Ethereum (ETH) Price All Set To Hit $4.5K This Week – Here’s Why

The ETH price traded in a closed range between $2,609 and $2,883 for over a week, after which the bulls gained enough momentum to break out of the resistance level, where the price displayed a neutral trend for the next few days. As the volatility increased, the Ethereum price jumped 16.25% within the next three days, following which the price displayed a neutral trend.

After testing its low of $3,369, the bulls reimagined momentum and recorded a jump of 17.42% before facing rejection at $3,956. Recently, the bulls recorded another jump and successfully reclaimed the $4,000 mark, where the price traded sideways for a while. Since then, the price has been trading under a bearish influence.

The crypto market is abuzz as Ethereum’s steep rise continues. Beyond the price approaching $4000, recent whale activities, ETF speculations, and the upcoming Dencun upgrade are shaping Ethereum’s bullish narrative.

ethereum price prediction
ethereum price prediction


The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) displays a constant red histogram, indicating an increased bearish influence in the crypto space. Moreover, the averages show a flatline, suggesting uncertainty in the future price action of the coin in the market.

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If the market pushes the price above the resistance level of $3,733, the bulls will regain momentum and prepare to test its upper resistance level of $4,200. Negatively, a trend reversal may pull the price toward its lower support level of $3,369 in the coming time.

Whale’s Strategic Maneuver

SpotOnChain revealed an anonymous whale’s tactical play, acquiring 22,719 ETH worth $65.7 million in just 50 minutes. The whale’s dual approach involves withdrawing from Binance and decentralized swapping through 1 inch, showcasing adaptability in both crypto spheres.

The crypto whale doesn’t relent, accumulating a staggering 54,721 ETH in the last 24 hours. With an estimated cost of $155.7 million and an average purchase price of $2,845 per ETH, the strategic move has raised speculation within the crypto community.

Ethereum’s Price Dynamics

Analysts posit that the whale’s maneuvers could attract institutional attention to Ethereum. As the excitement builds around the potential launch of a spot ETH ETF, Ethereum’s price surge gains momentum, outperforming Bitcoin in the recent rally.

As Ethereum crosses the $4110 mark, the surge is accompanied by a 3.69% increase. Trading volume spiked by 53.44% in the last 24 hours, reaching an impressive $26.65 billion. Ethereum’s growth outpaces Bitcoin and the broader crypto market.

Ethereum ETFs in 2024 and The Dencun Upgrade

Analysts foresee institutional attention towards Ethereum, attributing the whale’s moves to potential ETF approval.

Gautam Chhugani and Mahika Sapra from Bernstein highlight Ethereum’s institutional utility. They express confidence, asserting, “Ethereum, with its staking yield dynamics, environmentally friendly design, and institutional utility to build new financial markets, is well positioned for mainstream institutional adoption.”

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Ethereum’s rally has outperformed Bitcoin with 4.12% growth, accentuating its institutional appeal. The report from Bernstein suggests a 50% chance of the SEC approving a spot Ethereum ETF by May, with growing interest from major financial players like Franklin Templeton, Blackrock, and Fidelity.

As Ethereum approaches $3,000, the community eagerly anticipates the Dencun upgrade, set for March 13. The impending Dencun upgrade scheduled for March 13 adds to Ethereum’s positive outlook. Featuring proto-dank sharding, the upgrade aims to enhance transaction costs and scalability. The crypto community eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this technological advancement.

In short

As Ethereum hits the new all-time high of $4237 with a market capitalization of $352.96 billion, the whale’s moves, the ETH ETF announced as the new ‘institutional darling’, and the impending Dencun upgrade have collectively fuelled Ethereum’s bullish narrative.

Ethereum (ETH) Price All Set To Hit $3.5K This Week – Here’s Why
Ethereum (ETH) Price All Set To Hit $3.5K This Week – Here’s Why


Ethereum Bull 2030 Forecast

There really are three potential catalysts we see as likely reasons why Ethereum could not only make new all-time highs, but surge to multiples of its current value, by 2030. These are: a potential SEC approval of spot Ethereum ETFs, a surge in network activity tied to Ethereum’s upcoming Dencun upgrade, and broader secular tailwinds tied to decentralized finance (DeFi) adoption.

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The most recent parabolic move we’ve seen across the board for most cryptocurrencies has to do with the fact that Bitcoin is surging higher. The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC in January paved the way for a flood of institutional capital into this sector. For now, all that fresh money is being fed into warping Bitcoin’s supply and demand further. But if the SEC approves similar ETFs for Ethereum, all bets are off with respect to what that would mean for this token, given its recent shift toward being a deflationary token after its previous “Merge” upgrade.

That brings us to our second point – Ethereum’s upcoming Dencun upgrade, scheduled to unfold this week, could drive some serious user adoption. This upgrade is aimed at improving the efficiency of Layer-2 networks operating on top of Ethereum. Given that’s where most DeFi activity takes place, that’s bullish for the real-world utilitarians out there, who own Ethereum specifically because it
“does something.”

This could supercharge the macro bull thesis around Ethereum, that it’s the lifeblood and core infrastructure of DeFi and Web3. As more projects are built on Ethereum, and its user base grows, these network effects get stronger. Thus, there’s a self-contained value loop that ultimately feeds into higher Ethereum prices.

If these catalysts continue as expected, we fully expect Ethereum could break through the $10,000 level by 2030. It’s our view that a $15,000 price target on Ethereum in six years’ time is reasonable (if everything goes right).

What if DeFi adoption stalls, users move away from blockchain-based gaming and other decentralized applications, and Solana or other higher-throughput and lower-cost networks eat Ethereum’s lunch for the NFTs that are still valuable?

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Well, that’s possible. Ethereum’s value is largely based on its status as the essential plumbing of the DeFi and nascent Web3 worlds. Right now, thousands of developers are building such applications, many of whom choose to build on Ethereum. But if there are no users, there’s no ecosystem, and those network effects dry right up.

Ethereum’s core infrastructure has also proven to be quite secure for a long time. There aren’t the kinds of outages Solana has seen, for example, plaguing this network. Developers and users like this, because there’s value in stability. But given the increasingly-centralized nature of Ethereum staking (with the vast majority of staking taking place over an astoundingly low number of nodes – ahem, Lido and Coinbase), this thesis could get blown out of the water.

Then there are the competitors nipping at Ethereum’s heels, looking to take a larger and more profitable slice of the DeFi and Web3 pie. Name your contender – Solana, Avalanche, Cardano – there are reasons why other investors prefer these blockchains over Ethereum. Though, notably, the key reason is cost – and that’s something these constant upgrades are attempting to improve.

So, if Ethereum’s high-cost network becomes unstable, or we see a marked drop in DeFi activity, it’s entirely possible Ethereum could go back to trading in the triple-digit realm. Our bear case prediction for this token is a reversion back to around $800 per token.

Ethereum Base 2030 Forecast

Splitting the difference, a $10,00 price target certainly seems achievable for Ethereum over the coming six years. Even if we factor in some serious volatility, sprinkle in another crypto winter, and add a few hiccups here and there, the reality remains that Ethereum will likely retain its pole position as “king of DeFi.”

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It’s our view that Ethereum’s value is really unparalleled in the world of blockchain-based application building and utility generation. So long as Ethereum can fend off its competition (as it’s been able to do successfully for nearly a decade), investors should certainly bank on a little more than a double-up from here. That would be a fair risk-adjusted return over this time frame, in our view.

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