Allied Bank Credit Card Benefits, Eligibility, Discounts

Allied Bank Credit Card: Whether you’re a professional looking to start your own business or simply looking for ways to earn a little extra cash, starting an Allied Express business credit card is one of the most effective ways to manage your personal finances.

Allied Bank Credit Card Benefits, Eligibility, Discounts

If you’re trying to decide which credit card to get next, you’ll want to take a look at the benefits and eligibility of the Allied Bank credit card first.

This card can offer you plenty of advantages both in your personal life and when it comes to business transactions, so make sure you know all about it before deciding on which one to go with! This card is issued by Allied Bank, and accepts Visa as its primary payment method.

Whether you’re a professional looking to start your own business or simply looking for ways to earn a little extra cash, starting an Allied Express business credit card is one of the most effective ways to manage your personal finances.

Aside from providing you with a source of income, it also gives you access to great rewards that are exclusive only to allied bank customers. Starting a business credit card may seem intimidating at first but it doesn’t have to be! Take a look at some of our other blogs on how best to get started.

Apply For an Allied Bank Credit Card

In order to apply for an Allied Bank credit card, applicants must be over 21 years of age, have a good or excellent credit rating (ideally a score of 680 or above), and have an annual income that is at least twice their monthly debt payments. You can check your current credit score for free by visiting Credit Sesame’s website.

If you’re approved, Allied will likely request a security deposit of between $50-$500. This sum serves as collateral against unauthorized charges made on your account. It also provides some peace of mind because it helps ensure that you’ll repay any money you charge if you run into financial trouble later on.

Credit Card Features

Allied Bank credit cards feature a variety of rewards programs that allow you to earn points on purchases. These include: 2X points on qualifying dining, travel, and entertainment purchases 1X point on all other purchases Redeem your points for gift cards, airline miles, hotel stays, or merchandise All-inclusive credit card protection features including.

Purchase protection charge card anti-theft benefits auto rental coverage extended warranty protection Travel Features: Book your next trip using Allied’s simple search tool which allows you to search among online travel sites like Expedia or Orbitz. When booking online, use your free concierge service to help find airline tickets or hotels based on price, dates of travel, and quality ratings of various accommodations.

Request an upgrade when it’s available. If you change your mind about traveling somewhere because of ticket prices or just decide to stay in town one more day instead, return unused tickets for up to 12 months after purchase (subject to change by carrier) Other Perks: Sign up for MySaver, a program that allows members access deals from top brands and local merchants.

MySaver gives customers discounted movie tickets through Fandango, last minute rental car deals with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, exclusive discounts at BabiesRUs locations across Texas, as well as 25% off craftsman tools from Sears Hardware in addition to many more perks provided by participating companies/merchants.

Annual Fees

Allied offers two primary credit cards, though they differ significantly in terms of annual fees. The Standard credit card charges a $29 annual fee, which is waived for first-year members. If you’re interested in receiving cash back rewards.

Or if you want to enjoy some great perks for travel-related purchases, then it may be worthwhile to enroll in the AlliedPlus Premier World MasterCard®. This version of their main credit card charges an annual fee of $59 that is also waived for first-year members.

But, as you might have guessed from its name, there are plenty of benefits to offset those additional costs (not least of all being a $10 monthly credit towards your car payment). Plus, with no foreign transaction fees on either version, traveling abroad won’t ding your pocketbook!

2% Reward Cash Back on Every Purchase: According to our research among consumers who carry both Visa and Mastercard branded cards from multiple issuers (that is: not store cards), consumers who use their wallet most often report earning 1% back on all purchases with these portfolios. So how does 2% compare?

Loyalty Programs

Allied offers credit cardholders complimentary membership in Rewardz, an all-inclusive rewards program that allows members to accumulate points on purchases from their Allied credit card. With their points, you can shop at different stores, go out for dinner or lunch or even see a movie.

In addition to receiving discounts with your Allied credit card, members of Rewardz can also get cash back on their purchases. Points are accrued at different rates depending on how much money you spend during any given billing cycle. If you charge $500 per month to your card, for example, then it will take $1,000 in spending before you reach 1 point/dollar spent ratio that most companies offer.

Credit Limit

Auto Finance cardholders receive a credit limit of $1,000. You must spend $2,500 within three months to qualify for a credit limit increase. The limit is based on your account history with Allied Bank. If you have multiple accounts with Allied, you can get a credit limit based on your average daily balance in other accounts at Allied.

Redeem Rewards Points

Once you have built up a balance of credit card rewards points, you can redeem them for cash-back rebates, travel discounts or shopping vouchers. Each company offers its own range of options for redemption; in some cases, you can get up to $1,000 off your annual family vacation.

Allied Bank charges an annual fee of $79, but it is waived if you carry at least $3,000 in combined savings and loan balances each month. To take advantage of your points in other ways at any time during the year, simply login to your account online. If possible, use a tax-free day to pay bills that would otherwise be due on one of your credit cards—the points will add up quickly!

Which Is The Best Credit Card From Allied?

There are several Allied bank credit cards, so it can be a little confusing to figure out which one is best for you. The Allied credit card can help customers earn rewards in two different ways: cash back and miles. The bank’s signature card offers 1 percent cash back on everything, including gas purchases (up to $400 per year).

If you prefer earning rewards that can later be redeemed for a trip or other travel-related expenses, then you might want to choose from one of their other travel cards. For example, if you spend $50,000 in a calendar year on a premier card like Capital One Venture Rewards ($95 annual fee), you’ll earn 50,000 miles.

What Else Should I Know About The Allied Credit Cards?

The Allied credit cards are not a one-size-fits-all approach to credit. Each card can be customized based on your income, spending habits, or anything else for that matter. Every Allied credit card is tailored to fit your unique situation so you get exactly what you need to meet your financial goals.

If you’re looking for personal loan options, savings options, or any other banking services related to personal finance, there’s an Allied Bank credit card for you.

Allied Bank Credit Card Installment Plan

The Allied Bank credit card offers a whole host of benefits to help you make it big in terms of rewards. On top of that, you can qualify for additional discounts on installment plans like mobile phones, laptops and even electronics.

But before signing up for an Allied bank credit card or applying for any loan, you need to know how much it would cost, how much interest you’ll be paying if there’s a default or late payment and what kind of discounts or benefits you get from using your card.

Allied Bank Credit Card Discounts

What are Allied Bank’s credit card offers? What kind of deals can you get if you apply for an Allied Bank credit card? Is there a special offer to attract new customers? Can you reduce your interest rate with a rewards program or cash back options?

Will they make it easy to switch banks, or is there a fee to close your account? How can you save money when using your credit card by paying off each bill on time and keeping down your balance each month. All these questions will be answered in our review of what Allied Bank has to offer new customers. Read below!

Allied Bank Credit Card Apply Online

Allied Bank offers a wide variety of credit cards to suit different needs. In order to apply for an Allied Bank credit card, you must be a permanent resident of Bangladesh (proof of ID may be required). You will also need an annual income of over BDT 50,000.

Only adults are eligible to apply for an Allied bank credit card. When applying, you will need your personal information as well as that of all co-applicants in your household (e.g., names, ages). Your employment history may also be requested if you’re applying for a business credit card . Apply online today!

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To find out more about Allied Bank’s credit card benefits and eligibility, please give us a call at 800-555-7777. A member of our service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. As always, thank you for taking time to read our content, we look forward to helping you with your banking needs in the future.

Your friends at Allied. The information is current as of 5/31/2018 but is subject to change without notice. You should carefully review each disclosure document before applying for any product that is described on those materials.

Allied Bank Credit Card
Allied Bank Credit Card

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