HBL Credit Card Benefits, Eligibility, Discounts

HBL Credit Card is the best credit card in Pakistan. Apply for a HBL Credit Card today and get an instant decision.

HBL Credit Card Benefits, Eligibility, Discounts

If you’re looking to grow your credit history and get access to some great rewards and perks, then the HBL Platinum MasterCard credit card might be right for you. It’s not the best credit card on the market.

But it does have some redeeming qualities that may appeal to your lifestyle and spending habits. Let’s take a look at what makes this card so great before we talk about some of its downsides and how you can get your hands on it today.

What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) as a system of payment. A credit card is different from a charge card, which requires the balance to be paid in full each month.

In contrast, credit cards allow cardholders to borrow money by paying only a portion of their bill in each payment cycle; they are then billed for the remaining balance next month. Like cash and other payment methods, individuals may be subject to theft or loss by misusing their credit cards.

When to Apply For a Credit Card?

Many people are curious about what kind of credit card to apply for when they are applying for a credit card. In many cases, whether you apply for a MasterCard or Visa depends on what kinds of rewards you want from your credit card.

If you want cash back from your credit card then you may be better off with a Visa over a MasterCard. Additionally, if you have an excellent credit score than many other types of cards will be available to you including travel rewards and airline cards depending on your travel habits.

What can I Get With The HBL Credit Card?

You can get everything from your HBL credit card, ranging from discounts on hotels to shops and more. The HBL credit card offers a whole range of benefits. Many people these days don’t know what they can get with their credit cards that they have in their wallet. With an HBL credit card you can enjoy all sorts of benefits such as these

Where Can I Use My Card?

HBL credit cards can be used anywhere major credit cards are accepted. You can use your card in Pakistan and abroad at millions of locations which accept MasterCard or Visa. Click here to see a list of stores that accept HBL debit and credit cards. There may be some locations that don’t currently accept your card where you live or visit. We’re working hard to expand acceptance globally so please keep an eye out for updates!

How do I earn loyalty points?

To earn HBL loyalty points when you make a purchase at any of our partner locations (see our list of partners here), be sure your credit card is set to accumulate loyalty points. Depending on which credit card you use, if it’s a co-branded card, there may be an auto-earn option.

For example, if you have an HBL Silver credit card and choose to automatically earn loyalty points for each purchase you make with your HBL Platinum credit card – it’ll work! Also note that only some of our partnerships are eligible for automatic earning. To learn more about how to change your card settings please check out our dedicated page here.

How Do I Check My Account Balance Online?

If you’re thinking about applying for a new credit card and are concerned about how it might affect your credit score, you’re not alone. Many people have questions they want answered before they pull out their wallet.

In order to ease your mind and help you determine if HBL credit cards are right for you, here is a list of frequently asked questions. We hope these answers help! If not, just visit an HBL branch or call our customer service team at 1-800-444-9993 (toll free). They would be happy to give more information or advice on any of these topics.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Credit Cards

Before applying for a credit card from HBL please keep in mind that: When using HBL credit cards you are expected to act responsibly and meet your obligations promptly. No further permission will be sought from any cardholder before additional funds are debited to their account or fees levied against their account.

Should it become necessary for HBL bank to take legal action against a cardholder, they may be liable for court costs, reasonable legal fees and related expenses. Therefore all requests of additional funds should be considered carefully and given due weightage by our valued customers before placing such requests. 011-34774444444 (from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm local time on working days)

Customer Care Number (0310 037 3000)

Human Development Bank is a bank in Pakistan that gives an opportunity to its customers to have their own credit card. This card can be used at any ATM or branch of HBL and other banks.

In some of its branches, it has started with Point of Sale (POS) systems where every transaction of purchase/sale is recorded through merchant terminal. However credit cards are usually safer for use than debit cards. The benefits and eligibility criteria for HBL credit card can be seen below:

Human Development Bank Limited established in 1996 as a Public Limited Company under Ministry of Industries & Production (currently called Ministry of Commerce). It commenced operations on April 1, 1997 with an authorized capital initially fixed at Rs 1 billion which was further raised to Rs 5 billion by December 2003.

