Top 30 Money Making Unique Business Ideas For Male & Female

Top 30 Money Making Unique Business Ideas For Male & Female. Every year, new timeless business ideas emerge. And if you want to be successful, it is crucial that you at least have an idea of what business opportunities are worth exploring and which ones should better remain untouched. Below we provide a list of the top money-making unique business ideas that have been the most successful in the last year.

Some of these businesses you can start from scratch, some others will offer a unique idea as well as a highly marketable product. Their existence might even be unknown to you until now, but each one is a great opportunity for those willing to take it up.

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Top 30 Money Making Unique Business Ideas

1) Online Surveys:

If you are looking for one of the most money-making business ideas, then this is it. These surveys are very easy to execute and can be done from home – just by answering questions on various topics related to consumer habits or preferences or simply by spending time reading through questionnaires. You will get paid up to $100 per survey, which makes it one of the most unique business ideas you can get involved in.

2) Selling your Pictures:

A great way to make money is by selling pictures you’ve taken. You can do this on the web and offline. This is not necessarily a unique business idea, but it is one of the most lucrative ones out there for 2011. People will buy anything online – so if you have some nice shots of your travels or your friends, you can make a lot out of this.

Top 30 Money Making Unique Business Ideas

3) SEO Consulting:

If you have been in the internet marketing business for some time now, then you probably know that as far as affiliate marketing is concerned, Google’s search engine results are everything.

In fact, they are what paid search engines were created for – to help people find what they were looking for in just a matter of seconds. This is why if you have good SEO consulting skills, then this is one of the most money-making business ideas to consider.

4) Selling Crafts:

There are many great crafts that can be sold online and offline as well. And while this might not seem to be a unique business idea, it really can be. You will have to put some effort into this of course and you might not get rich overnight, but once your product is out there – then you will find that you can make a lot of money with it.

5) Personalized Gifts:

One way to turn the ordinary business idea of selling personalized gifts into a unique business opportunity is by turning it into a social event. You can do this by organizing parties for friends and family, where they can bring their own crafts and you give them an assessment of their work once they are done.

6) Subscription Boxes:

These are boxes that people can subscribe to, then get shipped to their address each month. They can contain almost anything you want, but they mostly contain food and snacks that people love. This is a business opportunity that anyone can benefit from – all you need to do is set up the subscription box service and choose your products carefully.

7) Personalized T-Shirts:

Another business opportunity that can be turned into a unique way of making money is by selling personalized t-shirts. You need to have graphic designing skills – which you probably do if you are into this kind of business. After that though, the sky is the limit. You will find that there are many people willing to pay big bucks for these t-shirts, so give it a try.

8) Online Sellers:

This is something that anyone can do – even if they have very little experience with the internet, all you need to start this online business opportunity is a computer and an email account. You will receive products at home, then sell them on eBay or Amazon if you don’t know how to go about it, as there are many tutorials that will guide you through the process from start to finish.

9) Selling your Services:

Many people sell their services online and offline as well – be it for web design or another IT-related service, the one thing profit. Don’t worry about not being aware of how to create a website – there are many tutorials online that will teach you how to do it from scratch.

10) Accounting:

If you have a knack for numbers and a degree in accounting or finance, then this is one of the most profitable business ideas out there today. There are many companies today that are looking for accounting professionals, so if you are good at what you do – start this business today.

11) Event Planner:

Such as weddings and company conferences, there are many events that take place every now and then where professional event planners are required to make sure that everything goes according to plan. This is a great way to make money – especially if you do it on a full-time basis.

12) Online Event Planner:

This might not be as great of a business opportunity as the one above, but still has many benefits and only requires that you have some knowledge about how to create and manage an event online. You can use your skills in PowerPoint or other similar programs, so if you are interested in this business – give it a try.

13) Sell Photos Online:

This might seem like one of the easier business ideas, but it also requires that you have some skills when it comes to photography. This is where before starting up your online photo selling service, you should take some time to learn how to use a camera properly – as well as the basics of post-production. You can sell stock photos online, or even sell your services to newspapers and magazines. Once you have enough images on your portfolio, then it will be easier for people to buy from you without any second thoughts.

14) Photography:

If you happen to be an expert photographer, then this business idea is for you. There are many people who like traveling and would like to take pictures of the beautiful things they come across on their adventures – all you need to do is provide them with what they want. You can either create a website where people can visit and order images directly, or sell your services to travel magazines and companies that provide guided tours.

