Part Time Business Ideas For Working Ladies

If you are a working lady and want to start your own business, you can try out these part-time business ideas.

Part-Time Business Ideas For Working Ladies: There are many reasons why you should consider starting your own part-time business while working full time, but you might be hesitant because of the perception that starting your own business takes a lot of time and money. Fortunately, there are plenty of part-time business ideas out there that can help you make some extra cash without taking too much time away from your current responsibilities.

Part Time Business Ideas For Working Ladies

Here are some part-time business ideas that you can pursue while you maintain your full-time job. But, I must tell you it’s very important to start a side business when you are doing something on regular basis like teaching classes, acting classes, or helping someone out in their office at home (e.g medical transcription jobs).

Make sure that even if it is a part-time business you spend enough time on it. Don’t forget to check out our other articles such as 100 Best part-time Jobs For Housewives and Top 5 Best Online Home Based Job Opportunities 2017 where we have covered a lot of home-based jobs for students and homemakers along with their pros and cons.

1) Tutoring

Tutoring other students is a great way to make money on your own schedule. There are tutoring jobs available online, you can either work as an independent contractor or as a representative of a company. Ideally, you would have experience tutoring before doing it full-time, so that you’re prepared for any scheduling issues that may arise (being able to teach different ages and areas of expertise is important). If you are just starting out with teaching or tutoring, check out some beginner tips here.

2) Coaching

Many women love getting one-on-one attention when it comes to personal fitness and that can be a great moneymaker. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, why not build on your expertise by providing one-on-one or group fitness coaching? You can charge per session or work with clients on a subscription basis. To land high-paying clients, promote your business through online platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn.

To land more clients, practice active listening and ask questions to show interest in their lives outside of fitness. Taking time to really get to know them will help establish trust—an important component of any professional relationship. Also, encourage your clients to seek feedback from friends or family members so they notice you are helping them make progress instead of simply instructing them on what they need to do.

3) Office management and coordination services

A lot of women who work from home often feel isolated. If you’re working from home and do not have anyone to brainstorm with or bounce ideas off, it could be a good idea to start your own office management business. It can also be a really good part-time business for mothers, single moms, stay-at-home moms, and others who find it difficult to balance work at home and child care.

What if you were paid money for managing someone else’s office? You may love managing other people’s things but have no interest in running your own business. You can start by simply coordinating and managing their schedule just as you would like someone to manage yours. You will be their personal assistant earning extra income while enjoying your free time at home.

This is one of my favorite part-time business ideas that are great for women. The hours are flexible, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends, making it ideal for most working ladies. In addition, your earnings potential is unlimited because there is always room for growth and more clients. As your reputation grows so does your client base! Remember: Start small before growing big!


Many part-time entrepreneurs are web designers and developers, which is an important part of Internet marketing. You may want to offer SEO/SEM services. This means you’ll provide website optimization for other businesses or individuals, helping them increase their search engine rankings and traffic on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

You can work on a per-project basis or charge monthly for an agreed-upon number of hours that you’ll spend optimizing websites. If it’s local clients, you might make yourself available to meet with them in person as well. So in addition to finding a way to stand out with online clients, there’s also potential here for networking opportunities—with both potential clients and contacts within your industry.

5) Writing assignments/rewriting services

If you have a flair for writing, you can make money online by writing blogs. While free blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger are great for getting started, they don’t allow you to host advertising on your site. To get around these restrictions, sign up with a site like VigLink or Skimlinks and then create content that offers valuable information to your readers and includes affiliate links to relevant products on Amazon (or other affiliate sites).

Once your content is accepted by an advertiser, it will pay you a commission each time one of your readers buys something through one of those links. Write a professional post based on the following description:
How to choose between SEO services? How much does it cost? What should I look for in terms of costs? Are there any hidden fees?

How do I know if my SEO service is doing what they say they’re doing? What should I look out for when hiring someone? Does everyone offering SEO services have experience in digital marketing and/or website development? Can I trust them to deliver results as promised without breaking my budget? How do I know if their previous clients were satisfied with their work? Is there anything else I should be asking them before hiring them or signing any contracts?

