10 Business Ideas for Under 50000 Rupees

10 Business Ideas for Under 50000 Rupees: Starting a business can be an intimidating venture, especially if you’re on a budget or have limited financial resources to invest in your new project. In the face of these challenges, you might feel like you have no option but to scrap your business idea and move on to another one that’s more financially feasible.

10 Business Ideas for Under 50000 Rupees

That’s not necessary! This list of business ideas under 50,000 rupees will show you that there are plenty of ways to start your own business without making any major investments in assets like equipment or inventory.

1) Coworking Space

While coworking isn’t something you can do out of your home (duh), it is an affordable business idea that has a lower barrier to entry than something like starting your own software company. If you have friends who want to be your first coworkers, that might even be free. Otherwise, coworking spaces start around 200 rupees a month in India—and they provide you with everything you need to get started: Internet, electricity and office furniture. Your only responsibility is paying attention when people ask if they can work in your office with you.

2) Construction Business

Start a construction business in your area. This is one of those classic business ideas that generates an almost guaranteed revenue stream. Just be sure to stay away from actual construction if you don’t know what you’re doing; it can lead to dangerous accidents and falls, not to mention workers’ compensation claims!

Contract out your building needs instead; tell friends and family about your service and network through Facebook ads. You could easily get a few dozen customers within a month of starting your business, especially with all of those holiday home repairs coming up!

3) Photography/Videography Business

Photography and videography are two different beasts; because of that, they will require different budgets. In general, though, you’ll need to get a camera(s), lighting equipment (like softboxes and backdrops), accessories like tripods and reflectors, some way to edit images (Adobe Lightroom is a good start), and somewhere to host your photos online.

If you already have some of these things lying around or on hand—like professional lights—it can reduce costs substantially. On average though, you should plan on budgeting about 10–20K INR for your business idea. If you can’t swing that much at once try looking at second-hand marketplaces or borrowing from friends or family. Just make sure you pay them back!

Oh yeah, one more thing: getting started in an industry without any connections means you’ll be relying heavily on reviews and testimonials. So set up a wedding/portrait portfolio website right away so people can write their own reviews/testimonials if they’re happy with your work. You’ll save money by not paying any third parties until after you’ve built up some clout as an expert in your area.

4) Catering Service

Not only is there a growing market for people who just don’t have time to cook for themselves, but also — especially with farmers’ markets becoming more popular and pop-up shops coming back into style — there’s also a growing market of healthy and fresh foods that restaurants are looking to purchase from you.

If you love cooking (or even if you’re trying to learn) start a business as a private chef by connecting with families or individuals in your area and preparing meals specifically for them. You can build up your clientele by hosting small dinners at their home or office.

Just make sure to always maintain personal boundaries so your clients are comfortable hiring you again. And, of course, always be as safe as possible when preparing food. Remember: Food poisoning is no joke! That’s why we recommend using ThinkFoodSafety’s 5 Golden Rules Of Food Safety.

5) Home Repair Service

This is an excellent business to start if you’re good with your hands and have a soft spot for helping people fix things around their house. Tools are easily available and inexpensive, so starting a repair service requires very little startup capital. You can offer services like fixing leaks or painting rooms in exchange for future work or payment; it’s not uncommon to be hired because people know you’ll do a high-quality job at an affordable price.

(See also: How to Start a Home Improvement Service) Collectibles/Antiques Shop: Many young investors who run businesses from home eventually look to branch out into more upscale collectibles as they earn more money. Antiques, comics, coins, sports cards—there’s something for every collector out there! While some shops may focus on higher-end pieces that fetch a significant amount of money upfront, others may cater towards those just looking to spend less than $100 on decorating items while still providing decent revenue per hour.

Either way—if you love history and enjoy interacting with customers—this might be a business idea worth exploring! Check out eBay Small Business University’s detailed overview of how to start your own collectible shop.
Did I miss any? Would love to hear from you…

6) Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand and lucrative careers of today’s time. With internet penetration on a rise across India, there has been a surge in demand for professionals in digital marketing fields. You can start your own digital marketing firm or freelancing service and charge based on your experience and expertise.

