8 Different Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency on the Internet

The cryptocurrency market has exploded in popularity over the past year, thanks to Bitcoin’s rapid rise in value and subsequent selloff. Now that Bitcoin’s price has stabilized, it’s time to get in on the action!

Whether you want to buy and hold your digital coins for fun or are looking to make money trading them, this article will provide you with eight different ways to earn cryptocurrency on the internet.

8 Different Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency on the Internet

1) Bitcoin faucets

This is one of my favorite ways to earn cryptocurrency. Bitcoin faucets are essentially a reward system, in which you get paid for performing a simple task. Examples include entering your address and receiving a certain amount of satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) or completing CAPTCHAs and getting satoshis for that as well.

There are several different types, but most payout once per hour or once per day at various rates. Faucets often have minimum requirements (usually just requiring that you enter your address), so make sure to read these before starting out!

My personal favorite is MoonBitcoin—they pay more than most faucets and even have an auto-captcha feature if you don’t feel like doing them manually.

This usual payout once per hour or once per day, and you’ll need a bitcoin wallet in order to receive payments. Most faucets require that you enter your Bitcoin address before paying out. There are several different types of faucets, but most pay a fixed amount at various intervals.

You’ll need to check what your payout rates are before you start! One of my favorite faucets is MoonBitcoin, as they have one of the highest rates I’ve seen (0.01 BTC) and don’t require any CAPTCHAs or tasks from you to claim it—just put in your Bitcoin address and leave it open for an hour, then return back later for your payment!

2) Crypto Airdrops

A crypto airdrop is when a blockchain project distributes free tokens or coins to the crypto community. The way it works is simple: A blockchain project will announce that they are going to distribute free tokens through an airdrop.

You sign up for their service and provide your public wallet address where you want them to send your free tokens. There are also different types of airdrops like fork drops (when there is a change in protocol that creates an entirely new cryptocurrency) and bounty drops (when developers reward community members for spreading awareness about their coin).

In order for an airdrop process to be legit, you should ask yourself if there’s any value added by providing your public wallet address or signing up for another service.

Fork drops typically happen when a blockchain splits in two, usually as a result of some political controversy. On August 1st, 2017 Bitcoin went through a hard fork which resulted in two versions of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core.

All major exchanges gave their users free BCH (Bitcoin Cash) tokens at that time. This is because BCH was basically an exact copy of BTC—with one key difference: it didn’t include SegWit. Fork drops can also occur when new protocols are added onto existing blockchains which will often lead to more tokens being created and distributed via an airdrop.

3) Crypto PTC sites

Earning cryptocurrency on these sites is as simple as clicking a button. These websites will give you a small amount of cryptocurrency, typically Bitcoin or Ethereum, in exchange for watching advertisements or completing micro-tasks (like writing a few hundred words of content).

For example, you can make 0.0003 BTC per offer view in exchange for giving away your personal information like email address and phone number. You’ll need to invest some time upfront building up a balance before it’s worth making cash off these sites.

Another option for earning cryptocurrency online is by working for it. Crypto jobs are a growing industry where you can work as a freelancer in exchange for cryptocurrency. Jobs tend to pay per hour or per project and can be found through a variety of websites like CoinWorks, Coinality, and Upwork.

These sites will allow you to set your own rates and earn Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in exchange for helping out with everything from web design and content creation,

to software development and programming.
Other ways – Second Paragraph: Earning cryptocurrency online isn’t just limited to these two options though, as there are plenty of other opportunities available too.

4) Other Free/Micro Tasks

There are a number of websites out there that will pay you in Bitcoin for performing micro tasks like surveys, watching videos, playing games, and other common online activities.

Some of these include Azteco – Which is one of my favorites since it offers so many different ways to earn bitcoin. Coworker – Another great site for getting small Bitcoin tasks done. MellowAds – This is mostly for European users who can get free Bitcoins by watching ads, completing quizzes, and more.

