30 Best Social Enterprise Ideas For Students (Daily Earn 100$)

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Social enterprise ideas for students

Below are several social enterprise ideas for students who wish to either start their own business or work on a project while they are still in school. You can choose to learn a new skill or work with your existing skills/talents.

Social Enterprise is a business that works for the benefit of society rather than just making profits. For students, who have a passion for social work, the following are the 30 most impactful social enterprise ideas:

30 Best Social Enterprise Ideas For Students

1. Animal Welfare Society:

Animals in urban India not only suffer from neglect but also face cruelty in day-to-day life. One idea could be to find a shelter for animals where they could be properly taken care of.

2. Bird Shelters:

Most students come across birds with injured wings and it is their responsibility to take care of them till they fully recover and can fly again and rejoin the flock. A bird shelter would be helpful in such cases.

3. Candle Making:

Candles have a variety of uses, religious and secular. Most people in India use candles for Diwali and other festivals. These can be mass-produced with scents which would help people to buy them easily. The profits from the sale could go towards helping women who work with paraffin wax.

4. Cleaning Drive:

A clean city is the first step to a healthy, happy, and environmentally friendly one. A cleaning drive can be organized at a local level or even for national causes like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Individuals, companies, or colleges can pool resources to make it a success.

5. Community Kitchen:

In big cities like Delhi and Bangalore, street food is an everyday affair. This is not only dangerous for the health of the city’s inhabitants but also for the environment because of disposable plates and cups distributed to hundreds of people. A community kitchen run by students themselves can provide healthy food at subsidized rates in reusable containers.

6. Computer Re-furbishing:

Computers and laptops which have been disposed of by individuals or companies can be refurbished and donated to schools, colleges, and NGOs. The money from reselling working machines to others can go towards supporting the cause.

7. Cookery Classes:

In today’s world, it is important for everyone to know how to cook. In India, cooking is a special skill and one could teach such classes to children or anyone interested in learning how to make fabulous dishes.

8. Craft Classes:

Most students are good at some form of art which can be turned into a craft like painting, clay modeling, pottery etc. A class for developing their talent and designing beautiful things that they could sell would also help financially.

9. Dance Therapy:

Dance has always been an expression of Indian culture and can be used for therapy where patients are encouraged to dance in order to improve their mental health. Young students could organize such classes using innovative techniques like Indian Classical dance, folk dances, etc.

10. Decorative Items Shop:

It is said that a gift should be useful and something which can be used in everyday life. A craft shop selling decorative items for the home, office, or garden would help to meet such needs. Many of these products can also be recycled from waste material.

11. Disability Awareness:

One is not born with disabilities but acquires them due to accidents or infection. These people need special care and cannot be ignored. This can be carried out by helping disabled children or adults to learn how to deal with their condition and also encouraging the use of accessories like wheelchairs etc.

12. Flower Shop:

The beauty of flowers is unmatched and a flower shop would provide an environment where individuals can buy flowers according to their budget and customize them the way they like. This would help to create employment opportunities for women in flower decorating and design.

13. Food Processing:

India is one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables but at present everything is consumed fresh without any sort of processing which can reduce spoilage and increase the shelf life while giving employment to people in the area. Students can do research on the possibilities of utilizing fruits that are native to their region and work towards using them for commercial purposes.

14. Games And Sports:

Playing games is a good way for children to learn problem-solving skills, develop teamwork abilities, make friends, etc. If students wish they could start small clubs in their area and organize games like basketball, football, chess, etc.

15. Gardening:

Having a green thumb is a rare talent that can be utilized by students for the benefit of others in the community. A garden where plants are grown organically to be used for medicinal purposes or to provide clean air can help contribute in a small way to the environment and society.

16. Green House:

A greenhouse can be used for many purposes like growing flowers, testing plant life in different weather conditions, conducting scientific experiments, etc. Children who study biology can explain to students about various aspects of plant life and how it is important to keep a balance between nature and technology.

17. Hardware And Software Support:

The school may already have a computer lab that can be used for providing support to people in the community who are not well versed with technology. Individuals who are proficient in computers can help others with basic issues or even teach them how to use various soft wares at low cost.

18. Home Tutor:

Some children may only need assistance with specific subjects like mathematics, history, etc. in order to improve their grades. This can be done by students for a small fee and they could also use the opportunity as an experiment to study how understanding concepts is easier for some than others.

19. Homeopathy Clinic:

People are now becoming more aware of alternative therapies like Ayurveda, Unani, or Homeopathy, etc. and many of them prefer to be treated using these techniques. There is a lack of awareness about what homeopathy actually is which can be explained by students to people in their community raising awareness on this form of medicine.

20. Library:

A library where people are encouraged to borrow and return books will benefit the community as people may not be able to afford to buy every book they want. The school library could be used for this purpose or even a small collection of books that students who are interested in reading can use and help spread awareness about various issues through book reviews, discussions, etc.

21. Lock And Key:

Keys play a very important role in our day-to-day life and a key-making machine can help students make new keys for people in their community. This would be a perfect way to recycle old locks and keys while providing employment opportunities to individuals who are good with machines or have the ability to repair them.

22. Medical And First Aid:

It is very important for individuals to know basic first aid especially if they live in remote areas. The school may already have the required materials or there may be retired nurses who can help students set up a small clinic where every month students can organize awareness programs on issues like hygiene, nutrition, etc.

23. Movie Club:

Watching movies is an excellent way to relax. A movie club where students are encouraged to rent movies from libraries or purchase them at low costs for viewing can also help expose their peers to different types of cinema. This would be a great way to increase the interest of children in the performing arts.

24. Music Club:

Almost everyone enjoys music and by starting a music club, students can help people in their community explore different avenues of music as well as learn how to play some instruments. This can also lead to discussions about various musical forms and encourage students to share their knowledge with others.

25. Photography Club:

Students usually enjoy clicking pictures whether they use a DSLR or a mobile phone and there is no dearth of events that they can capture. A photography club will provide them an opportunity to explore their creativity and also help people in the community create a photo album of various festivals or events.

26. Sewing Club:

This is a great way for students who are interested in fashion to start learning how to sew clothes from scratch and then style themselves each day. Once they have gained some experience, they can offer the service to people in their community as a creative outlet.

27. Sewing Machine And Alterations:

In many societies, women are responsible for stitching clothes and this is also applicable for those who do not know how to sew from scratch. With a sewing machine, a certain skill set can be acquired by students who are willing to offer their service in the community.

28. Sports Club:

Students can play different sports with each other during their non-academic hours to improve fitness levels and also gain exposure. This will not be limited to indoor games or traditional sports but even things like chess or badminton which they may have learned in school. They can organize events in their community based on different sports and invite people to participate.

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29. Stationery Club:

This is one of the most important clubs for students as they can enjoy buying stationery at subsidized rates or even contribute by providing recycled materials which would then be sold at lower prices than what is available in the market. This is not only good for students but may also provide an opportunity to the parents of these children who can make stationery which is usually expensive like pens or pencils.

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30. Talent Hunt Club:

This club will give students the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of others, hone their skills, and even set up small performances in their community. This club can also help increase interest in various performing arts like singing, dancing, poetry, etc.

30 Best Social Enterprise Ideas For Students

30 Best Social Enterprise ideas For Students
30 Best Social Enterprise ideas For Students

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