Top 10 Business Ideas Under 5 lakhs Near Lahore

If you are looking for a business idea, then you are at the right place. Here we have shared the top 10 business ideas under 5 lakhs near Lahore.

Top 10 Business Ideas Under 5 lakhs Near Lahore: Starting your own business, you’ll soon learn that there are more considerations than just whether or not you have an idea to share with the world.

Top 10 Business Ideas Under 5 lakhs Near Lahore

You’ll need to think about space, location, startup costs, and even how you want to run your business on an operational level. With these considerations in mind, you might want to look into these ten ideas, which are perfect if you have less than five lakhs with which to start your new business, but still want to be as productive as possible.

1) Fast Food Delivery Business

Started by a 17-year-old student, Chai Wallah is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing startups. It was founded in 2011, and within two years, it has grown to serve over 400 cities and employs over 1000 couriers who deliver food from multiple fast-food chains. The company has raised more than $3 million from investors, including Gobi Partners, Sunway Capital, and Blossom Fund.

There are other players in Pakistan’s fast food delivery space such as BFoodiez, EatOye, and Sausage Pizza but Chai Wallah is arguably one of the most successful business ideas under 5 lakhs near Lahore. E-Commerce: E-commerce is one of the hottest businesses today. You can set up an eCommerce store using Shopify or Magento that will allow you to sell physical products online at competitive prices. Most eCommerce stores offer free shipping on orders above a certain amount and have special offers on various products during holidays.

Such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you have your own designs for clothing or accessories, consider selling them online through platforms like Printvenue or Zazzle where they handle all design work for you while providing great distribution channels across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Once your store starts making money you can even outsource some operations through websites like Fiverr where you can get social media posts done for just Rs 50!

2) Cooking Class Franchise

While it’s not a traditional franchise opportunity, a cooking class can make for a fun business to explore. Cooking classes are a great way to make people feel more comfortable in your home and give them an idea of what food you like. For example, if you’re hosting people over for dinner on Friday, consider offering them a make-your-own paella session or sharing one of your secret family recipes.

You could even offer up some wine pairings! Cookbooks are another option—you might even be able to collaborate with others on a cookbook and split royalties. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Think about what your guests would enjoy most and how they’d appreciate getting together at your place. What do they enjoy most? Who has special needs? How can you accommodate those needs? The possibilities are endless when it comes to making money from your home kitchen!

3) Organic Fruit Juice Shop

The term organic has become a much-loved buzzword in recent years, largely thanks to growing concerns over conventionally grown produce and big companies that advertise heavily. Organic agriculture is seen as an alternative for farmers who can’t afford to buy expensive chemicals and fertilizers, but more and more cities have begun adopting organic practices due to their numerous health benefits. The organic market is growing rapidly, with sales of organically produced food surging by 30 percent between 2012 and 2013 alone.

To get a head start on your competition, consider opening up an organic fruit juice shop near your city’s busiest areas. Freshly squeezed juices are popular among many consumers, especially those looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. And you’ll also be able to sell smoothies and other drinks containing added ingredients like superfood powders.

The main advantages of starting an organic fruit juice business are its low initial investment costs—you won’t need any fancy equipment or packaging—and its potential for rapid growth. Most people consume fruits and vegetables daily, meaning there’s plenty of demand for convenient alternatives like fresh juices. Plus, you’ll be able to charge premium prices compared to store-bought brands without sacrificing quality or taste because you’re producing everything from scratch using natural ingredients.

4) Cakes, Cookies & Other  Baking Products Shop

Of course, once you’ve baked those cookies, you need to sell them. One of the best ways to do that is by setting up a bakery or at least some sort of dessert shop. Think about it, everyone loves dessert and if you can offer treats like brownies, cakes, and cookies along with coffee or tea, people will keep coming back again and again. This is an incredibly popular business idea in Pakistan. So why not try it out?

Another benefit of having your own baking products shop is that you get to be your own boss. If baking isn’t your thing, then perhaps you could hire someone else to run things for you. That way, all you have to worry about is making sure there are enough baked goods on hand! It doesn’t make much money either as there are tons of available bakeries for sale already in Lahore itself so start looking around today! What are you waiting for?

5) Handicrafts Workshop & Supplies Store

Even if you aren’t talented in crafts, there is still good demand for arts and crafts supply shops. Besides general art supplies like paints, brushes, canvases, and drawing pads, people also need a variety of craft-specific items such as paints for glass painting or clay sculpting. You can sell many supplies in bulk – everything from construction paper to glue sticks – which makes it easy to manage your business.

If you want an interesting twist on regular arts and crafts supplies, why not turn your store into a create-your-own version? Instead of selling finished products (like picture frames or birdhouses), offer customers different colored papers and tools that they can use to make their own masterpieces. This will keep them coming back to see what new materials you have available!

