Cheapest Credit Card In Pakistan (2022)

Cheapest Credit Card In Pakistan: If you are looking for the cheapest credit card in Pakistan then you have come to the right place. We provide all the top credit cards in Pakistan at very low prices.

Cheapest Credit Card In Pakistan

5 Cheapest Credit Cards in Pakistan. A credit card can be an essential tool for managing your finances in the modern world, but it’s important to choose the right one and manage it carefully. Many credit cards come with high annual fees and interest rates that can quickly add up to more than you want to pay back.

By being strategic about what kind of credit card you get and how you use it, you can avoid many of these problems while also enjoying all the perks of having plastic in your wallet! Here are five of the cheapest credit cards in Pakistan that may be worth investigating further.

1) The Platinum Delta SkyMiles American Express Card

The card doesn’t have an annual fee, but comes with standard rewards like 1 mile per dollar spent and 10,000 miles when you spend $1,000. The real kicker: If you book airfare through American Express Travel, every mile is worth a cent more (1.25 cents per mile instead of one).

But if you’re a regular Delta flyer, that bonus might just make it worthwhile to use your Amex to pay for your flight instead of say, a credit card that gives two points per dollar spent on grocery store purchases. Just remember—for frequent fliers or those who think they may be in down-the-road, there are no blackout dates, meaning you can use your Delta miles at any time.

And if some extra airline perks are important to you (like access to airport lounges), look into paying an annual fee—American Express offers different versions of its Gold Card depending on how much money you want to spend annually ($55-250).
A Platinum Avion Visa Card from TD Bank: On top of earning Membership Rewards Points towards travel expenses using their card, TD Bank customers can also double dip with cash back as well.

2) The PRESTIGE MasterCard

The MasterCard® PRESTIGETM is one of your cheapest credit cards if you have a good credit score. This card offers several attractive features, including no annual fee and no balance transfer fee (if you apply within 90 days of opening your account). Interest charges are reasonable: 9.99% for purchases and 20.99% on cash advances, transfers and cash equivalent transactions.

The outstanding rewards program earns up to 1.25 points per dollar spent at grocery stores, drugstores and gas stations worldwide, plus an additional 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. Also, through partnerships with American Airlines and Hertz Rent A Car®, you can earn miles or points when traveling with those companies.

You’ll get 10% off car rentals with Hertz through 2017. If you use your card regularly, it could be one of your cheapest credit cards after taking into account these perks.

3) UNIbank Visa Card

The UNIbank visa credit card is easily one of the cheapest credit cards on offer. It has a simple structure with a modest annual fee and effective rewards program. If you spend above Rs25,000, you’ll get 2.1% cash back for all your transactions but nothing for below that threshold.

The monthly payment limit is also set at Rs50,000 which is too little to actually be useful for most people unless they’re planning to pay off their entire balance each month and avoid any interest charges. But then again, if you are doing that, why would you need a credit card? Overall though it’s an impressive product when you consider its price tag.

Compared to other cheap Pakistani credit cards, it offers something much more valuable: low costs and high returns on spending so long as your spending habits are average or higher. #2 Kotak Rewardz MasterCard: This is another good option if you’re looking for good value from your credit card without signing up to some complicated loyalty scheme.

Just like UniBank, it has no annual fee making it cheaper than many other options right off the bat. Additionally, you can earn 1 reward point per Rs100 spent at supermarket stores and 1 point per every Rs150 spent anywhere else.

Then there’s a points multiplier system where one reward point becomes equal to 1 rupee after reaching 5,000 points – a milestone easily reached by using your credit card regularly (the maximum amount possible before payments start). Again similar to UniBank, there isn’t any cap on what you can earn; therefore if you reach 50K points that becomes 50K rupees worth of free stuff!

4) MCB Bank Platinum Debit Card

While being issued by Al Faisaliah Bank Limited, it is only a debit card. It comes with an EMV Chip embedded in it. It can be used up to 5 times a day as per daily transactions limit of 10,000 PKR or Rs. 1,00,000 PKR (whichever is lower).

Some of its benefits include: Free international ATM withdrawals in over 200 countries across 600 global locations; Two free ATM transactions at any ATM network abroad on every Card issuance and two complimentary reimbursements for each subsequent transaction; Free credit insurance (up to $7500) for purchases made anywhere outside Pakistan except UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

It has no annual fees but charges 0.15% per transaction fees. This fee is waived off if a customer spends above Rs. 250,000 within a calendar year. To avail MCB platinum card one needs to open savings account with minimum balance of Rs. 50,000 and make an initial deposit of 500 PKR in his new account from issuing date till first statement closure date.

Once these conditions are met then your application will get approved and you will receive your platinum card within 7-10 working days after opening your bank account! You must also remember that any sum deposited during promotional period cannot be withdrawn before 3 months or 90 days under normal circumstances! Lastly, you need maintain minimum average monthly balance according to your package like Platinum – 2 Lacs PMB, Premier – 2 Lacs PMB & Gold – 1 Lac PMB.

5) Al Faisaliah Gold Platinum MasterCard Debit Card

The Al Faisaliah Gold Platinum MasterCard Debit Card is a cashback debit card. The card offers discounts, coupons and special offers at various stores like Supermarket, Fruits & Vegetables, electronics, books & magazines among others and gives you discounts on money transferring with banks. Other benefits include Health insurance and Education loan facilities.

The application process is simple as it can be done online by visiting their website and filling up an online form with necessary details. You can also take help from personal bankers available at Al Faisaliah Branches. The customer service executives are always available to address any concerns regarding your credit card or bank account if you face any difficulties while applying for it.

You will get free statement of transactions every month after receiving initial transaction statement in your first month of opening bank account. Moreover, these cards are issued under NBP’s TnT (iDealshaker) umbrella which allows you to use these cards anywhere in world where MasterCard is accepted. These cards do not charge any annual fee and processing fees because of which they are considered as cheapest credit card compare to other existing credit cards.

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So, here are 5 of my favorite credit cards. Before you apply for any credit card, ensure that you are eligible to do so. Further, if you want a credit card on low interest rates and great offers, then choose one of these above-mentioned cards and enjoy it.

Keep in mind that, before applying for any credit card; ensure that your annual income is more than or equal to 2 times of monthly installment or other expenses paid through your selected credit card. Apply for a loan at LoansXpress if you need help finding credit options for different situations. Here’s to happy spending!

Cheapest Credit Card In Pakistan
Cheapest Credit Card In Pakistan

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