ZenDesk – Be sure to read their rules because they don’t let everyone sign up and offer competitive prices when they do! Etoro Freelance Tasker – From time to time Etoro will offer you tasks in exchange for their service.
Other ways of earning Bitcoin include mining and bitcoin faucets.

Mining involves dedicating processing power to solving complicated algorithms that validate blocks and create new coins. However, mining is an industry with few barriers to entry and a lot of competition, so unless you have expensive hardware it can take a long time before you see a profit.

Luckily there are many websites that offer free Bitcoins for visiting their pages. For example, you can visit our referral page which will earn you .002 bitcoins when someone else signs up through your referral link! Just be sure to never give out your private key or wallet address because these sites will likely not pay out if something goes wrong!

5) Mining Sites

Mining sites are a tried and true way of earning crypto. Mining involves devoting your CPU or GPU power to solving mathematical problems—in other words, it’s a bit like placing a bet that cryptocurrency values will go up.

The most popular coins for mining are Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Z.cash. Once you start doing some digging, you’ll find plenty of information about which ones are most profitable right now and what hardware is best suited for mining each one.

You can even rent hardware from certain sites to get started if you don’t want to invest in your own rigs.
One of my favorite ways to earn crypto is through using what is called coin faucets.

They’re similar to mining sites in that you place a bet, but instead of betting on cryptocurrency values going up, you’re betting that your answers will be correct when they ask questions like: What’s 10+5? or What color is a red balloon?

For example, after answering five or six questions correctly, you can receive anywhere from 0.0005 BTC (Bitcoin) all the way up to 12 ETH (Ethereum). Coin faucets usually give out fractions of a Bitcoin or smaller amounts of ETH every few minutes.

6) Online Chats

If you have a knack for talking to people and an interest in finance, you could make money online as a chat operator. This would require you to build a website and display ads on your site with information about your services.

The next step would be to advertise via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can make money easily since all you need is a bit of knowledge about cryptocurrency and no experience with web design is required.

And as long as your ad links are easy to click, there isn’t much of a barrier for entry — see my beginner guide on how I earned $2,000 in 45 days while traveling around South America here).

7) Trading Bots

Trading bots are pieces of software that make buying and selling cryptocurrencies a more seamless experience. With most platforms, it’s simple enough to set up your own bot—something that takes only a few minutes.

Once you’ve created your bot, you simply need to link it with your trading account and choose what currency pairs you want it to follow (e.g., Bitcoin/Ethereum or Litecoin/Monero). Then just sit back and watch as your robot does all of the work for you.

8) Forums & Discussions

Are you looking for more ways to earn cryptocurrency? The good news is that there are plenty of different ways to earn cryptocurrency online. From investing in a new project, reviewing products and services, or promoting affiliate offers, there are plenty of options out there.

So, if you’re interested in learning about new ways to make money online with cryptocurrency, then continue reading! In order to help you get started with your new business idea today, we’ll be going over 8 different ways you can get started earning some cryptocurrency from home.

One of the most common ways to earn cryptocurrency online is by participating in forums and discussions. In fact, many communities have their own cryptocurrencies which you can earn just by discussing various topics.

Once you’ve joined an appropriate forum, all you need to do is participate in discussions. If people like your content, they can send you some cryptocurrency as a reward for sharing your opinions!

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The days of earning cryptocurrency only by mining are long gone. With a little bit of effort, you can still earn cryptocurrency while you watch Netflix, shop online, or even read news articles.

Most offers pay in bitcoin (BTC), which is just as good as any other type of cryptocurrency! Be sure to find out how much you’ll get paid and whether or not there are any hidden fees before you complete a job. And when all else fails, remember that Google is your friend.

We hope you enjoyed our list of ways to earn cryptocurrency without mining. Stay tuned for our next installment with more ways how to make money from home and at work!

8 Different Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency on the Internet
8 Different Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency on the Internet

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