15) Video Editing:

If you have a good working knowledge of video editing software, then there are many people who would be willing to pay you for your service. Whether they want a promotional video created, a documentary film edited – all you need to do is provide the service.

16) YouTube Videos:

If you are good when it comes to creating videos for YouTube, then there are many possibilities that await you in this business idea. If your videos go viral, then there is a chance that companies will hire you to create promotional videos at their company – or even pay you to portray them in a good light.

17) Tutorials:

If you are really good with computers and have some time to spare, then providing tutorials online might be the business for you. This is not only great for people looking for PC or laptop help – but also if you know how to create applications on your own. You can use your skills to create your own applications and sell them online for a profit – or even provide tutorials on how to go about it.

18) App Developer:

As mentioned above, you can also start this business idea if you have some great ideas for new mobile apps. If you know people who would be willing to follow your progress, you can even create a blog and share your progress with them. Keep in mind that if you are going to sell your apps, they need to be of really good quality – otherwise people will not buy them.

19) Online Tutoring:

Another great business is being an online tutor, but you have to be good at what you do before starting up. This is especially useful if you happen to have a profession that needs some special skills – such as math or chemistry. If you are good, then there will be many people who would love to pay you to teach their children from home.

20) Online Tutoring:

This might actually be easier than the one mentioned above, but you need to be really good at what you do before trying this business idea. If you are well-versed in your subject(s) – then there will be many kids who would love for you to teach them online or even come over and tutor them at their place.

21) Web Design Expert:

If you are good with computers and have some knowledge of designing websites, then this business idea is for you. You can either create your own website design company – or open an online store where people can buy themes and templates to use on their own websites. You need to make sure that the designs you provide people with will work on all platforms.

22) Animation:

If you have a good working knowledge of animation software, then there are unlimited possibilities that await you in this business. If your animations go viral on the internet, they might even get picked up by companies looking for promotional videos to be created – or they may come directly to you to create one for their needs. Keep in mind that this business means a lot of work – and you will need to come up with some great ideas.

23) Stock Photography:

You can create a portfolio online by posting photos you take, and people will pay if they like the images enough. The more impressive your skills are – the more people would be willing to pay you for your service. Keep in mind that you need to inspect each photo and make sure it is of good quality before uploading it online – or else there is a chance that they will not get sold at all.

24) Website Flipping:

If you have some knowledge when it comes to creating websites, then this business idea might be for you. You can buy websites with high page rankings, make necessary changes to increase the traffic, and sell it again. This is a great business if you know how to do it properly – since there will always be people willing to pay top dollar for web properties that are already making money.

25) Website Management:

This is for people who are really good at managing websites but don’t have the time to create them on their own. If you happen to be a great coder and can do anything you set your mind to – then this business idea will work perfectly for you. You can manage different websites that belong to different owners – or even buy a website that needs a lot of work and then get it up to par again.

26) Day Trading:

If you have a knack for trading stocks, then this business idea will definitely live up to your expectations – especially if you know what you’re doing. Keep in mind that you will need quite a bit of money before starting up – to make this business work. Also, you should have a good understanding of how to use your computer for online trading.

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27) Data Entry:

You can start up a data entry business where you get paid to convert written documents into digital files. This is an easy way to earn money since all you need are the right computer skills. If you are good with the software – then there will be no stopping you from making a lot of money.

28) Franchise:

There is a chance that this one may not work for someone who lives in a small city or town, but if you happen to live near a metropolitan area, then this might work perfectly. For someone looking to get out of the 9-5 routine, this is a good opportunity since you will be working on your own – setting your own hours and pace.

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29) Rent Out Your Spare Room:

A lot of people are already doing this these days. You can rent out part or all of your place by listing it on a specialized website. The idea is to do this in a way that you can still live in your place and work – while someone else is paying the rent for you. Keep in mind that there will be some cleaning involved too – so make sure you factor this into your budget when approaching such an arrangement.

30) Sell on eBay:

eBay is the most popular and easiest site to get started selling on. You can sell almost anything without having to pay high fees or royalties – and the audience is already there waiting for you. Find your niche, set up a system that would work best for you, and start making money online today!

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Top 30 Money Making Unique Business Ideas


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money online. All you need is the drive and motivation to start up – and you will soon be on your way to making a lot of money without having to worry about any geographical boundaries. All it takes is creating a plan that works for your needs – and following through with it until you are able to reach your goals.

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Top 30 Money Making Unique Business Ideas
Top 30 Money Making Unique Business Ideas

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