Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites (Earn Daily 100$)

Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites: Making money online isn’t as difficult as you might think, and the work itself doesn’t have to be hard either. One of the simplest ways to make money on the internet is by finding and completing micro-jobs in your free time.

Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites (Earn Daily 100$)

These are small jobs that don’t take too much time or effort, but when you complete enough of them, they can add up to significant amounts of money.

#1: FLP, mTurk, MediaBistro

Are you a fast typist? If so, then Fiverr might be right for you. As one of our top-rated online jobs, Fiverr connects businesses with writers and providers of other professional services. The site is most known for its gigs where freelancers can sell any service they desire to customers that need it. Writing 5 articles is not difficult or time-consuming and will put money in your pocket as quickly as any other website on our list.

There is also a fairly large selection of work-at-home jobs but make sure you read through them carefully before applying to ensure they are legitimate opportunities. This is especially true when dealing with technical writing jobs since some clients are looking for illegal help from individuals who do not know what they are doing. mTurk is a site where people can post tasks and people from around the world can complete them for money.

Tasks are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). These can be anything from I need some information about China to filling out surveys, rating images, and copy-pasting text. Turk has one of if not THE largest database of copy-paste jobs.

#2: KeyTo, Pro Writers Aid, PeerIndex

These sites help authors write their next bestseller. The websites allow clients to rate authors on a wide range of criteria and then provide those ratings (and reviews) to future potential clients. For example, if you’re writing a book about how to make money in real estate, your score will tell people whether or not they should hire you. This could be a great way for new freelancers to get their foot in the door.

Freelancer: With millions of users, Freelancer is one of the most popular freelance job sites out there. It allows employers to post jobs that are as simple as I need someone to build me an app or as specific as I need someone who can code in PHP and MySQL with at least 5 years of experience.

Like many other freelance job sites, it also allows employers to see feedback from previous employees before hiring them. You can even join groups that are based around similar interests and skill sets so that you can find more work easily when needed.

#3: SolveIT Software Inc.

Get paid to write computer code. This Canadian company is looking for skilled software developers who want to moonlight and make an extra $500 to $1,000 a month. Applicants must submit a resume and cover letter describing why they’re interested in programming on a freelance basis. Programming languages include Java, Python, and others. SolveIT has also been known to pay as much as $5,000 for bug fixes or additions in games or web-based applications.

If you have professional experience in C++ programming but are inexperienced with being a freelancer, SolveIT might be worth your time if you like tinkering with software programs at home. Check out their website for more information. You can find other companies that hire programmers here. #2: Freelance Writing Gigs: Freelance writing jobs online typically don’t require previous experience, although some employers may ask for it.

The key to landing these gigs is knowing how to write well—especially if you plan on writing copy or press releases—and making sure that you meet deadlines. A basic understanding of SEO principles will help land more technical writing jobs as well (there’s no shame in getting started by doing free work). You can find other companies that hire writers here. #1: Amazon Mechanical Turk: Are you good at solving problems?

#4: TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a transcription site that offers high-quality audio transcriptions of interviews, lectures, phone calls, and other sources. You can earn money by transcribing interviews and other spoken recordings. You’ll first need to pass a test before you can start working on your own files or looking for jobs. The quality of your transcription plays a big role in how much you’ll make; once you’ve completed your first five work orders.

TranscribeMe will review your work and offer feedback about what you did well (and what needs improvement). Once approved for live transcribing, expect to be paid approximately $15 per hour. #5: Amazon Mechanical Turk: If you have a knack for writing and are interested in making some extra cash, consider signing up with Amazon Mechanical Turk. This site allows users to complete small tasks—usually writing, translating, or web searching—for which they receive payment.

And it’s not just writing gigs: The site also offers tasks in areas like math, data entry, and even video game testing. Some tasks pay more than others, but most pay less than minimum wage—the average hourly rate hovers around $2. If you’re okay with potentially low pay and aren’t afraid of using your brain online, Mechanical Turk may be worth checking out.

#5: Leapforce

A search engine company that creates new search experiences and works with customers to understand their objectives, define success metrics, and deploy solutions. Leapforce provides many job opportunities for Site Quality Raters who assess whether a particular webpage is appropriate for its given search query.

In addition to performing basic web searches on sites across several industries, raters must also assess whether results are relevant for users, report spam and other potential problems, suggest alternative searches when needed, and more. Candidates should have excellent written communication skills and previous web research experience. This is an hourly position with a flexible schedule.

