Unique Business Ideas For Students

Unique Business Ideas For Students: When you’re in school, it can feel like there are only two ways to earn money: by working at a job or by playing video games all day.

Unique Business Ideas For Students

Here’s something that might surprise you: there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money while they study, especially if they attend one of these 25 colleges! At each school on our list, at least five percent of student body members have started their own business.

Even better? These businesses started not just because students wanted to be their own boss, but also because many schools have incubators and offer other financial and technical support to students who want to get an idea off of paper and into reality.

Rent Out Your Room

Perhaps you don’t want to quit your current job but can spare a room in your house. Sites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing make it easy to rent out a space in your home to people who are looking for an inexpensive place to stay for a few days or weeks.

The cash from renting out spare rooms will likely not be enough to support you full-time, but it could add some much-needed extra income if you’re currently working on a part-time business idea. There are also sites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk that enable users to perform small tasks (like data entry) for pay, which might be enough for a little extra pocket money and help with covering expenses during an entrepreneurial pursuit.

If you’re considering making money from renting out a room, read up on how to avoid scams related to short-term rentals. In addition, check out local laws about subletting for more information.

Sell Used Stuff You No Longer Need

Some business ideas for students that can help you earn money in college include selling stuff you no longer need (if your school has a market for secondhand items, use it) or offering services such as tutoring to fellow students. If you have skills, like computer programming, offer to code web pages for other people.

You can even start your own business out of your dorm room and make a lot of money through products you design and create yourself. The more you can offer in terms of solutions rather than products, like with consulting work or personal training sessions, the higher value you’ll bring to customers and employers alike.

Cleaning Business

You don’t have to take on debt or even co-sign for someone else’s venture if you want to get in on some of that sweet, sweet startup cash. Instead, student entrepreneurs should focus on investing in other people’s ventures; with so many start-ups going at it alone, funding is tough to come by.

All you need is a little bit of money (less than $50) and a lot of time (when else are you going to be able to steal away like that?) and there are plenty of opportunities online. Sites like Funders Club help entrepreneurs looking for capital connect with individuals willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Another cool feature? Investors can track how their investments are doing—and can receive regular updates from startups they invest in. Student entrepreneurs can also turn to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise funds—but they’ll need more than just an idea if they hope to succeed.

They’ll also need a plan of action: A clear vision, solid marketing strategy and well-defined goals will all go a long way toward attracting investors. While crowdfunding sites allow users to raise money for pretty much anything, Kickstarter is most commonly used for creative projects like films, music albums and books—while Indiegogo has been used more often for personal causes and charitable endeavors.


It may seem counterintuitive, but some of the best business ideas for students are simple one-on-one endeavors. Tutoring is a fantastic way to turn your knowledge into an income stream. If you’re still in school, that means you can turn what you know into spending money during off hours or between classes.

Whether it’s a skill you gained through coursework or general knowledge, tutoring is often a viable business model. It’s not hard to get clients either; simply advertise on social media and use networking sites like LinkedIn to drum up more interest in your services.

There are plenty of other ways to leverage one-on-one interactions for profit as well; it just takes a little creativity. Don’t forget about Craigslist, which has both local and global listings. Also consider open source software such as Google Hangouts for virtual tutoring sessions.

Finally, don’t overlook friends who might need help with homework or studying; they’ll likely be willing to pay if you’re any good! Just make sure they’re aware of your rates ahead of time so there aren’t any surprises later on.

Invest in other businesses

As a student, you already know a lot of things. You’re an expert in things like your favorite subjects, reading comprehension and standardized tests. Start tutoring to turn that knowledge into some extra cash! Tutoring can be done one-on-one or in groups, so no matter what your schedule looks like you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

Even if you already work a part-time job or go to school full time, there are likely going to be times when you need a few extra bucks for spring break or studying for exams—and tutoring is a great way to make sure those funds are available when you need them most.

Here’s how to get started You don’t even need your own space – start by reaching out to local schools and community centers to see if they’d welcome a tutor. And keep in mind, while it might seem easier to stick with academic subjects, there’s nothing stopping you from offering other types of tutoring as well (for example: help with business plans).

In fact, giving students more diverse options may lead to more consistent bookings as opposed to having just one type of service on offer. Once you’ve got your first couple clients lined up, reach out through social media channels (or hand out flyers) about what you do and let people know about any specials or discounts you might be running at any given time.

Do Freelance Work

Student jobs are great, but they typically don’t pay well and have very strict hours. In addition, you may have trouble balancing your class schedule with your work schedule. Freelance work is something that most students can pick up in their free time as long as they know where to look.

The benefit of freelance work is that it can give you real-world experience without requiring a full-time commitment. It also allows you to set your own schedule, so if you need more flexibility than your student job offers, freelancing might be for you. It’s also an opportunity to make some extra cash on top of what you already earn from school. Here are a few places to get started:

Start a Dog-Walking Business

If you love animals, dogs in particular, a dog-walking business could be a great option. This is one business idea that allows you to work on your own schedule and at your own pace, as long as there’s demand for dog walking services in your area. Your local chamber of commerce or industry association should be able to tell you what licenses you need and point you in the direction of any rules regarding regulations for dog walkers.

The website Walk Dog Walk caters specifically to those looking for a dog-walking job as well as for dog owners who need help with their furry friends. The company links potential customers with pre-screened professionals and also offers tips on finding customers including websites, Craigslist ads and flyers.

Become an Uber driver

Uber is one of many gig economy opportunities for students to make some extra cash. If you can drive people around town and don’t mind sitting in traffic, Uber may be a good option for you. You won’t get rich with Uber unless you really hustle and drive a lot.

But it can be great money if you don’t mind doing it on your own schedule. You could also look into getting a new Uber driver bonus by signing up on my referral link and getting $100 off your first two rides! Learn more about becoming an Uber driver here . Write a professional email based off the following description: A job offer letter.
Hi [name], Congratulations! I’m excited to offer you a position as an entry-level sales representative with our company. Your starting salary will be $30,000 per year, and your performance will be evaluated at three month intervals. The job description is attached for your review. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to working with you in your new role here at ABC Company! Sincerely, John Doe.

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This is a list of unique business ideas for students. We hope you will use them to start your own small business! Small businesses are great way to get started on your career and make some money along the way.

As you grow, remember that you have so many options when it comes to what type of work you can do and where it can be done from. No matter how much time you put into any one project, always be prepared to take a new path if necessary!

Unique Business Ideas For Students
Unique Business Ideas For Students

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