Top 8 Personal Finance Bloggers To Follow in 2022

Here are the top 8 personal finance bloggers to follow. Find out their blogs, interests, and more.

Top 8 Personal Finance Bloggers To Follow: The personal finance blogging world has exploded over the past decade, and there are now many bloggers out there sharing their expert tips on how to save money and make more of it.

Top 8 Personal Finance Bloggers To Follow in 2022

Since we’re coming up at the end of 2019, let’s look ahead to 2022 to see which financial experts will be attracting the most loyal readers in the next four years. These are the top 8 personal finance bloggers to follow in 2022 (and here’s who will probably get bumped off the list first).

1) Mr. Money Mustache

Money blogger Mr. Money Mustache retired at age 30 after he and his wife achieved early financial freedom through frugality, a one-time windfall from his previous employer, and wise investing. His unique perspective has garnered a massive following over three years, with over 1 million monthly visitors reading about how to save money on virtually everything under the sun. He’s been featured on The Huffington Post, Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and many other outlets for his efforts.

Though Mr. Money Mustache follows no strict path of how to reach financial independence (FI), his real-world experience is an invaluable resource for any beginner seeking advice on getting started on their own FI journey. While not all of his ideas will work for everyone, there are still dozens of useful tips and strategies that can be applied to most people’s finances.

Here are some key takeaways: Save more than you spend; cut your spending; eliminate debt; invest your savings into index funds or ETFs; live below your means; choose happiness over materialism; enjoy life now by spending less later.

2) Smart Passive Income

Rockstar Game Finance is run by a collective of five personal finance bloggers. Their goal is simple: create a community of like-minded people, who have made financial independence their mission. On top of writing several great posts per week, they also release an annual road map for reaching financial independence. They are popular thanks to their incredibly active Facebook group with over 12K members.

Which was started as part of Rockstar’s successful Kickstarter campaign. When you join the group you can learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors as well as connect with other like-minded people. Another interesting feature is a real-time AMA (Ask Me Anything) where members ask questions and receive answers within 24 hours. If you want to get ahead financially, then Smart Passive Income is definitely worth checking out.

3) Dividend Monk

The first personal finance blogger I’d like to highlight is one that almost everyone who has done any research into diversified income will be familiar with: The Dividend Monk. What makes his content so great is that he doesn’t just focus on dividend income but also general personal finance tips and tricks for managing your money.

He produces a new podcast each week and has many paid training courses available on his website. Plus, his content is super high quality and you can tell that he takes a lot of pride in what he does, which is rare for some bloggers these days! (PS: His Instagram game is also very strong!)

4) Young Wealth

22-year-old Andrew Booth is a self-made millionaire from Nebraska. He started his investment business at 18, has already cashed out of a few businesses, and loves to write about his successes on his popular blog Young Wealth. The top 8 personal finance bloggers he follows are: 1) Rich Dad Poor Dad 2) Rockstar Finance 3) Learn Bonds 4) Budgets Are Sexy 5) Money Under 30 6) Financial Samurai 7) I Will Teach You To Be Rich and 8), Millennial Money Man. Many of these influencers have online courses you can purchase or ways you can connect with them via email or Twitter.

5) Rockstar Finance

With a free platform that encourages readers to become writers, Rockstar Finance makes personal finance accessible for all. The community of passionate writers come from diverse professional backgrounds and bring unique experiences into their posts. In addition, with a focus on long-term financial goals over daily trading tips, Rockstar is dedicated to helping its users invest wisely.

Because investing is at least as much art as it is science, it’s important that you connect with others who can help you think about your money in a new way and give you a fresh perspective. With help from Chris Reining, Brad Barrett, JL Collins, and more, there’s no question that Rockstar will continue to be an invaluable resource well into 2022—and beyond!

6) Budgets are Sexy

Abby Godfrey is just 27 years old, but she has already established herself as a leader among personal finance bloggers. A New York native, Abby offers a wide range of content about finance, but her true passion is simplifying finances and helping people achieve financial independence. Her unique perspective on money management comes from her life as a millennial and from watching her parents struggle with debt after selling their business.

