12 Best Crypto Trading Signals Providers In 2024 [Free & Paid]

Understand Crypto Signal generation and review the top Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Providers with comparison:

Cryptocurrency trading signals help traders, especially non-professional ones, who cannot analyze to decipher the best market trends and make the most profits out of their trades.

They provide actionable trading ideas to buy, sell, or hold an asset but are constructed from market indicators through detailed and informed technical analysis of the real-time and historical market climate.

The most important part of trading now is not trading information but its relevance and utilization. It also needs work to define the accuracy and reliability of the signals.

This tutorial delves into analyzing providers of the best crypto signals and how it work.

Review Crypto Trading Signals Providers

How are Crypto Trading Signals Generated

The best crypto trading signals are generated based on both technical and fundamental analyses. With trading indicators, you can also generate your signals, but they are really professional. Because there are tens of indicators you can use to generate these signals, the trick also lies in knowing the most relevant for your circumstance.

You would need experience. Best crypto signals are again based on a combination of auto and manual trading tactics. Best paid crypto signals for trading are based on technical charting, and fundamental analyses, and rely on info collected by bots (mainly and efficiently) from social media channels.

  • Chart a trend: On a crypto charting platform like TradeView, select an indicator for which to generate a price pattern over a select period. On these platforms, you basically select the indicator and time frames on a given trading pair, for instance, BTC/USD, and the chart is automatically generated.
  • Decipher a price pattern: Once a chart is generated for a given indicator, a pattern is deduced about the chart as directed by the indicator trend lines. These guide on knowing the price action points and are the hardest to decipher in constructing crypto buy and sell signals. It is here that much knowledge and experience apply. The different chart patterns to expect on a chart include supports/resistances, big movement, consecutive candles, drive, butterfly, ascending/descending triangles, head, and shoulders or inverse head and shoulders, channel up/down, falling/rising wedge, double bottom/top, triple bottom/top, bullish/bearish flags, rectangle, bullish/bearish pennant, Gartley, ABCD, and 3 point extension or retracement.
  • Predict the price action: The predictable price mostly falls within the pattern unless the pattern predicts a breakout in one or two price directions, i.e. on the downside or upside. The analysis generates an actionable trading signal that basically predicts – in layman’s language, a future possible price at which the trend is best headed as deciphered using the charting and indicator knowledge.
  • Apply the price action: Most crypto signals are generated and re-fed into auto trading bots for automated crypto or asset trading. Traders can also generate and apply their signals manually but it is tasking and limited because such analyses wouldn’t take in as much varied and relevant market info as would be efficient bots that pull info from multiple sources in seconds.

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List of Top Crypto Trading Signal Providers

Here is the list of popular and best crypto signals:

  1. MyCryptoParadise
  2. Coinrule
  3. Signals Blue
  4. ArbitrageScanner.io
  5. eToro
  6. 4C Trading Signal
  7. Learn2Trade
  8. Universal Crypto Signals
  9. CryptoSignals.org
  10. CoinSignals
  11. CryptoAlarm
  12. FatPigSignals
  13. Crypto Signals Guru
  14. 2Moon
  15. Zignaly
  16. Whaletank
  17. Cryptorobotics

Comparison of the Best Crypto Signals

Signal providerPricingOur rating
MyCryptoParadiseContact Them5/5
Coinrule$29.99/month to $449.99/month5/5
Signals Blue£229.99 per month to £899.99 lifetime + integration and API costs4.7/5
ArbitrageScanner.ioStarts at $69/30 days4.5/5
4C Trading Signal$59/month to $179/month4.5/5
Learn2Trade£35 or £65 monthly4.5/5
Universal Crypto SignalsStarts from $664.5/5
CryptoSignals.org£35 to £1755/5
CoinSignalsFree to 0.1 BTC per year.4.5/5
CryptoAlarm$249/month, $949/year, or $1249/lifetime.4.3/5

Detailed review:

#1) MyCryptoParadise

With around 7 years in the crypto business and a combined experience of over 35 years in trading traditional markets, MyCryptoParadise has built a premium, reliable, and trustworthy brand in the crypto trading space.

MyCryptoParadise is run by four expert professional traders who share their unique trading strategies among a small private circle of people. The service has been operational for over 7 years and has garnered a great fan base of loyal customers known as the ParadiseFamilyVIP members and FREE members who can not afford to get inside the private VIP circle.


  • After joining ParadiseFamilyVIP, you will receive an introductory phone call from one of the in-house experts at MyCryptoParadise.
  • Your crypto trading expert will always be available to answer any trading-related queries while ensuring you have the best possible trading experience.
  • ParadiseFamilyVIP members get up to 3 trading signals daily.
  • Their trade set-ups come with a well-researched Risk/Reward strategy, a tight stop loss, and wide sell targets (which means they are taking profits more often than hitting stop losses).

