Top 10 Franchise Business Under 10 Lakhs

Find the Top 10 Franchise Business Under 10 Lakhs and know about the benefits of starting a franchise business.

Top 10 Franchise Business Under 10 Lakhs: Most people don’t realize how many successful franchises can be started under 10 lakhs rupees, and that’s what this article aims to correct. Here are the top 10 franchise businesses that you can start with less than 10 lakhs rupees.

Top 10 Franchise Business Under 10 Lakhs

This list has been curated based on factors like a franchise fee, startup capital required, fixed costs, and recurring costs of the business model and includes both offline and online businesses. Given below are the top 10 franchise businesses that you can start with less than 10 lakhs rupees

1) Balaji Naturals

You can start up your own all-natural products business, run by professionally trained experts. According to their website, Balaji Naturals has a total of seven franchises already and is one of the most successful franchise businesses in India. They offer multiple ways to get started, including starting your own home-based store, where you’ll be eligible for retail prices.

An investment in a single location will set you back Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 7 lakhs, while smaller models start at Rs 1 lakh and go up to Rs 2 lakhs. You can also invest in stock and become an agent if you want to avoid high startup costs.

2) Mad Over Donuts

Fried and tasty, donuts are popular with both kids and adults. Although people might not be ready to give up their morning pastries, more health-conscious eaters know that there’s more than one way to enjoy donuts while sticking to a diet. Made with lite ingredients, these low-calorie alternatives to classic fried and cake donuts will satisfy those late-night cravings without wrecking your waistline. Here are some healthy options for your own homemade baked or fried dough treat.

Baked Chocolate Donut Recipe – With only 84 calories in each slice, you can rest assured knowing that you can indulge without harming your body. Bake individual servings at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 minutes (or until golden brown) for an easy dessert or breakfast alternative. The recipe makes about 16 slices of mini muffins, but feel free to adjust the serving size according to personal preferences!

3) 7 Day Fitness Challenge

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for some time, chances are you’ve already read a lot of weight-loss advice and wondered if it works. If it did, you would have achieved your goal by now. To be sure, many nutritionists and fitness experts swear by their approach—they say that it’s sustainable and easy to follow. But is there really no better way? When I was almost 30 years old and couldn’t get rid of my belly fat despite working out and eating healthy, I decided to see what else I could do about my problem. The only thing left was to give a dietary supplement a try.

They all make big promises about delivering instant results with no effort required on your part. So I thought, why not give one a try? After all, my health wasn’t getting any worse and nothing else had worked. So I gave it a shot. And guess what happened? Within 3 weeks of taking Garcinia Cambogia every day as directed (1 capsule in the morning before breakfast).

I lost 5 pounds! It didn’t happen gradually over time; it happened very quickly (within 2 weeks). It took me several more weeks to lose another 5 pounds but after that, my body seemed to just maintain itself at my new weight without any effort from me at all! This had never happened before! Of course, everyone who hears about how well Garcinia Cambogia worked for me wants to know where they can buy it.

4) Chalo Dhaba

Franchising is an excellent way to enter into a business. If you have prior experience, then it’s even better. The best part about franchising is that there are always opportunities for growth. Chalo Dhabas started in 2016 and has 15 outlets across 5 cities and is growing rapidly with plans to open 100 outlets by 2020. Chalo Dhabas specializes in various kinds of dhabas like Punjabi Dhabas, Kashmiri Dhabas, and more. They also serve continental food such as South Indian, Andhra, Chinese, and North Indian fare which has been very popular among patrons.

In addition to having delicious food at their outlets, they also have live entertainment which ensures that patrons have a great time while eating mouth-watering food! A franchise from Chalo Dhabas costs INR 10 lakhs and includes all mandatory documents, branding guidelines, and training sessions. The company takes care of everything else including building construction, maintenance, etc. This allows franchise owners to focus on what they do best – serving customers delicious food!

The company was founded by Sandeep Singh Bawa who used his extensive experience in the hospitality industry to start his own venture. He believes that anyone can be successful if they work hard enough so he works hard to make sure that each outlet is run efficiently so that everyone can benefit from them. He says Hard work pays off! when asked about his success mantra because he believes it’s true – hard work will get you everywhere if you want something bad enough!

5) Pattu Pongal

Pattu Pongal is a South Indian breakfast delicacy that is popular in Tamil Nadu. This food item consists of semolina, rice flour, and jaggery, which are sautéed with milk. Once it turns a solid brownish-yellow color from all of these ingredients, a delicious sweet liquid is produced from cooking it down. To top off Pattu Pongal, ghee is poured on top so that it forms a crispy surface and gives it an even better taste than before. There are many other ways to serve Pattu Pongal besides just pouring ghee on top of it too.

