Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan

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Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan

Life without credit cards may seem like the hard option, but in some circumstances it really isn’t. For example, if you are traveling to another country and you don’t want to carry cash or if you are being paid online and want to be able to purchase things online safely.

Getting your own virtual credit card can help you manage your finances abroad. Not all virtual credit cards are created equal, however, so before you pick one up, take a look at this list of the best virtual credit cards in Pakistan so that you can get the one that works best for your lifestyle and goals.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card is an essential service for any business based outside of Pakistan who wishes to do business within Pakistan. Essentially, a virtual credit card acts as an additional form of payment/credit with one very important difference – there is no actual physical credit card.

A virtual credit card is simply a means of storing funds that can be used on-line at merchants and service providers who accept them; much like you would use your own personal debit or credit cards online, except you can access and manage those accounts online just as easily as you might create, change or cancel a meeting using your computer. Use your virtual credit card today! Contact us today.

Benefits of Using VCC

Virtual credit cards are actually a form of debit card which can be used by their owner to carry out cashless transactions. These cards, issued by global banks, operate on Visa or MasterCard platforms. In Pakistan, Virtual credit cards can be used for international transactions, unlike traditional debit and credit cards that are tied up with local banks.

The main advantage of using VCC is that it saves you from carrying cash while traveling abroad. Plus being virtual means that you don’t need to worry about its safety since no sensitive information like your bank account number is required at all to create it.

No matter where you live or travel abroad, virtual credit card services are always safe and convenient way to make payments! Users enjoy many benefits including savings, security as well as conveniences that are not possible with traditional payment methods.

For example; Customers get special discounts when they use their Visa or MasterCard internationally because they get access to special rates associated with these cards that standard personal checks may not offer. Moreover, because these virtual cards have flexible spending limits than regular checks and pay orders (which have maximum amounts specified), users have better control over expenses.

Besides saving money via discount offers when paying online using a mastercard vs visa card at thousands of stores worldwide makes shopping online cheaper for users in most cases too! Companies often provide faster check processing during peak periods using mastercard vs visa card due to easier access due to specific products/services also ease of use etc.

How to Get One

If you want to get a virtual credit card to make secure online purchases, you’ll need to apply for a prepaid Visa or MasterCard. These cards work just like debit cards and can be purchased with cash at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Some of these plastic cards also come with an app that works on smartphones, so you can simply scan and pay with your phone if you don’t have your physical card on hand.

Prepaid credit cards are available from banks, retailers, and online providers; there’s no application fee but if you want some real perks (like better interest rates), expect to pay around $25 for your virtual credit card.

If you already have a debit card and bank account, getting one is easy—simply log into your existing account online and order one. Then, once it arrives in the mail, activate it by calling 1-800-BANK-IT1 and following their activation instructions. Virtual cards typically arrive within two weeks of placing your order. To get one at Walmart, go to checkout lane #43 with cash or check in hand.

You should not be asked any personal information when purchasing a prepaid credit card unless required by law; however, always know that you’re protected by zero liability policies with your bank and retailer if they ever become compromised or stolen because someone else used them fraudulently without authorization.

What Else Can VCC Be Used For?

These virtual credit cards can be used for a number of tasks and purposes. Many people use them to fund online purchases, while others may choose to use their VCC to transfer money between bank accounts. They are particularly useful when there is an occasion that requires you to purchase something online and you have no way of doing so with a regular debit or credit card.
You should be careful with your VCC, though, as it has a set limit on it that must be followed; any charges above that amount will come out of your bank account. Make sure to read all terms of service before agreeing to any transactions through your VCC. It’s also important to keep these details safe as they contain sensitive information about yourself such as personal identification numbers (PINs) and credit card details.
This is why many companies want you to create some sort of digital data record keeping system where all financial information can be kept separate from other documents by using specific file folders or software such as those created by document management programs like Microsoft Office Word or Google Docs.
Programs like these allow users greater control over how they organize and access their business documents without having a danger of someone accidentally viewing documents containing sensitive information via email links or physical copies left unsecured in an office.

Tips Before Using Your Virtual Credit Card

Before using your virtual credit card, there are some important factors to consider. First, your virtual credit card is virtual because it doesn’t actually have any physical presence. It’s not a hard plastic piece of plastic with a magstripe on it.
So if you’re used to swiping that type of credit card and expecting an immediate result, you may be surprised when you use your virtual credit card for the first time. Since there’s no magstripe involved, all transactions take place over SSL encrypted channels and are processed almost instantly by our payment processing partners.
Some sites may also accept a token (the site address or customer ID), but they will still submit your billing information through their end to verify whether or not they should proceed with charging you. So long as everything checks out, then they will process their end of things and send us an approval code; once we get that approval code back from them we will charge your account.
You’ll see exactly what happens when you place your order online since each step is clearly outlined within our order pages! Our guide goes into more detail regarding how these processes work if you’d like more info about how virtual credit cards work in general!


In conclusion, virtual credit cards are a great way to keep your finances secure when shopping online. They offer a high level of security and can be used to make payments for a wide range of products and services. If you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to pay for items online, a virtual credit card is a perfect option for you.
Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan
Virtual Credit Card in Pakistan

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