Pricing: The subscription comes at a high premium. With their high subscription costs, MyCryptoParadise is a big boys club where investors with a sizeable portfolio can join easily, and since their prices keep going up, it is always a great idea to get their subscription sooner rather than later.

However, they don’t discourage newbies and regularly share free content on their social media channels and Telegram groups for their vibrant and growing community of followers.

#2) Coinrule

Coinrule is one of the fastest-growing trading bot providers with industry-leading simple UX.

Backed by top investors such as Y Combinator and Urban Innovation Fund as well as Angel investors including founders from Twitch, Kayak and Eight Sleep, Coinrule has assisted over 200,000 traders in automating over $3 billion in investments across the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin and others.


Coinrule has a number of unique features:

  • Rule-based Trading: The core feature of Coinrule is its ability to let users set up rules for automatic trading. These rules can be as simple or as complex as the user wants, and can be based on various factors such as price, technical indicators, and other conditions.
  • Pre-set Templates: Coinrule offers a range of pre-set templates that users can choose to apply. These templates are based on popular trading strategies and can be a good starting point for new traders. Users also have the option to create their own custom trading rules.
  • Demo Trading: Coinrule offers a demo mode where users can test their trading strategies in a risk-free environment. This can be a useful feature for beginners who are still learning the ropes. When users are ready, they can switch to live mode and start trading with real money.
  • Any Coin Scanner: Coinrule’s any coins scanner is capable of monitoring price trends for more than 2,000 different cryptocurrencies, and provides a convenient tool for identifying those that satisfy your specific entry criteria. Its primary goal is to assist you in pinpointing the most lucrative markets, thereby ensuring you never overlook a promising investment opportunity.
  • Leverage Trading: Coinrule also supports leverage trading on multiple exchanges. Among the standout features is the Coinrule’s “Any Contract” scanner. Mirroring the efficiency of the “Any Coin Scanner”, it diligently scans the market to identify leverage pairings that match specific pre-defined entry conditions.
  • Educational Resources: To help users understand the platform and the broader world of crypto trading, Coinrule offers a range of educational resources, including guides, tutorials, and customer support.
  • TradingView Integration: Coinrule takes its functionality a step further by integrating with TradingView, home to the world’s most extensive collection of technical indicators and strategies. With TradingView, you gain access to a myriad of customizable trading setups, allowing you to fine-tune strategies to match your precise needs. This integration seamlessly connects with your favorite crypto exchange.

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Coinrule offers four tiers of the plan:

  • Starter (Free) Plan: Access to 2 live and demo rules, 7 available templates, 1 connected exchange and up to $3K a month in live traded volume.
  • Hobbyist Plan ($29.99/mo): Access to 7 live and demo rules, 40 template strategies, 3 connected exchanges, and up to $300K a month in live traded volume.
  • Trader Plan ($59.99/mo): Access to 15 live and 15 demo rules, unlimited template strategies, 5 connected exchanges, one-to-one coaching sessions, TradingView integration and up to $3M a month in live traded volume.
  • Pro Plan ($449.99/mo): Access to 50 live and 50 demo rules, unlimited template strategies, unlimited exchanges, unlimited monthly trading volume, one-to-one coaching sessions, TradingView integration, and a dedicated server with ultrafast execution.

#3) Signals Blue

Signals Blue is one of the best-paid crypto signals providers you can look to when thinking crypto trading automation because they support API signals and Cornix Automation on all packages.

All the signals are provided on Telegram via their official bot or the Cornix Automation and API – webhook or JSON. The group provides different signal types, including short-term or spot trading, leveraged buy/sell signals, mid-term to long-term buy/sell signals, and general tips for trading altcoins.

The packages vary in duration of signal provision from 1 month to a lifetime subscription. Based on their website, the current accuracy for the signals is 86.21% and sometimes up to 97%.

Other features:

  • Service compatible with automated trading on Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, and Huobi.
  • No free trials or testing for those looking for free crypto signals.
  • The best-paid crypto signals provided may have details like the entry zone, percentage profit to get from the trade, name of crypto, open price, stop loss, targets, and other details.
  • Signals based on analysis and reviews by traders, experts, and other market participants.

Pricing: £229.99 to £899.99 for one month to a lifetime subscription. Cornix and API-Webhook Signals integration each varies from £19.99 per month to £99.99/year for one month to lifetime subscription.

#4) ArbitrageScanner.io

ArbitrageScanner.io is easy to use and can be used to connect with over 75 exchanges to track currency differences. As of today, the platform can track arbitrage spreads between 40 blockchains and more than 75 CEX as well as 25 DEX exchanges. You get a fully manual bot that works without requesting API, thus making the bot extremely safe and secure.

