Top 40 Zero Investment Business Online (Monthly Earn 7000$)

Top 40 Zero Investment Business Online. Are you trying to start a business? Or looking for the best form of investment, but yet to find one that is guaranteed and safe? You can stop here. This article will give you a gist of what you need. Zero investment businesses are there online that do not require any capital from your side. Meaning, it does not entail money.

This is also known as ‘Passive Income’ which you can generate without intense physical activities. The only thing that matters here is your brain power and the method of implementation. Top 40 Zero Investment Business Online.

Let us take a look at them one by one:

Top 40 Zero Investment Business Online

Top 40 Zero Investment Business
Top 40 Zero Investment Business

1. Affiliate Marketing

Many companies promote their products through affiliate marketing. When someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, the company pays you a commission for its sale. Most affiliate marketers earn anywhere from 5 to 20% commissions for selling other people’s products.

2. Writing/Blogging

Start writing informative blogs or articles on platforms like InfoBarrel or Squidoo, and get paid when visitors click on advertisements placed throughout your page. To start, you’ll need a website hosting account and a little knowledge about writing SEO-optimized content.

3. Online Teaching

You can teach students from anywhere in the world through the internet! The only thing you need is your teaching skills. You can teach through skype or simply provide them with online lectures. You can get paid via PayPal, check, and online bank transfers.

4. Affiliate programs

There are many affiliate companies that promote their services by paying you a commission for your help. You can log into affiliate marketing websites such as MaxBounty, ClickBank, or one of the hundreds of other affiliates to find products that would best fit your audience.

5. Internet Marketing

Many companies advertise their services on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. With internet marketing, you can get paid to put banner ads on your website. If someone clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser’s website, you’ll get paid a percentage of whatever they purchase.

6. Data Entry

All you need is your typing skills and the ability to understand instructions. Many companies hire data entry workers who enter different words or phrases into a database, which is then emailed to the client for approval. Data entry work can be very lucrative if you have strong attention to detail.

7. Customer Service

If you have excellent communication skills and exceptional knowledge of the English language, you could work as a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs all over the world. To become one, check out sites like UpWork or Clickworker to find jobs that fit your skillset.

8. Virtual Assistant

Similar to working as a customer service rep or data entry worker, becoming a virtual assistant can also be a perfect online job for someone looking for a flexible schedule or work-from-home opportunities. Sites like UpWork and Freelancer list thousands of jobs from companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource virtual assistants.

9. Online Tutor

You can teach your native language online! Different websites such as, Skype Tuition, or Verbling connect you to students in need of one-on-one tutoring lessons. Generally, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and your teaching skills!

10. Selling Unwanted Stuff

Have old items lying around your house? You can make extra money by selling them. Sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon can be a perfect place to sell your products. You just have to upload pictures and write a compelling description for the product.

11. Software Engineer/Programmer

If you’re a coder who knows multiple programming languages, then you might want to check out Elance or Toptal. These sites allow you to work from anywhere as a freelance software engineer or a remote programmer, but make sure you have the necessary skills to do so.

12. Remote Customer Service

Being a virtual assistant is not your only option for working remotely! Several companies hire remote customer service agents who must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. You can check sites like ODesk or e-lance to find companies that are hiring.

13. Writing

You don’t have to be a professional writer in order to write about different things online! There are many websites you can join, such as InfoBarrel or Squidoo, where you’ll get paid for writing posts about your interests or writing reviews for different products.

14. Online English Teacher

If you’re a native speaker of the English language and fluent in written and oral communication, then you can teach your language to students from anywhere around the world! Sites like VIPKid, Qkids, and Chegg will allow you to work remotely as an online English teacher.

15. Tutor

You can teach your native language online! Many websites such as, Skype Tuition, or Verbling connect you with students in need of one-on-one tutoring lessons. Generally, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and your teaching skills!

16. Blogger

Do you enjoy writing about different topics? You can become a blogger and make money by doing so! Some websites like InfoBarrel, Squidoo, or Google Adsense give you the opportunity to blog about your favorite things. If people like your posts, they can even pay you!

17. Transcriptionist

If you’re good at listening and typing, you can work as a transcriptionist for different companies. They will send audio files to your email address, which you must type (usually every word) in the designated text box. You also have the option of turning these audio files into text documents!

18. Graphic Designer

Like writing, being a graphic designer is an easy way to start making money online. Check out sites like 99designs, Crowdspring, or Fiverr to find jobs that fit your skillset.

19. Freelance Writer

If writing does not interest you, then maybe you can try being a freelance writer! Sites such as Content or Textbroker are hiring freelancers who have excellent English writing skills. You get to choose your own rate, so if you’re not into numbers, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

20. Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is a great way to make money without having your own product. All you need to do is find a reliable supplier and advertise their products on your personal website or blog. If someone purchases one of the items that you advertised, then the supplier will ship it directly to the customer’s door!