Pay rates vary depending on location (US or India) and amount of experience but run between $11 – $13 per hour. #4: Lionbridge: Lionbridge is another global leader in crowdsourcing jobs and offers several positions for those interested in working from home as a copy editor, translator, or quality rater. Translators can expect to work on everything from software localization projects to marketing materials and medical documents while copy editors can expect to work primarily on technical documents.

Work hours will vary based on your client’s needs but most projects require at least 8 hours of work each week so you’ll need some flexibility in your schedule if you plan to take these jobs full-time. As with any freelance project, it’s best to have some prior editing/translating experience before applying so you can be sure you meet their minimum qualifications.

#6: Appen Butler Hill

Appen Butler Hill, based in Sydney, Australia, employs more than 20 linguists and has branch offices in Canada and Brazil. Appen specializes in technology-related jobs; its clients include Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Facebook. The firm hires around 350 new contractors each month. Base pay for a translator is $16 per hour for general content and $21 per hour for specialized content like gaming or legal material.

Translators must commit to 30 hours per week to be eligible for benefits like paid vacation time and health insurance. Contractors also receive two weeks of paid holiday annually as well as access to onsite fitness facilities and free gourmet lunches Monday through Friday.

#7: Lionbridge Technologies

This company has a wide range of opportunities available to native speakers and non-native speakers, who are interested in finding work with companies like Sony, Nintendo, Pfizer, and others. People who want to become Lionbridge candidates should have an internet connection and decent computer skills. There’s no experience required—just a desire to learn about new cultures and new technologies, as well as enough English skills to review translated documents. Find out more here.

VIPKid: This company offers professional ESL tutoring jobs for people who can speak English fluently and don’t mind working with children via video chat platforms like (Earn Daily 100$). VIPKid works primarily with kids between kindergarten and 12th grade. You can make up to $22 per hour at VIPKID. Find out more here. #5: VIP Desk: VIP Desk is another online teaching platform that connects learners around the world with teachers who specialize in their field of expertise.

Teachers must be able to communicate effectively using audio and video calls, as well as written correspondence using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The site requires all applicants to pass a test that evaluates their language abilities before they can start teaching classes on any subject matter they choose. You can make up to $18 per hour at VIP Desk. Learn more here.#4: VerbalPlanet: If you’re looking for translation work instead of tutoring or other educational opportunities, VerbalPlanet might be right for you!

#8: Online Writing Jobs

If you enjoy working from home, writing and editing may be a good choice for you. Many people work remotely as writers, editors, proofreaders, and even transcribers. Finding these jobs often requires some serious digging or perhaps a connection within a company that is willing to hire remote workers (or both). This flexibility can allow people to take on more freelance work in a short period of time.

In fact, many full-time freelancers use their flexible schedules to launch part-time businesses while still maintaining control over their time and creativity. Make sure you have all your bases covered before making a big leap into self-employment: create contracts with clients and build strong relationships by looking out for each other’s best interests.

#9: Captchas Companies

From Hotmail to Facebook, hundreds of millions of people use captchas every day. If you can’t read a captcha off a computer screen it takes around 20 seconds to read one correctly with your eyes and that’s why captcha companies are in high demand. As with other businesses such as freelance writing, there is no shortage of work for those who want to make money from home online.

While many jobs on the list require skills in software programming, site maintenance, and database development, anyone can take advantage of a little-known way to rake in extra cash: Captcha design. There is no need for any experience or special skills because all that’s required is good vision! A typical job pays $3-$5 per 1000 captchas designed and most companies will pay via PayPal within 24 hours. If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, don’t despair.

There are plenty of opportunities out there if you know where to look. With so much competition for these types of jobs, an attractive CV is essential so be sure to include details about your strengths and previous experience in designing captchas. To get started quickly just search Google for captcha designers wanted or designing captchas and fill out some simple forms. The next step is simply waiting for offers to come flooding in!

#10 – Easyjobs. in

A low-cost job portal, Easyjobs offers everything from short-term data entry to long-term graphic design and programming positions. They also provide services such as legal, IT, and HR consultation as well as recruiting. Since they’re a small company, they know that every employee matters—so if you do your job right, you’ll be rewarded with a promotion into management or marketing.

All jobs are on an independent contractor basis. As with all other sites on our list, Easyjobs is secure and affordable: each of their jobs will cost you between $10-$20 an hour. You can also cash out at any time by requesting a check or wire transfer in USD. They’ll even send it via FedEx to your home address!

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So, that is our list of top sites where you can do copy-paste jobs. If you are serious about working online and earning some money, these are the places you need to be. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start working! Good luck with your work!

Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites
Top 10 Copy Paste Job Sites

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