ArbitrageScanner.io’s Screener is perhaps an ideal option for beginners who are starting out with very little capital. The Screener will search for bundles on your behalf. You’ll receive alerts on what exchanges will be ideal for you to buy and sell coins on. Depending on the plan chosen, you also get access to a personal manager who can assist you in your trading endeavor.


  • Support for over 75 international and local exchanges.
  • Keeps capital safe, thanks to the use of a manual bot that works without API request.
  • Can connect with any exchange and token for seamless tracking
  • Get real-time market insights on projects you are interested in.
  • Personalize notifications with customizable templates to get alerts via Telegram chat.
  • The Screener looks for bundles between exchanges and sends alerts about the difference.

Price: ArbitrageScanner.io adheres to a flexible pricing structure. The plans offered are as follows:

  • Test: $69/30 days
  • Pro: $199/30 days
  • Expert: $399/30 days
  • Guru: $1199/30 days

#5) eToro

Best for social investing and copy trading.

eToro is a social investing platform where individuals provide crypto trading signals through the platform’s copy trading feature. Known as eToro CopyPortfolios, it lets anyone leverage social trading by connecting with people who share their trading strategies with others for free.

Any user can follow expert crypto traders and benefit from their trading expertise simply by copying their trades without having to design their own trading strategies from scratch.


  • Get signals to trade over 20 +cryptos.
  • Buy crypto via credit and debit cards, bank wire, PayPal, Sofort, Rapid Transfer, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Neteller, WebMoney, and others.
  • Copy popular crypto investors
  • “Limited time offer: Deposit $100 and get a $10 bonus”
  • Join millions of investors on the world’s largest social investing platform
  • 100k virtual portfolio when you sign up

Pricing: Free signals

#6) 4C Trading Signal

4C Trading Signal, despite being new in the industry, has genuine positive feedback from clients who have traded crypto futures using their signals. The platform is therefore best for those needing signals to trade futures on Binance and FTX exchanges, mainly through API keys.

Based on Belgium, the team provides short to long-term signals that help automate trades using the smart bot. The group also provides margin trading crypto signals.

Other features:

  • Free trial for their best-paid crypto signals. Best choice for those looking for free crypto signals.
  • Access to deep market, market analyses for cryptos, chat on Telegram.
  • Maximum capital per smart trading bot varies from $2500 to $10000, depending on the package.
  • 4C Learning boot camp.
  • USDC and USDT execution of trading bots.
  • 4C Investor Club starts at $50,000 and has no fixed subscription fee.
  • Affiliate rewards.

Pricing: $59/month to $179/month depending on the package.

#7) Learn2Trade

Learn2Trade specializes in Forex but now also provides crypto signals. The service is well-known and verified by regulated forex brokers like Etoro, Alvexo, and Markets.com. According to the service website, it is used by over 10,000 traders and the signals are provided by experienced traders with over 15+ years of experience in the market.

The website shows that subscribers are earning 1000 pips every month in profit using the service. Signals have a 76% success rate, entry and take profit and stop-loss prices, as well as risk-reward ratio specifications.  

Other features: 

  • Free access to crypto signals on a VIP account if you deposit via their verified and regulated brokers. These brokers are eToro, LongHorn, and Eightcap.
  • Mobile notifications and Telegram alerts on all signals.
  • Access to daily technical analyses and weekly webinars.
  • 3 VIP signals a week.
  • 24/7 chat with pro traders.

Pricing: £35 or £65 monthly; £95 or £175 yearly subscription; £250-lifetime subscription.

#8) Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals was formed in January 2018 and provides crypto signals on Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi, OKEx, Coinbase, Binance Futures exchanges. According to their website, the accuracy level for the signals is 96%.

The group has also provided margined or leveraged premiums since 2018. Using this platform, you can execute automated trading through Cornix Trading.

The group provides entry, stop loss, targets, and other types of crypto buy and sell signals on Telegram, all with risk management included. The signals fall in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term trading durations. In addition to automated trading, the manual is also supported.

Other features:

  • Ask questions and start or participate in discussions about trade deals on the premium TRollbox.
  • In-house developed a trading strategy that relies on accuracy and precision in market conditions.
  • Time-to-time analysis for Bitcoin and cryptos.
  • Educational content for users willing to trade crypto.
  • The in-house developed trading algorithm on Binance Futures.
  • Percentage portfolio holding recommendations.

Pricing: $66 to $540 for Plan A; Pan B $91.00 – $774.00; Plan C $81.00 – $646.00; Plan D $111.00 – $916; Plan E $120.00 – $900; Plan F $155.00 – $1,200; depending on the duration for each plan.

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#9) CryptoSignals.org

CryptoSignals.org comprises a team of trained crypto traders, was formed in 2014, and has a Telegram channel through which the team provides crypto buy and sell signals. They tell you in real-time the trades to place on the regulated partner brokers and how to profit from those trade suggestions.