It can be eaten plain or served with fruits like bananas or jackfruit. It can also be served with eggs for those who prefer having meat for breakfast. The possibilities for serving Pattu Pongal are endless, but no matter how you choose to eat it, you will always enjoy its taste and texture as well as its simplicity. It’s not hard to see why Pattu Pongal has been around for centuries and why it continues to be a favorite among Indians today!

6) Zafraan Biryani House (Janpath, New Delhi)

Zafrani Biryani House is one of Delhi’s most loved eateries, and was also crowned as ‘The Best Biryani in India’. It serves tasty biryani and other delights like chicken rolls at an affordable price. Established in 2010, it has nine branches across Delhi-NCR and has had a successful run so far. Owning a Zafraan Biryani house franchise means offering people delectable food at an affordable price.

With its success story having started from a mere 350 sqft outlet, today it boasts of many outlets spread across Delhi-NCR! One can only imagine what its future will be like! The brand name has become synonymous with good quality food and excellent service. This makes it a perfect investment for anyone looking to start their own business venture.

Mumbai Pav Bhaji (Fort, Mumbai): Mumbai Pav Bhaji is another popular brand that specializes in selling pav bhaji – a spicy snack originating from Mumbai. They have been around since 2004 and have successfully opened over 35 outlets across different cities including Pune, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, etc., making them one of the most popular brands for pav bhaji lovers all over Maharashtra. If you are planning to open your own restaurant or fast food joint then why not choose something that already has loyal customers?

7) KFC

Yum! Brands are probably most famous for their fried chicken, but KFC also has tons of other great menu items. Biscuits and gravy, salads, wraps, and sandwiches make up just a small part of their overall selection. And KFC even offers things like turkey clubs or veggie burgers on select days. The Extra Crispy Chicken Sandwich takes pride in its tasty breaded exterior but isn’t so overbearing that it hides what’s inside—crispy chicken and flavorful tomatoes.

If you want to spice things up with some heat, try out the Buffalo Lettuce Wraps or a Spicy Caesar Salad instead. But if you want something simple and classic, go for an Original Recipe for Boneless Breast or Tender Roast. No matter which meal you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these options from KFC.

8) Cafe Coffee Day (Gangtok, Sikkim)

Cafe Coffee Day is a coffeehouse chain that was started in India in 1996. It is owned by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company, a part of The Citygroup. In 2006, its market value grew six times higher than its nearest rival Barista.

[1] Café Coffee Day has become one of India’s most successful coffee chains with over 310 outlets[2] as of December 2012 across 29 states and four union territories including all major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata among others. The price range varies from 50 to 75 Rs per cup of coffee. As of October 2011, Cafe Coffee Day has crossed the 100 million mark in terms of annual sales turnover.

9) Continental Bakery (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

While most of us have saris and sarees in our wardrobe, it’s not often that we actually use them on a regular basis. Fortunately, Chennai Silks can help you get more out of your wardrobe with beautiful blouses, scarves, and accessories for your closet. From traditional to contemporary designs, you can purchase these products from almost every shop in India.

Besides being one of India’s most successful franchise businesses (in terms of outlets), Chennai Silks is also internationally renowned for its high-quality products. The business was founded in 1952 by KA Rangaswamy Iyer under the name Goodwill Textiles; over half a century later, Chennai Silks has evolved into one of India’s biggest names in fashion retailing.

10) Chennai Silks (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

Established in 1975, Chennai Silks has more than 150 franchise stores across India. The store specializes in ready-made garments, fabrics, and accessories for women. Its signature outlets offer ready-made silk sarees and other apparel at affordable prices. The total investment needed: Approximately Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs. No. of employees: One full-time manager and four to five part-time workers.

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Overall, purchasing a franchise is a great way to kickstart your dream of being an entrepreneur. The main downside is that franchises can be expensive to buy into and often require a lot of capital upfront.

Before deciding on which franchise to pursue, make sure you have a solid business plan and go in with your eyes wide open. Good luck!

Top 10 Franchise Business Under 10 Lakhs
Top 10 Franchise Business Under 10 Lakhs

What franchise business is it?

Franchises, or business licenses that give you a head start in a particular field, are more popular than ever. Some people prefer to buy an existing franchise rather than take on all of their own start-up risks and responsibilities.

How much does it cost to start a business?

Starting a business costs money, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are ways to get around startup costs, especially if you’re thinking about starting your own franchise.

What is the total investment for the franchise?

If you are seeking a franchise business opportunity, you must keep in mind that it comes with a significant cost. If you want to know what is needed to be invested, simply take a look at the franchisor’s requirements and see how much it will cost you.

What are the benefits of joining a franchise?

The franchise model has evolved to make it easier than ever to launch a business. If you’re seeking financial security and business flexibility, then becoming a franchisee could be your best bet.

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