Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business Ideas

Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business Ideas – A Complete Step by Step Guide to Making 1 Lakh Monthly Profit Online.

Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business Ideas: If you want to earn one lakh per month, here are business ideas that can help you achieve it by just working on them part-time (even if you have no experience). Most of these business ideas do not require an initial investment and can be done from home without any previous experience.

Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business Ideas

However, your success will largely depend on your effort and commitment level toward the business idea that you choose to follow. So choose wisely! These are the top ten monthly 1 lakh profit business ideas that are popular in India and around the world as well

1) Part-time photography

When you hear part-time photography, don’t picture taking a few photos for Facebook every now and then. More specifically, start thinking of Instagram as your side gig or passion project. Lots of people hire photographers for events like weddings or their kids’ birthday parties—and why not? You get some great shots (that would otherwise be lost on your smartphone), have fun with friends, and earn a little extra cash.

For those interested in making serious money doing photography, sites like Fiverr can help put you in touch with people who are looking for pictures. The same goes for YouTube videos. If you know how to shoot good videos, it’s possible to find freelance work hosting videos for companies that want more views on their content. Start small with a company like Animoto, which will pay you in points based on how many views your video gets.

If you’re into video and live near any major cities, there are even opportunities to make money by shooting and editing footage of local businesses for companies that want an ad campaign or need new content for their website. If all else fails, try setting up an account on Craigslist and posting some rates. You might make more than enough cash to buy yourself lunch!

2) Recycle Idea – Selling scrap material

Many times we have something lying in our houses that can be sold for money. For example, one may have old books, newspapers, or anything else that he/she does not use anymore, and instead of throwing it away sell it to a scrap dealer. This will not only fetch you some cash but also save your space from clutter in your house.

The more creative you get with recycling things like old clothes, shoes, iron cans; plastic bottles and bags, etc., better will be your chances of making some extra bucks on your monthly basis. Also watch out for junk markets and do proper market research before entering into business in such places if you don’t want to lose money on beginning.

3) Suvidha venture – Andhra Prabha

Suvidha Venture is a business idea for people who are keen on starting their own publishing venture. You can use Andhra Prabha as your platform to publish books of your choice and earn a good profit. The daily has a wide circulation in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The paper publishes articles on various subjects ranging from politics, education, cinema, business and so on.

Writing such articles will be profitable for you as you get paid by those buying it from you. In addition, if you can get popular writers like Nandan Nilekani or Prakash Raj write columns on subjects they are well-versed in, then there is really no looking back!

4) MLM Analysis – Star Networking India Pvt. Ltd.

MLM can be a tough business model in India because of competition from large, well-established brands. Star Networking, however, has managed to carve out a niche for itself and has grown steadily by building trust and loyalty through consistent, high-quality products.

You won’t find upselling or any other gimmicks here; instead, Star Networking prides itself on being an honest brand that brings quality products to market at affordable prices. If you’re new to MLM, start with Star Networking and you’ll be set up for success right away. If you already have experience with network marketing companies but are still looking for a high-quality option in India, it would be wise to give Star Networking a try!

5) Availing bike taxi service through Ola & Uber

While bike taxi services have been around for a while, they have mostly been restricted to rural areas. However, with Uber’s foray into Pune and Ola recently announcing its pilot in Nagpur, we could be looking at a growth opportunity here. This is particularly true given that many people still don’t consider a ride-sharing service as safe as an autorickshaw or cab – something that can be capitalized on by leveraging the reach of these platforms. (Also read: Ola partners auto-rickshaws in Bangalore)

6) Wedding Cinematography In Bengaluru

Weddings are supposed to be an exciting time, but what if you could make money from them too? As a wedding cinematographer in Bengaluru, you can capture everything from key moments before guests arrive at the ceremony and celebrations afterward. The job is best suited for those with a passion for videography and movies.

You’ll need special equipment such as a camera tripod and some kind of sound recorder (essential at ceremonies) but you can hire professionals or purchase your own gear if you want to go that route. Be sure to check out our post on how much wedding photographers earn per day before getting into business; it’s an enlightening read.

