Small Scale Business Ideas For Housewives in India

If you are a housewife and looking for small-scale business ideas For housewives in India, here is a list of the top 10 business ideas for housewives.

Small Scale Business Ideas For Housewives in India: In India, women have a leading role in the household sector too, especially if they are housewives. Though they don’t exactly run the show they do contribute in many ways to keep the family running in an efficient manner.

Small Scale Business Ideas For Housewives in India

Here are some small-scale business ideas that are suitable for housewives in India who want to keep themselves busy and earn a handsome income as well.

1) Food Delivery Services

The demand for food delivery is huge—in most large cities, there are entire restaurants that survive almost exclusively off of takeout and delivery. Meal service can fill a unique niche if you’re willing to put in some elbow grease. You won’t have any full-time employees, so you don’t need to worry about things like healthcare, paid time off, or vacation. All you have to do is cook and make deliveries on a regular schedule! How cool does that sound?

Plus, it’s one of those businesses where once you’ve got it set up, it runs itself without your having to be there each day. You can just stay home and make as much money as your schedule allows! Best of all, people will tell their friends about how great your meals are. That means even more customers! This business model is perfect for housewives who want to earn extra income but don’t want to spend all their time working. It’s also a great way to get started with entrepreneurship before taking on larger projects down the road.

2) Home-Based Gifting Shops

If you’re a crafty person and love to create things that people will truly cherish, home-based gifting shops can be a great side business idea. Full disclosure: Starting one involves more startup costs than most people would consider small scale, but if you build it correctly (and even spend a little on marketing), it could lead to numerous passive income opportunities down the road.

Depending on your location and time of year, an online gift shop selling homemade crafts could see varying levels of demand. For example, during the Christmas season or on Mother’s Day, you might see orders come flooding in from customers near and far looking to purchase gifts they can send through mail or pick up locally.

To get started with a home-based gifting shop as a side business idea, first, make sure there’s enough local interest or demand for what you’ll be selling—if not, then it’s best to find another niche or start an entirely new venture instead. Once you’ve established your customer base and have built up some sales history with them, then we’d recommend reaching out to local boutiques and vendors who may want to sell your products in their stores—this is how many professional designers begin their careers!

3) Online Booking of Beauty Treatments

Beauty and wellness are one of India’s biggest growth areas. People are aware that it’s important to take care of their bodies, so they are willing to spend money on going to spas and other beautiful venues. If you have knowledge about skincare, haircare, or any other body-related service, then set up a website and market your services online. You can also consider taking a course at an institution (like a beauty school) and gaining certification that way.

But be prepared—the competition is steep! It might be easier if you wait until you have clients before trying to go through additional certifications. Many local businesses won’t mind if you work from home; just make sure they know what your hours will be. And even though you’re working out of your house, make sure to treat yourself like a professional. Have business cards made with your name and contact information and dress nicely while conducting business.

The best way to get started is by getting recommendations from friends who love their hairstylists or massage therapists. Then use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about your new business venture. Post pictures of yourself doing treatments on Facebook pages related to different topics (e.g., natural beauty tips). This will help people find you when they need similar services themselves!

4) Party Organizing and Management Company

If you have a strong affinity with animals, you can set up a pet-sitting service that allows people to go on vacation without having to put their pets into a kennel. Simply reach out to local pet owners, vet offices, and any local businesses that cater to pets. You can create flyers with pictures of your available pets that people can take with them when they go shopping or eat out.

Keep your flyers near cash registers at restaurants and dog groomers, too. If you have a cat and dog that get along well enough, offer catsitting services, as well! You’ll need all of your own equipment (sturdy leashes, carriers) and possibly business cards. Talk to vets and breeders about discount rates if they refer clients to you regularly. Charge per day or per week, depending on what works best for you.

Be sure to update your prices based on inflation and make sure you know how much it costs to feed each animal type you plan to care for. Also, be aware of insurance requirements regarding pet sitting. Some states require insurance if there are more than three pets in one home; others may require more than one person to be present while someone else is caring for pets so that no one individual has access to all of a client’s animals at once.