After graduating from Brown University in 2011, Abby got her to start working at Goldman Sachs before joining Minted—an online marketplace for original artwork—in 2015. In addition to blogging, Abby regularly provides financial advice for publications like CBS MoneyWatch and The Washington Post. She has also been featured on numerous television programs including The Today Show and Good Morning America.

7) Millennial Revolution

In her own words, The Financial Diet is a site that combines eating well and living better. I’m a registered dietitian, personal finance expert, nutrition coach, and self-proclaimed foodie who loves teaching others how to be healthy and happy through things like frugal recipes, DIYs, healthy living tips, money management advice, and more. What’s not to love? If you’re into healthy eating AND personal finance you should be checking out The Financial Diet today.

(We’ve included a handy link below!) For our Top 12 list we checked out some of their latest articles – here are our top 8 How Do You Make Your Money Work for You?, Budgeting: 10 Tips for Making It Stick, 5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Credit Cards, 5 Surprising Ways Student Loans Can Impact Your Finances, Why Getting a Side Hustle Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution and last but not least, #MoneyChat: Investing 101.

8) Get Rich Slowly

No list of personal finance bloggers would be complete without JD Roth, who created Get Rich Slowly back in 2006. His approachable writing style has helped countless people turn their financial lives around—in fact, I’m one of them. (Thanks, JD!) He also runs a handful of related blogs including Money Boss and EveryDollar, which provide practical tips on how to save money or pay off debt as well as other helpful financial advice.

If you want an authoritative voice on all things personal finance, start here. You can also check out his new book, Your Money: The Missing Manual. It’s my favorite book on budgeting and becoming financially independent. Buy it now! (You can thank me later.)

9) The Financial Diet

What’s it like running a website focused on financial independence? How did you get started and what inspired you to pursue it as a career? Do you have any tips for someone else looking to do something similar with their life? I’m constantly amazed at just how many people out there are interested in living a simpler life without debt. Who would have thought personal finance would be one of the most popular topics online!

But, thanks to services like Mint and online tools like The Dollar Stretcher, I think we’re finally seeing a shift towards helping each other financially. As long as people keep reading and sharing my content, I’ll keep working towards my goals. My advice for anyone starting their own business is simple: stop waiting for inspiration or permission!

10) Mad Fientist

The Mad Fientist is probably my favorite financial blogger, and he made early retirement a reality at age 34. His posts are short and clear, with easy-to-follow advice that can help you become financially independent. He wrote a book called The Simple Path to Wealth which I recommend as an excellent starting point for those looking for basic information on how to get started with investing.

If you want something a little more advanced, his free course Financial Independence University is great for learning about all aspects of personal finance from debt reduction to tax strategies. It’s important to remember that we all learn differently – some people find videos easier than reading text, or vice versa – so it’s good to try different resources before committing to one specific path. Start by reading his blog posts here.

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I’ve put together a list of my top eight personal finance bloggers. These are all people that I read or follow on social media and who offer great insights into personal finance topics. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them as much as I have!

If you want more information about any of these eight, be sure to click on their names and visit their websites or social media accounts. Let me know what you think in the comments below! And if you’re a blogger yourself, be sure to leave your name so I can check out your work!

Top 8 Personal Finance Bloggers To Follow
Top 8 Personal Finance Bloggers To Follow

What is the best website to learn about personal finance?

If you want to learn about finance from a beginner’s point of view, you can try reading Get Rich Slowly. Get Rich Slowly is run by J.D. Roth, and it features many insightful articles about saving money, earning money, and smart personal finance.

How much should I save for retirement?

Retirement is a long way off, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start saving for it now. The sooner you begin putting money away for your golden years.

What is a personal finance blog?

The primary focus of a personal finance blogger is to offer tips, tricks, and strategies for people who want to get a handle on their financial situation.

How do I make money blogging?

In order to make money blogging, you need to have a large following that is engaged with your content. You can make money from ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. Some bloggers also create online courses or sell their own products.

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