7) Water Purifier Franchisee In Hyderabad

Every year, thousands of people fall ill from diseases caused by water contamination. Water-borne disease outbreaks can be a costly burden for homeowners, companies, and communities alike. With a water purifier franchise, you can help keep your community healthy and safe from contaminants such as lead and arsenic.

Each unit can produce up to 5000 liters of clean drinking water per day for only 50 paise (less than a penny) making it an ideal investment with good returns. You can also sell packaged drinking water in bottles or cans. You will have to pay a small royalty fee every month but that is easily offset by revenue earned from sales.

The cost of setting up each unit is Rs 4 lakhs which includes one truckload of equipment, basic infrastructure like electric supply and plumbing, etc., which means that if you are looking at setting up multiple units in different areas then it might make sense to go in for bulk orders so that you get all equipment at once without having to pay extra shipping costs.

8) Online Home Tutor For CBSE Class 12th Science, Maths, and English

When you are teaching something, it becomes easier and simpler if you yourself have experience in that field. For example, if you want to teach Science or Maths then having an idea about these subjects will make it easier for you to explain them in detail. If your students are unable to understand some concept then it’s your responsibility as a teacher to make them understand it.

You can earn Rs 15000-20000 per month on an average with just 2-3 students per subject and no prior experience is required in order to start tutoring. Remember that being an online tutor is not difficult at all, but patients should be there so that results could be achieved accordingly.

The only thing which you need to have is a laptop/computer/laptop, broadband connection and webcam (if possible). The rates of each class would vary from one another depending on its duration.

9) Vehicle Tracking Device from Bluedot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Vehicle tracking devices are becoming more and more common with fleet managers today. The modern-day vehicle tracking system allows you to easily track vehicles as they travel across your route throughout a given day. Fleet management is huge in terms of cost savings, but these systems can also be used for monitoring employees for safety reasons, traffic alerts and even tracking fuel efficiency by using real-time data to pinpoint problem areas.

Whether you use it for business or personal purposes, a GPS tracking device is a great way to monitor your vehicle’s whereabouts at all times. Use it as an employee monitoring system by installing it on multiple cars that belong to certain staff members. If someone leaves early or frequently deviates from his designated route, you’ll know immediately if there is any foul play involved.

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10) Car Wash Franchise From Sudarshan Car Washes (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Car washes have a monthly turnover of Rs. 20,000 on an average. At Sudarshan, we follow a simple three-point motto that allows us to offer our franchisees flexible business models and innovative ways of generating higher profits with low costs. Franchise fees start at just Rs 10 lakhs (ex-showroom), while investment in the equipment ranges from Rs 5 lakhs – To rs 20 lakhs. The range can increase based on business potential, turnover, and the franchisee’s desire for investment in marketing and branding activities.

Our monthly royalty fee is also very minimal; it only comes to 2% of your gross income! What’s more? We take care of all marketing efforts, which means you get to focus solely on running your business. We’re currently looking for prospective entrepreneurs who want to build their own car wash empire! To know more about us and how you can become a part of our growing family, call Sudarshan today!

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These are some of my sample professional articles you can use in your resume, but writing doesn’t end there. You need more business-specific content—it’s one thing to have a portfolio of well-written articles, it’s another thing entirely to show that you have been keeping up with industry trends and news.

When I hire writers, I look for recent news stories or interesting articles they’ve written about something new going on in their industry. That shows me that someone has an interest in what is happening within their industry and will want to keep working when hired as a full-time employee after graduating from college.

It’s a good idea to share these types of articles on social media too – which will also make your profile more visible and active.

Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business Ideas
Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business Ideas

How do I get started?

First things first, you need to know that there are thousands of different ways to make money from home. How much money you can make is a reflection of how much time and effort you put into your business idea

What is the monthly profit?

If you are running a business, it’s not hard to tell if it is going well or not. If you are earning more than you spend on monthly expenses, then your business is profitable.

What are the qualifications?

For each one of these business ideas, make sure you understand that they don’t require a large investment of money.

What is Monthly 1 Lakh Profit Business Ideas?

Monthly business ideas that can generate 1 lakh profit from a small investment. This is a good month-wise investment plan for those people who want to invest some money and earn a profit on monthly basis.

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