HBL Credit Card Apply Online Pakistan

Apply HBL credit card offer. The most popular section of hbl bank is a credit card section and they are giving huge discounts on their products.

Other banks also having same or sometimes more attractive offers but they are not easily available in Pakistan because of some security issues so we can say that people who don’t have any experience regarding bank loans should first try HBL credit card offers because it gives you many other benefits like discounts on your purchases in all categories. HBL

HBL Credit Card Charges

An important factor in choosing a credit card is its transaction charges. While all banks levy some fee on each and every transaction you make, it can be extremely low. It’s also necessary to check if there are any penalty charges for not making your payment on time. For example, HBL Credit Card does not charge any late fees in case of delayed payments. This means that even if you forget to pay off your credit card bill on time, there will be no penalties incurred.

HBL Credit Card Limit

What credit card limit you get is generally determined by your income and overall credit history. It’s a good idea to request a limit that you can handle responsibly. How does HBL Credit determine my credit limit?

You are eligible for your requested credit limit if you satisfy at least one of these conditions: 1) You have had a HSBC MasterCard or any other product issued by HSBC Bank Pakistan (or its affiliates) in your name for at least 6 months.

2) Your income from all sources meets our eligibility requirements, 3) Your account has been open for more than 3 months and 4) If a personal loan is taken within 12 months of applying for your HSBC Credit Card it will automatically be deducted from your first monthly statement balance within 28 days. Do I qualify?

HBL Credit Card Requirements

In order to be eligible for an HBL credit card you must have a regular and stable source of income that is at least 50000 rupees. You must also be at least 18 years old or older. You may apply for an HBL credit card if you’re a Pakistani citizen or citizen of any other country except India.

However, please note that only some HBL credit cards are open to non-Pakistanis. In order to apply for an HBL credit card, you will need to submit proof of identification and address as well as pay application fee (unless your income qualifies you for an application fee waiver). Applicants with a regular source of income may be required to provide additional documentation such as bank statements and tax returns.

HBL Credit Card Benefits

As we all know that HBL is one of top Pakistani banks. It has a lot of branches in Pakistan and its customer service is pretty good. Many people do have an account with HBL bank, but not many people are aware of what HBL credit card benefits they get from it. So let’s take a look at few important benefits you can avail from having a credit card account with HBL Bank.

HBL Credit Card Eligibility

To be eligible for an HBL credit card, you must meet certain criteria and fill out a questionnaire to determine your eligibility. There are three kinds of HBL credit cards available to consumers and businesses: Visa Classic, Visa Gold MasterCard and Business MasterCard. If you have excellent credit and an existing relationship with Habib Bank Limited (HBL).

Then applying for one of these cards is a great way to establish an ongoing rapport with them and obtain rewards. While applications must be submitted in person at any branch location of HBL bank or through one of their partner banks, there is no reason not to go ahead now—just make sure that you meet all eligibility requirements before filling out an application.

HBL Credit Card Discounts

HBL offers a wide range of discounts on everything from airline tickets to utility bills. These include: emergency medical expense reimbursement (EMER), travel related insurance coverage and emergency ticket reissuance.

This card also comes with reward points that are automatically credited to your account when you make a purchase through credit or debit cards. The points can be exchanged for airline tickets, movie tickets and other benefits.

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If you are eligible for a HBL credit card, it’s important to understand what benefits you receive. A customer service representative can help guide you through their rewards and discounts. You will also receive additional benefits with an HBL Debit Card and earn cashback on your purchases as well.

If you plan to purchase products from a participating merchant using your HBL Debit or Credit Cards, enjoy additional savings and discounts on these products. You’ll also be eligible for monthly cash awards and other exciting promotions throughout the year.

So that spending with HBL feels like more than just a transaction. All of these benefits come standard with any new account opened with us so contact one of our representatives today to apply!

HBL Credit Card
HBL Credit Card

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