5) Pet-Sitting Service

If you’re an animal lover, why not create a pet-sitting service? If your regular work schedule permits it, walking dogs, cat-sitting, or grooming pets could be great ideas. You could even bring in some extra cash doing errands such as picking up food and supplies, taking care of mail, and other odds and ends.

Talk to your friends who have animals so you can get recommendations and referrals. Start small with a few clients and add more if things go well. And always make sure that your clients are comfortable with any additional services you provide, such as entering their homes when they’re away.

6) Corporate Events Management Company

This business idea can be a great option for women who have just completed their education. Instead of getting employed by an MNC, you can launch your own small-scale event management company and do all kinds of events – be it weddings, corporate parties, or seminars/conferences.

The events management business also has excellent scalability, which means you can grow your venture gradually over time as you get more customers. In addition to good earnings, you’ll be able to explore your creativity and manage a team (or teams) at the same time!

7) Event Photography And Videography Company

Are you good at capturing special moments? Do your friends and family often ask you to capture their big events, such as weddings or birthdays? If so, becoming a freelance photographer may be an excellent business idea. All you need is a good camera, photography skills, and a willingness to travel to clients’ homes or events.

To start, try reaching out to local event planners or venues and offering your services. Or, add some sample photos to your own website that show off your work. For more advice on starting up as a freelance photographer or videographer, read our guide on How to Become a Freelance Photographer Online.

8) App Development And Marketing Company

With more than 350 million smartphone users in India, and an app economy worth $450 million, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs and start-ups are choosing to focus on mobile technology. If you have expertise in web or mobile development, you can do well with your own app development and marketing company. If you want to make a good business idea into a profitable reality.

The Google Play Store has over 1.4 million apps available for download at any given time—so there is plenty of room for growth here! Set yourself apart by being original and providing real value—the best way to build up trust from customers. There are hundreds of successful apps waiting to be built; all that’s left is for an entrepreneur like you to create them!

9) Real Estate Brokerage Firm

If you have a license, and can work from home without being disruptive to your family, it’s worth giving real estate brokerage a shot. See if there’s a local company that you could partner with by bringing them deals, or freelance by finding properties yourself and either selling them directly or working as a middleman (adviser).

For an easy way to get started, see: How to Make Money as a Real Estate Agent. Or check out my course on how to make money blogging (coming soon). The best deal might be on Craigslist. You can start your own online business that puts cash in your pocket while helping others sell their unwanted items.

10) Pet Grooming Service

When you’re just starting out, finding work as a pet groomer might be difficult. However, once you do, you can make some good money. You can either start your own business or get a job at a local pet store—or use a combination of both to really get into it. While starting your own business takes some investment, getting employed by one of these places also requires capital because there are additional supplies and equipment required.

If you want to open your own shop, that’s okay too—you can always start small with an online store (see below). In fact, pets have become so popular that more than 50 percent of Americans now have them. How many dogs and cats do you think there are in America? More than 70 million!

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Starting a small-scale business from home is indeed one of those things which have become possible with ease today. It used to be like that decades ago, but it was really tough to do. At present, if you have a knack and talent to run a home-based venture and still earn more than you make at your regular job then there are several options available to you.

All that you need is to make a smart decision and follow up with some smart moves. The following are some such ideas that can give you an insight into what is obtainable as small-scale business ideas for housewives in India today.

Small Scale Business Ideas For Housewives in India
Small Scale Business Ideas For Housewives in India

How do I start a small-scale business?

This is a question that is asked by all housewives because most of them don’t have any other source of income. But after reading about small scale business ideas for housewives

What are the benefits of renting a storage unit?

One of the best features of self-storage units is that you’re able to store your items without taking up valuable space at home.

What are the benefits of starting a small-scale business?

Running a small business can give you a number of benefits including control over your work-life balance, more control over your income, and even help to reduce stress.

What are some examples of small-scale businesses for housewives?

There are a few small-scale businesses that housewives can start as part-time or full-time businesses. Every family is different but most women have some skills they can utilize to start a home-based business.

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