6) Dog grooming

If you love animals and find yourself frequently talking to others about how cute their dog is, consider starting a pet-grooming business. Dog owners are always looking for someone they can trust to trim their dog’s nails, clean up a few patches of fur here and there, or groom their dog when they don’t have time. Pet grooming courses can be found at community colleges nationwide and may even qualify you for grants and other funding opportunities.

Keep in mind that your pricing will vary depending on your location—cities like New York are more expensive than small towns—and many businesses work on a tip system. If you find yourself overwhelmed with calls, hire an assistant or train your neighbors to help so you don’t become too stressed out.

7) Flower Shop Arrangements

Chances are if you live in a metropolitan area, there are local florists on nearly every corner. And yet, many of us will still call 1-800-FLOWERS to order our mom a Mother’s Day bouquet or birthday flower arrangement for our cousin. By starting your own floral business and taking advantage of local advertising options (think: church bulletin board listings and in-store advertisements).

You can make money arranging bouquets and selling fresh-cut flowers from the comfort of your own home. And, with gorgeous Instagram tutorials coming at you from all angles these days, it’s never been easier to learn how to start your own flower shop—even if you have zero prior experience!

8) Cake Decorating Business

A part-time cake decorating business is another business idea that requires very little start-up capital and can provide a surprising income if you are passionate about baking. Who doesn’t love a good-looking cake? If you are very fond of baking cakes, then why not think of starting your own cake decorating business?

You can buy some books on how to decorate cakes and sell them at local bake sales, office parties, or any other place where there is a demand for decorative cakes. And if you don’t want to run it full time, you can always keep it as a side business idea. It won’t take much to get started and with a little effort, you will be able to make around $100 per week with just one cake order per day.

9) Catering services (for home parties etc.)

While it’s not always necessary to jump right into operating a full-fledged catering business, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider providing a few services as part of your side hustle. Many small businesses today realize that one of their greatest strengths is also one of their greatest weaknesses: they can do many things very well, but maybe in need of some help when it comes to accounting or other administrative tasks.

Having an understanding spouse/partner who’s familiar with QuickBooks and invoicing software can make all the difference between profit and loss for many startups. Being able to offer administrative support through a side business allows you to provide value without having to give up control over key decisions.

This is especially important if your partner has more experience than you in certain areas (or if he or she simply has more time on his hands). If you’re interested in starting a part-time business that provides administrative support, here are 10 ideas worth exploring.

Virtual Assistant Services – Run errands; manage schedules; book travel arrangements; research information online; handle data entry and filing; proofread documents…the list goes on! There’s no shortage of work for virtual assistants these days, especially since so many people have found success working from home via various remote jobs.

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Women are going to college at record rates, and young women are now more likely than young men to get college degrees. And for good reason: College graduates earn on average $17,500 more each year than their non-college counterparts, according to a report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce.

In 2009, women with a Bachelor’s degree had unemployment rates of just 4.1 percent—for men it was 6.3 percent—according to an Economic Policy Institute study. That gap is even greater for Master’s degree holders and above: Women in these fields have had consistently lower unemployment rates than their male counterparts since 2005.

Part Time Business Ideas For Working Ladies
Part Time Business Ideas For Working Ladies

What are some good websites for part-time business ideas for working ladies?

When you’re thinking about starting a part-time business, it helps to know what your competitors are doing. When you consider potential businesses, investigate popular sites that have targeted niches and learn more about which services they offer.

What is the best website for finding part-time jobs for working ladies?

As technology advances, more and more opportunities are being created. All of these companies that are springing up need employees and many of them also want to employ women.

How do I get started in business?

Starting a business is much easier than most people think. There are two ways to begin: founding a startup or launching an online business. Most small businesses fall into these categories

What types of part-time business ideas for working ladies are there?

If you’re looking for part-time business ideas for working ladies, or working moms in general, you’ve come to the right place.

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