Top Business Name Ideas for a Mascot

Get your business name ideas for a mascot from this infographic. Use it to brainstorm names for your business or mascot.

Top Business Name Ideas for a Mascot: Your mascot plays an integral role in building your business’s brand and culture, so choosing the right name is critical to your company’s long-term success. If you’re having trouble brainstorming business name ideas for your mascot, you can look to these tips to get the creative juices flowing and the inspiration flowing back again. Continue reading to learn how your mascot can inspire you to make your own business stand out in the marketplace!

Business Name Ideas for Mascot

Is your business mascot an animal? Well, there are tons of names that you can use when naming your business. A few examples of these names include Bear, Hawk, and Moose. Using animals in business names has been around since ancient civilizations. For example, take on a look at some of the companies named after animals: Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt. There are also other businesses out there with animal-related business names such as ZooMatch (An online dating site).

All Pets Grooming Salon and Spa (Pet grooming service), Pet Playground (Dog walking company), etc. The possibilities for naming your business after animals are endless! You should just stick to naming it after only one type of animal in order to avoid confusion amongst consumers. One more thing before we move on to our next topic. If you do plan on using animals in your business name, make sure that they don’t have any negative connotations or they might cause harm to your brand image.

For example, if I were to name my company Lions I would probably want to avoid being known as a loan shark or someone who will rip people off because that is what most people think of when they hear a lion. So if possible try and find an animal whose name doesn’t carry any negative connotations like our lion example above.

What are you naming it?

Naming your mascot is an important first step in making it real and giving it a personality. Most business names are some variation of The____Company, with The blank being something like Handyman Services or DJ Company. A mascot name might be different though. It might be silly, wacky, playful, or just different from typical business names. Think creatively to come up with a name that stands out and lets people know what you do right away – even if they’ve never seen your company before.

You can use words like The or A in front of your name to make it stand out too. Your mascot name doesn’t have to be a description of what you do either. Many companies choose cute or funny names because they want their mascot to reflect their own brand identity as well as attract attention. Whatever you decide, keep it simple so everyone will remember it!

How is it related to your business?

Our company is working on creating a mascot as our logo and we are having trouble coming up with names. To help with naming our mascot, we want to get some feedback from potential customers of all different ages. What name do you think would be best suited for our future mascot? Please let us know any name ideas you have in mind by providing your answer below. Thank you! The Pollfish survey link will appear at the end of your post.

This allows you to track how many people responded, what their demographics were (age, gender), and which suggestion they liked best. You can then use that information to create your business’s new mascot name. The next time someone asks What’s that supposed to be? You’ll have an awesome answer: Oh it’s an (insert result here)! It’s named after a customer who gave me my favorite idea! We’d love to hear your suggestions too, so please vote and comment below. Don’t forget to check out our website or Facebook page! Thanks again for your input! Sincerely, Your Company LLC

Which words in the name do you like/dislike?

The first thing to do is narrow down what words you like in your business name. Are there certain letters you don’t want? What about syllables? Try to have fun with it by asking yourself, If I had to look at [fill in the blank] every day on my business card, would I still love it? If not, scratch that word off your list and move on. For example, if your mascot is Ollie Owl, would you still love his name even if it was something like Ollie Owly & Associates LLC? Probably not.

A popular method of coming up with good mascot names is using keyword generators. Keyword generators are used to search for words that are related or identical to your own idea. They can be helpful when brainstorming because they can help you get ideas from keywords associated with your concept. You can try using a website such as AdWords Keyword Planner. It’s free and easy to use! Just enter your niche into their search bar, click Get Ideas, then click Get Related Ideas.

They’ll give you plenty of ideas based on how many searches per month each keyword gets! What is your budget?: Decide how much money you have to spend on naming your company. Do you need a $10 domain name or will $200 suffice? Will $50 be enough for some logo designs or should you plan on spending more than $1,000?

While it’s important to stick within whatever budget you set, don’t let that stop you from doing research until you find exactly what suits your needs. You may decide that an extra hundred dollars could make all the difference between finding just right and settling for less than perfect.

Are there any names that remind you of something specific?

Ideally, you want to pick a name that isn’t tied too closely to another company, product, or person. If your mascot is based on something specific (for example, if he or she is named after an endangered species) there might be trademark issues when it comes time to market your business.