The group also partners with Etoro, Crypto Rocket, and capital.com such that users can get free VIP signals when they deposit money in Etoro.

They send real-time signals only via their Telegram channel, 3 times a week, each with a guideline on how the trade can be placed through the broker. Each package provides 2 to 3 crypto trading signals daily. According to the website, the signals are 82% successful.

Other features:

  • Free daily technical analysis for different cryptocurrency pairs.
  • Bitcoin trading targets of 1500 pips a month.
  • Each trade has technical analysis, a target risk ratio of 1:2 & 1:3, limit, stop-loss, and take-profit order prices.
  • Trial of the service.
  • Monthly gains of 30-40% for their crypto buy and sell signals.

Pricing: £35 to £175 depending on the packages.

#10) CoinSignals

Crypto trading signals provided by CoinSignals are powered by AI and machine learning or bots and let users automate crypto via bots. The bot is Telegram-based. The group provides scalping algorithm-based signals for trading on Binance, USDT signals, BTC and USD trading signals for Bittrex traders, and short and mid-term signals based on technical analyses by professional traders.

The group posts all signals on the Telegram group and can trade manually or for automated trading via bots. Based on their website, the gains from signals range from 133% to 467%. The system will scan exchanges to find the trading signals. Best for those looking for free crypto signals or free crypto trading signals.

Other features: 

  • Free basic signals. This free subscription includes access to news and market updates, but there is no premium content and no support.
  • Monthly to a yearly subscription.
  • Trailing Stoploss and taking profit orders.

Pricing: Free to 0.1 BTC per year.

Website: CoinSignals

#11) CryptoAlarm

The provider of paid crypto signals was started in 2017 and therefore, is one of the oldest in the business. The group comprises 8 members and relies on artificial intelligence tools, advisors, experienced analysts, and traders to devise the paid crypto trading signals they share with users.

The signals are shared on Telegram. The signals can be applied or implemented for auto-trading on Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, Gate.io, and Binance.US exchanges.

Other features:

  • Premium and Pro version provides access to automation through the Cornix platform.
  • A free version is available.
  • Chat support.
  • Signals are tailored to each time zone.
  • Transparency in their performance.
  • Short, medium, and long-term crypto trading signals.

Pricing: $249/month, $949/year, or $1249/lifetime.  

Website: CryptoAlarm

#12) FatPigSignals

FatPigSignals is a U.K.-based considerable choice for those looking for secure crypto trading signals on Telegram, which are provided by a knowledgeable team. The group offers signals for trading on Binance, ByBit, and Bitmex margin trading signals, as well as short and long-term portfolio management tools.

Their signals are based on technical analysis, which is attached to the signals. The team also aims for 25% targets and the signal accuracy is in the range of 82%.

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Other features:

  • Entry/exits as well as stops and targets. When they are for margin trading, they have long and short prices and well levels. The signals also have a risk ratio attached.
  • Chat service for discussing crypto trading information and ideas.
  • Free live stream. News update on crypto.
  • Pay using crypto.
  • Live charts.

Pricing: 0.5 Ethereum for 3 months on the Bronze package; 0.75 Ethereum for 6 months on the Silver; and 1.25 Eth per year for Gold.

Website: FatPigSignals

Crypto Trading Signals
Crypto Trading Signals

FAQs on Crypto Signals

1. What is the best crypto signal?

CryptoSignals.org is rated the best crypto trading platform feature-wise. It lets users get free signals when they deposit via Etoro and other verified and regulated brokers. We also have listed Signals Blue, 4C Trading Signal, CoinSignals, and Learn2Trade.

2. Are crypto signals worth it?

Yes, when done professionally, reliably, and accurately, traders can opt in. However, the best way to trade crypto is to first acquaint oneself with the professional techniques needed to trade profitably since no signal is 100% accurate and guaranteed. Besides, most free ones are useless, and the most relevant cost money.

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3. What is a signal in crypto trading?

A crypto trading signal is an expertise actionable trading idea based on analysis of existing and/or historical market climate, constructed using technical indicators and with a time and price relevance. They are based on an understanding of market trends and are done to predict possible future market prices to help traders trade an asset profitably or avoid losses altogether.
You can get paid or free crypto signals on Telegram and other social media or via crypto trading APIs.


This tutorial discussed crypto trading signals and found that they are crucial to trading if they are based on professionalism. We suggest researching a crypto signals platform before investing in one. Zignaly is the best for starters and pros because it is free, has no subscriptions, allows investing as little as $1, and you pay to make a profit.

For those looking for free crypto signals, CoinSignals and CryptoSignals.org also have free offers while Learn2Trade is the cheapest on our list. We suggest Universal Crypto Signals, 2Moon, Crypto Signals, FatPigSignals, and CoinSignals for futures or derivative trading.

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