21. Paid To Click Sites

Do you have a spare couple of minutes? You can make money online by visiting different websites. Sites like NeoBux or PopUnderBuzz will pay you per click on the links you visit!

22. Social Media Managers

Similar to a virtual assistant, a social media manager coordinates and manages various social media accounts for their company. You can find job postings for this position on various freelance websites.

23. Online Video Editor

Are you a video editing wizard? Do you have an eye for color and design? If so, then you can find work as an online video editor. Companies such as Animoto or Video Brewery hire freelancers to edit videos according to their specific guidelines. You must be extremely detail-oriented and able to follow directions precisely!

24. Transcriber

If you’re efficient at typing and have excellent English skills, then transcribing may be the job for you! As a transcriptionist, you will listen to audio files of lectures or news reports and type what you hear into a designated text box. Sites like Scribie offer flexible hours with rates that depend on your speed.

25. proofreading

Proofreading is similar to transcription work, but there are a few differences. Transcriptionists type every single word they hear, whereas proofreaders only have to make sure that the document sounds natural and fluent. Sites like Scribie offer flexible hours with rates that depend on your speed.

26. Customer Service Representative

If you’re good with people, then working in customer service may be the perfect job for you. Sites like LiveOps will hire virtual assistants that provide administrative support to their clients via email or chat.

27. Mobile App Tester

Do you own a smartphone? Then you can make money by testing different mobile apps! Just search “mobile application testing jobs” on Google and your phone will be your best friend for a while.

28. Market Research Assistant

Marketing research involves conducting focus groups or surveys for companies that need information before publishing a product or service. If you’re good at talking to different people and have excellent communication skills, then this is the job for you!

29. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry involves entering information into a computer system accurately and quickly. This job will help you improve your typing skills if you’re efficient at it! Sites like Indeed or The Ladders hire data entry clerks to work from home.

30. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a great way to be your own boss! You will be paid to visit stores and restaurants as an undercover customer. If you take good notes, this is the perfect job for you! Sites like BestMark or Stiffey will pay via Paypal once you finish a certain number of hours of work.

31. Accountant

If you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or another related field, then you may qualify for this job. Sites like Affinity HR will hire virtual assistants to assist their clients on different tasks.

32. Call Center Representative

Calling center representatives provide customer service, sell products, and handle billing inquiries for companies that need assistance with their phone operations. You can find work-at-home call center jobs on sites like Indeed or Simply Hired.

33. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

As a medical billing specialist, you will be responsible for organizing patient information in insurance companies’ databases. This is an excellent position if you want to learn about the health care industry but don’t have much experience yet!

34. Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are responsible for planning all the details of an event, from sending invitations to hiring staff. This job will test your organizational skills! You usually have to work closely with people so be prepared to work under pressure. Planners Pages is a site that offers freelancing opportunities in this field.

35. Photographer

If you’re passionate about photography, then working as a virtual assistant or freelancer may be the perfect job for you! You can showcase your skills on websites like Fiverr or Thumbtack by completing tasks such as editing photos.

36. CPA marketing specialist

As a CPA marketing specialist, you will be responsible for promoting an accounting firm’s services to potential clients. You are usually required to have experience working as a virtual assistant or freelance marketer before applying for this position.

37. Event Planner

Do you love planning parties? Then event planner may be the perfect job for you! You will be required to work closely with clients so you need to have excellent communication skills. Event planners find jobs on job boards like Monster or HotJobs.

38. Online foreign language teaching program

If you are fluent in a foreign language, then working as an online tutor for kids may be the perfect job for you! Sites like Qkids will hire virtual assistants to teach foreign languages to children. You can work flexible hours and get paid by the hour.

39. Virtual Bookkeeper

As a virtual bookkeeper, you will be responsible for maintaining and reporting a client’s financial records. This job can help you expand your knowledge in finance and accounting as well as sharpen your skills as a virtual assistant! You can find work-at-home bookkeeping jobs on sites like Indeed or The Ladders.

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40. Mobile Application Development

If you’re tech-savvy and love creating apps, then this job may be perfect for you! As a mobile app developer, you will design and create a variety of applications for different devices. You can find work-at-home jobs by contacting developers on sites like FlexJobs or Authentic Jobs.

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Final Words.

Working as a virtual assistant is a great way to make money online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can start working from home! You can choose what type of work-at-home job best suits your skills and interests.

Top 40 Zero Investment Business Online

Top 40 Zero Investment Business Online
Top 40 Zero Investment Business Online

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