You don’t have to get super creative here—in fact, simple and memorable names are typically best (see: Google and Tumblr). Just think about what type of word or name would remind you of your mascot if you saw it out in public. For example, we can see how the T-Rex might remind us of our dinosaur mascot.

But T-Rexsaurus Rex? Not so much. The more unique your name is, the better chance you have at avoiding any potential legal issues down the road. What do I need to consider before choosing a name?: It’s important to make sure your new business name doesn’t infringe on someone else’s copyright or trademark. This could mean paying a lawyer to conduct an extensive search through databases such as USPTO and Trademarkia.

But it will save you from having to change your company’s name later on. And remember, just because someone else has used a similar name doesn’t mean they’re necessarily protected by copyright law. Just make sure you aren’t using anything that could potentially confuse customers into thinking they’re buying one thing when they’re actually buying another.

Come up with 10 unique ideas

There are many different ways to come up with unique names. Maybe you’re feeling inspired, or maybe you’re feeling completely stumped. In any case, it’s important to remember that some of your best ideas won’t be original; they’ll just be new and creative ways of repurposing old ideas. Here are ten useful methods and tips to help you come up with unique names that people will love First off, think about what type of mascot your business needs.

If you need an animal mascot (like if you’re creating a zoo), try looking at actual animals from nature as inspiration for naming. For example, use bird names like Hawk or Falcon if you need an eagle mascot or dolphin names like Dolphin or Porpoise if you need a dolphin mascot. Just keep in mind that it can be hard to copyright animal names, so avoid using something too similar to an existing trademarked name unless you want legal trouble later on down the road. Second off, look at other popular brands in your industry as inspiration for naming.

If there are already popular businesses in your industry named after animals (like Petco), then don’t go that route—you want something fresh and new! Instead, take note of how those companies have used color and wordplay to create memorable names. Then consider using colors, words, or even puns when coming up with your own brand name. You could also combine words into portmanteaus (two-word combinations) to make a clever hybrid name like Kodak or FedEx.

And lastly, consider alliteration when coming up with a catchy brand name. Alliteration is simply when two words begin with the same letter(s). This can add visual appeal while also making your brand memorable—just take Apple’s logo: The fruit is red and has a bite taken out of it! By now you should have plenty of good ideas for naming your company mascot.

Start voting for your favorite ideas!

Have trouble deciding on a name? Try getting feedback from your audience! Voting allows you to determine which names are most popular, which can be especially helpful when you’re trying to make an important decision. Best of all, it’s simple to implement and easy to use.

For more information about voting on your website or app, check out Facebook’s Support Center. Once you’ve implemented an interactive voting feature on your site, try creating a poll where visitors can choose their favorite name idea for your mascot. Your new business will thank you!

What if I don’t want my audience to know who they’re voting for? If you’d prefer your users not to see each other’s responses before making a final choice, simply set up multiple poll questions that cover different options. In our example above, we could ask whether respondents prefer Purple or Blue. When people click submit at the end of a survey with multiple questions in it.

We recommend putting some text saying This is question number one! so that voters know what question they’re responding to (this is standard practice). Then only one user will see each option at once—so no two people vote on Purple at once—and you’ll have some control over how votes get tallied.

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Before you pick a name, consider what your business will be. Will it be an eCommerce site? If so, make sure that someone can spell and say your name. Choose something short and memorable if possible, like Amazon or Google. Do you want to open up physical locations?

In that case, steer clear of words like cloud or Internet in your company’s name. After all, chances are customers won’t know how to say these things without help from voice-recognition apps on their phones.

Make sure that any names you choose have no negative connotations associated with them. You don’t want to find out later that your mascot is offensive in some way.

Top Business Name Ideas for a Mascot
Top Business Name Ideas for a Mascot

What is the mascot?

A mascot is something, usually an animal or person, that represents your business. It’s something to draw interest and curiosity to whatever you are selling.

What are the colors of the mascot?

Red, Black, and White. An exclamation point with one arm holding onto a dollar sign on both sides of him. The dollar sign has legs that are kicking behind it.

Does this website have a mascot?

Do you have a special name that is catchy and identifiable? Or, are you looking to change your mascot? No matter which side of these questions you fall on, it is important to consider your options carefully.

What is the mascot for?

A great name for your business or brand would be something that represents your business’s purpose and/or ideals.

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