6) Beauty Parlor / Manicure & Pedicure Services

Having trained beauticians who are also adept at nail and hair treatments, you can start a successful beauty parlor in your city. You can focus on men’s and children’s hairstyling and services while offering manicure and pedicure services to ladies. You could offer affordable special deals such as ‘Mother & Son Hair Styling’ or ‘Husband & Wife Massage’.

This business is highly profitable and requires very little capital investment.

  • -Location/Land: Rs 0-5 Lacs
  • -Equipment/Furniture: Rs 1 Lac – 2 Lacs
  • -Total Capital Investment : Rs 1 – 5 Lacs
  • Taxes/Permits: Annual License Fee for Beauty Parlour = 15000 Rupees per year (Rs)
  • Annual Registration Fee = 2500 Rupees per year (Rs)
  • -Cost of starting up = <1 lac approx.

(Note: This includes land rent and cost of furniture only.) The above figure doesn’t include the cost of equipment which would be required to purchase initially for any business but would be low as compared to other businesses.

7) Mobile Repair Shop (iPhone, Laptop, Smartphone, Camera repair

The mobile repair business is a great option for those who have technical knowledge about phones and other gadgets. You don’t need to have a license for starting your mobile repairing shop, just buy a few tools and start your business from home. Then advertise your business by putting banners on your vehicle and bicycles that show you are providing phone/laptop/camera repair services.

This will attract customers to you from the near area of your house, who are facing some sort of problem with their phone or laptop. You will then get orders from them, which you can fulfill very easily as there is no big investment required for it. Later when your customer list will grow then in the future you can hire someone and increase its working capacity of it. The most important thing is that you should be having good knowledge about smartphones and laptops because if you don’t know how to fix any problem related to it then people won’t come back again.

So before starting a mobile repair shop make sure that you know how to fix every type of problem related to mobiles, laptops, etc. Make sure your price range is not high so customers will feel comfortable while getting their problems fixed at your place. Also, look out for local market trends: Most of the time people prefer local service providers over online because they want physical support at the time of requirement also they feel more secure while getting things done from a local service provider rather than an online one.

8) Car Audio & Video System Installation Shop

Accessories provide a great way to expand into retail. This includes fashion accessories and costume jewelry. For example, a company could create an accessories brand and license out its name to be sold by other retailers/distributors in Pakistan. There are many people who can benefit from your core product or service but aren’t your customers yet, so distributing through third parties may open up new markets for you.

Moreover, if you need start-up capital and have access to large amounts of cheap labor in Pakistan (for example), an accessories brand could be a great niche business because you’ll have readymade designs that you can manufacture cheaply using local talent.

9) Home appliances repairs and sales shop

If you are a good electrician then you can start your own shop for all repairs and maintenance of home appliances such as AC, geyser, TV, computers, etc. If someone is having a problem with any electrical item at home, they usually approach an electrician to solve their problems.

There are numerous services an electrician provides e.g. installation of plugs, fixing small switches and sockets, replacing old cables, and many more. You can make business cards to provide your customers with your service details. It is an easy way to get started in terms of time and money while setting up your business near Lahore.

10) Corporate Clothing Brand Retailer/Wholesaler

Corporate Clothing Brand Retailer/Wholesaler/Distributor – Fashion Accessories. (Fashion accessories brand retailer/wholesaler/distributor in various cities of Pakistan.) should have multiple boutiques / retail shops in all major cities of Pakistan, from Karachi to Islamabad and from Faisalabad to Multan.

These boutiques should be leased by a professionally managed company so that they can help provide the desired ambiance to customers and make their experience as pleasant as possible. They should contain display windows and counters, allow customers to try products on, and also provide them with different payment options such as cash, cheque, or credit card.

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Starting a business is not difficult in Pakistan. There are many profitable businesses you can start for little money. You just need to decide what niche market you want to go after and build on that idea from there. From there, it’s important to manage your finances wisely, monitor how your business is doing, and make adjustments if necessary.

Hope you enjoyed our list of top ten business ideas under five lakh rupees near Lahore and found useful information related to starting a new business in Pakistan and making money online.

Feel free to comment below if we missed something or if you have any further questions about starting a new venture in Pakistan or launching a successful internet-based startup or freelancing career for that matter. We’d love to hear from you!

Top 10 Business Ideas Under 5 lakhs Near Lahore
Top 10 Business Ideas Under 5 lakhs Near Lahore

What is the process for starting a business?

The first step is to register a business name and incorporate a company. In Pakistan, it is possible to register and open an office without obtaining a separate tax number.

How long does it take to start a business?

Depending on your industry, there are a lot of things to consider when starting a new business. Some businesses require more startup funds than others.

What are some of the products or services offered by the website?

The directory has a collection of 100+ products and services providers from Lahore and some of them are as follows: 1) Plumbers 2) Event Decorators 3) Hotel / Guest House 4) Travel & Tourism, etc.

What is your target market?

The ideal target market of your business will be determined by a few things: your passion and skill set, available funding, and how much risk you are willing to take.

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