Top 3 Altcoins To Buy Signalling 50X-100X Altcoin Season In 2024


  • leverages AI to revolutionize blockchain-based transactions.
  • Jupiter enhances liquidity with innovative trading tools on Solana.
  • Pepe mimics Shiba Inu’s rise, signaling major potential growth.

The cryptocurrency landscape is witnessing a significant uptrend, highlighting three promising altcoins poised for major gains. (FET), Jupiter (JUP), and Pepe (PEPE) are the altcoins to buy leading the charge in this bullish phase. These tokens are speculated to deliver exponential returns, possibly between 50X and 100X, attracting considerable attention from investors.

1. (FET) Tops The Altcoins To Buy (FET) is leading a revolutionary shift with its decentralized machine-learning network based on blockchain technology. This system aims to streamline digital transactions and enhance user experience by decentralizing it.

The recent growth of has piqued the interest of investors, particularly those keen on AI-driven ventures. As a token associated with artificial intelligence, has made AI technologies more accessible.

At the time of writing, the price holds at $2.4, with a surge of more than 4%, indicating a bullish trend. The past week saw a more than 7% increase in FET’s price due to a positive market trend. This rise has pushed its market capitalization to $2 billion, ranking it 54th globally. Over the last year, the value of FET has surged by 746%, indicating it may spark a major rally in the altcoin market in 2024.

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2. Jupiter (JUP)

Jupiter (JUP), a top liquidity aggregator on the Solana blockchain, is well-regarded for its comprehensive selection of tokens and its efficient pathfinding for token exchanges. Committed to enhancing user engagement, it has recently launched the Jupiter Work Groups (JWGs) initiative and innovative dollar-cost averaging tools.

Over the past year, Jupiter’s token has exhibited significant growth despite experiencing a recent decline. Jupiter’s price trades slightly below a previously sustained higher price, suggesting both ongoing interest and imminent market movement, though short-term variability shows market hesitancy.

Jupiter’s value has surged 14% in the last week due to a bullish market trend. Currently, its price stands at $1.14, reflecting an 8% increase in the past day alone. With a market capitalization of $1.53 million, it ranks 62nd on CoinMarketCap.

3. Pepe (PEPE)

Pepe (PEPE), a relatively new meme cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, is gaining momentum, mirroring the initial growth seen by digital assets like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Recently, Pepe’s value has soared by 196% over the past year, though it has experienced a slight dip in the last month.

Currently, the Pepe price is $0.00000855, reflecting a minor decrease of 0.06%. Despite this, the past week saw a 20% increase, and over the last month, the value has climbed by 26%. With a market cap of $3.59 billion, Pepe now ranks 30th on CoinMarketCap, sparking discussions about its potential to drive a significant altcoin rally in 2024.

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Bottom Line

As the market recovers,, Jupiter, and Pepe emerge as top picks for investors looking for substantial growth. Their potential for high returns marks them as key players in the 2024 altcoin season.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: $BTC Rally to $73k in May 

This week was highly volatile for Bitcoin attributing to factors like the dovish Fed meeting result, BTC and ETH ETFs launched in Hong Kong, and post-having correction. A long price spread from $64700 to $56500 in BTC price triggered uncertainty in the altcoin market as well, projecting a lack of dominance of bull or bears. However, the last four-day rally in Bitcoin has titled the trader’s sentiment in buyers’ favor projecting a potential for higher rally.

Bitcoin price
Bitcoin price


Under the influence of a falling channel pattern, the Bitcoin price witnessed a steady correction for the past four weeks. The downtrend tumbled the coin value from $72756 to $56500 registering a 22.34% loss.

However, the correction trend reverted above the 50% retracement level as the BTC ETFs witnessed a positive inflow on Friday. The positive turnaround surged the price by 13.2% to currently trade at the $63987 mark.

This upswing gives a breakout of the resistance trend of the falling channel pattern signaling the end of the correction trend.

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In a recent analysis by the on-chain data tracker Lookonchain, significant Bitcoin (BTC) transactions were observed, highlighting a whale’s aggressive accumulation over the past few months.



According to Lookonchain, this particular investor has added a substantial amount of Bitcoin to their holdings, purchasing an additional 1,500 BTC, valued at approximately $88.25 million, in just the last two days. This acquisition comes on the heels of a previous purchase where the same entity bought 4380 BTC for $282.38 million as the price of Bitcoin dipped.

If the BTC price sustains above the channel pattern, the buyers drive a rally to $67450, followed by $47380.

Technical Indicator 

  • Exponential Moving Average: The BTC price back above 20-and-50-day EMAs indicates the short-term sentiment aligns with the broader bullish rally.
  • Average Directional Index: A downtick daily ADX slope at 26% indicates the prevailing bearish momentum is weakening.


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