Business Ideas For Programmers

Business Ideas For Programmers: Writing code can be an excellent way to make money, especially if you’re good at it, but did you know there are even more business ideas out there for programmers? This list of 8 business ideas for programmers will show you the variety of options available to you as well as the different skill sets they require in order to succeed.

Business Ideas For Programmers

With a little work and effort, some patience, and perseverance, you could go from coding on your laptop in your pajamas to working in your own office at the push of a button! Or something like that.

1) Website development

The world wide web has a number of business ideas that are perfect for programmers who are looking to get their feet wet in the business. The most obvious choice is website development, which requires no overhead beyond your time and can help you make money doing what you already know how to do. And while it’s an easy business idea to get into, it isn’t necessarily a foolproof one.

Sure, there will always be companies looking to improve their presence online, but learning all aspects of website development takes time—and in some cases costs money—so unless you have a lot of both or a sizeable client list already, it may not be worth your time.

But if you do decide to go with website development as your first business idea, here are eight things about building websites that every budding entrepreneur should keep in mind: 1. SEO: Be aware of SEO because search engine optimization (SEO) matters when trying to make money from site design projects.

2) Mobile app development

There’s a gold rush going on right now—and you don’t need to dig deep to find it. Smartphones are popular and in high demand, which makes mobile app development one of the hottest business ideas around. What used to be a technical challenge is now something that pretty much anyone can do as long as they have an idea and a computer.

As with any business idea, success depends on execution and planning, but with mobile apps, you can get started quickly without needing to go through a lot of red tape or meetings. If you want to start a business on your own terms (with flexible hours), starting out in mobile app development could be just what you need.

Mobile apps even make good side hustles; you can use them to supplement your income while making yourself marketable in case things pick up. Here are some tips on getting started:
• Get some training – Learning to code isn’t easy if you’re new to computers, so check out online training sites like Codecademy and Team Treehouse. While free options exist, paid courses will give you better results faster because you won’t waste time figuring things out yourself.

3) Computer repair

In an ideal world, computers would just work. But of course, they don’t, which is why computer repair can be a great business idea that programmers can get behind. Specializing in any niche will help; fixing up and selling old desktop PCs on Craigslist is one option.

Remember, too, that you’ll need to follow state regulations when running your business—insurance is a must—and in some cases, you might need to get certified to perform certain kinds of repairs. For example, if you want to specialize in repairing Apple products, you’ll need to pass an Apple-certified technician exam first. Of course, it never hurts if programming is also something you love doing anyway!

4) Virtual assistant

One of the easiest ways to start a business on your own time is by becoming a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants perform tasks that their bosses don’t have time to do, such as household chores and administrative work like making travel arrangements.

Since most VAs operate online, you can run your business from home or any other place with Internet access—and it’s one of the few ways you can freelance while also working full-time. (Learn more about how to become a virtual assistant.)

5) Online Freelance Work

If you have skills that are in demand and you’re a good writer, an online freelance career might be a great option for you. Keep in mind that, unlike with some other careers, building up an online freelance business takes time and does require at least some technical know-how.

For example, setting up your page on a freelancing website will likely take at least a few hours of basic programming knowledge or hiring a professional to do it. Upwork is one such platform that includes programming jobs among its listings. If all goes well, you can make substantial amounts of money from sites like these.

However, if things don’t go as planned—which is often when things go wrong—you’ll need to be sure that you can get your clients’ (or employers’) money back without damaging your reputation. It’s also important to know whether or not someone has filed a complaint against you.

6) Data entry

If you’re good with numbers and willing to keep meticulous records, you can do virtual data entry for people who don’t have time to input their own. This is a great way to make money online from home, but it can be tedious work.

If you decide to try your hand at it, I recommend keeping track of how many hours you log each week (you can use a time-tracking app like Toggl or Harvest) and then multiplying that number by your hourly rate. Even if you work just an hour or two each day on average, don’t forget to add in costs like Internet access or phone bills.

The bottom line is that there are dozens of high-paying ways to earn money from home—and hundreds of terrible ones too. Do your homework, ask around, trust your gut instincts, and remember that even good opportunities can be bad business ideas. And always read up on income tax rules so you know what’s what when it comes to taking income off of your taxes!

7) Instagram development

It may not be a business idea in and of itself, but developing an app is a great first step toward having your own profitable startup. You’ll need to be technical, of course. But if you have no experience building an app, that’s okay: You can learn enough as you go to make Instagram development worth your time.

Build an app and sell it on The App Store or Google Play; sign up with Apple and Google’s developer programs and charge people $1 (or more) to download it. Pro tip: Use Apple’s free resource portal, which has templates to guide you through all aspects of development.

If you’re a programmer, there are a variety of business ideas that are within your reach. In fact, there’s even some overlap between entrepreneurship and programming in general. If you want to create your own app or software to sell online, you can do it yourself or with a small team on sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk).

There are also various sites where freelancers advertise their services. Alternatively, if you want to make an actual business out of it, create an online store and try selling something physical that costs less than $100. You can start small by listing just one item at first—perhaps your own ebook.

8) YouTube channel management

YouTube may be best known as a video-sharing platform, but it’s also home to countless independent filmmakers and educational channels. If you have some filmmaking chops or are interested in learning about your own niche, YouTube is one of those platforms where you can find an audience by sharing your creative work.

For example, if you love makeup tutorials, consider starting a channel to share new trends and reviews; if you’re into art history, film documentaries, or interviews with artists at work. The beauty of YouTube is that once you’ve created a channel and started generating the content, it will live on and grow—helping you turn a new interest into an income-generating asset.

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You might be surprised that only one of these ideas is actually related to writing code. The truth is, you can earn a lot of money with just about any skill set you have. If you’re a programmer, here are eight ways you can use your skills to get ahead.

So whether you want to freelance, start your own business or simply build up some solid experience under your belt, there’s never been a better time than now to start making your mark on both sides of the computer screen.

Business Ideas For Programmers
Business Ideas For Programmers

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