a particular market—to determine if they have what it takes to be full-time entrepreneurs. It depends on your skills, interests, and financial situation. Either way, looking into startup coaching is worth your while.

For example, Startup Bootcamp Bangalore offers courses on entrepreneurship training as well as workshops on growth hacking and product development. They also have international chapters in cities like Berlin and Silicon Valley where young people with entrepreneurial aspirations can connect with other like-minded folks seeking new opportunities.

Startup Bootcamp is just one example of an organization offering coaching courses geared towards newbie entrepreneurs who are simply trying to figure things out without breaking too much cash flow along the way. Take advantage of resources like these to determine which business idea suits you best!

8) Home Organizing Tips Website

To help everyone who’s dealing with cluttered, disorganized homes, you can start a website. From there, you can provide tips and tricks on how to organize various spaces around your home, including closets, offices, and garages. If people are looking for help getting their act together in terms of cleaning up clutter around their place of residence, they will definitely want to check out your site for ideas.

There is a big demand for such information online—why not fill it? While starting from scratch will take more money than some other ventures (in fact, most online businesses cost very little to get off the ground), be aware that any business idea under 10 lakhs doesn’t really have to make much money at first.

It’s about establishing yourself as an expert in your field and making some money later on down the road when traffic picks up. That may mean spending some money upfront (like on paid advertising) so that once search engines do index your content or customers find you through social media referrals, they see a cohesive brand identity already in place.

9) Construction & Repair Services

If you’re handy with tools and have a knack for building things, consider offering construction services. Contractors often advertise their services on home repair sites or locales like Craigslist. If you can find some clients and start building up a reputation for quality work, it could quickly turn into a viable income stream. Additionally, get referrals from friends and family to expand your client base.

10) Grocery Delivery Service

If you live in a small town with little in terms of grocery stores, and if you don’t have a vehicle that can transport groceries to your home, consider starting a grocery delivery service. You could start a business delivering products to people who otherwise would not be able to access it, or rent out your parking space at night and during breaks when you’re not using it.

The only thing stopping someone from renting out their parking space is fear—that they won’t make enough money, or won’t be there when someone needs them. And while having an hour break between classes might seem like plenty of time for shopping and driving home, look at how often we need breaks throughout the day.

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To start a business, you don’t need millions of dollars, just an idea and a desire to be your own boss. Whether you want to start a new company or add a profitable revenue stream to your existing one, there are opportunities out there for those who want them and know where to look.

But just about any good business idea starts with research—taking time at first to find out what opportunities are out there and how you can capitalize on them. If you have what it takes in terms of money, time, and risk tolerance, here are some ideas that could make sense for you as a small business owner.

10 Brilliant Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs
10 Brilliant Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

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