Here are some ideas to kickstart your business: *Digital Marketing Service *Web development (HTML5/CSS3) *Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Audit *Facebook Apps/Page Designing Services *Google Ads Management *Website Designing *Content Writing Consulting Services ​*Social Media Management ​*Local SEO Campaigns? Seo Keyword Position Tracking?Keyword Research Social Media Marketing (SMM) ?? Why SMM?

The definition of social media marketing becomes clear once you understand that it involves building an online presence through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+, etc. as well as other platforms like Flickr, Youtube et al using optimized content generation techniques with linkages with search engine optimization and analytics while promoting commercial ventures.

SMM helps build brand awareness through positive consumer interaction which leads to improved brand perception that ensures customer retention which helps generate more revenue thus delivering greater profits at a reduced cost to businesses over other forms of media advertising like radio commercials etc.

7) Internet Cafe or Coffee Shop

If you’re looking to start a new business on a tight budget, starting an internet cafe might be an excellent option. While you’ll have to spend time and money investing in computers and buying coffee supplies before opening day, after that it’s smooth sailing (literally). Coffee shops are often filled with freelancers who need a caffeine boost or have time to kill between appointments.

One way to appeal to both of these groups is by providing free Wi-Fi; even if customers don’t purchase any food or drinks from your shop, they might stick around just because it’s easy for them to get work done. You’ll also want to make sure your shop has outlets so people can charge their phones and computers.

8) Tailoring/Fabric Shop

If you’re looking to get started in a business but are on a tight budget, becoming a tailor or opening your own fabric shop could be an ideal option. Fabric shops range from small establishments where one person works and sells their clothes to high-end shops that specialize in selling custom designer clothing. Regardless of size and location, most shops will require you to use equipment like sewing machines and ironing boards, which can be leased or bought depending on your preferences.

As long as you have basic knowledge of fabrics, it’s easy to establish yourself in many parts of India with little startup cost. And it’s easy to make money; many local tailors buy fabric from customers and then sell finished items back to them at a profit.

9) Mechanical Workshop

If you’re handy with tools and interested in fixing things (or building them from scratch), you could consider starting a mechanical workshop. With a relatively small investment of equipment, you can set up your own shop to help people fix and design items around their homes. You’ll need some basic knowledge of how everything works, but it’s an excellent alternative to working at someone else’s shop or starting up on your own.

For more information about getting started in such a business check out Start Your Own Mechanical Repair Shop by Entrepreneur Press and available at Amazon as well. There are also several online courses you can take if you want to learn more about making money with a mechanical repair shop.

10) Fireworks Production Business

This type of business is one of the easiest to start. The fireworks production industry is one of India’s most lucrative and hence many entrepreneurs have sought to establish their own fireworks manufacturing companies. However, in order to become successful in a fireworks producing firm, an entrepreneur must be capable of producing quality products that are safe to use and withstand intense weather conditions.

In order to become successful in setting up your own fireworks production company, it is imperative that you learn how to produce different types of firework shows with varying degrees of difficulty so as not to bore customers and thus lose sales. Another factor that should be considered when starting a fireworks manufacturing business is safety precautions; safety gear such as earplugs goggles are vital for keeping workers from sustaining hearing or vision loss.

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In order to help you find some businesses, you can start with less than $5000 we have created a list of 10 different business ideas. Some of these businesses may be harder than others but they all have one thing in common: They will make money if done correctly.

What’s great about these 10 ideas is that many do not require an upfront investment. Instead, you just need to find a way to get customers and keep them coming back over and over again. If you have any questions about these business ideas please feel free to leave them in our comments section at the bottom of this page and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

10 Business Ideas for Under 50000 Rupees
10 Business Ideas for Under 50000 Rupees

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