Earn Money From Youtube

Earn Money From Youtube: With the rise of user-generated content, YouTube has become a great way to earn money through your own content. YouTube allows anyone to create their own channel, and share their content with the world in the form of vlogs, reaction videos, gaming clips, or whatever else you can think of!

Earn Money From Youtube

As long as you are putting out quality content that people enjoy watching, there’s no limit to how much money you can make through YouTube. Here are 5 ways to earn money on youtube.


Earning money by advertising with YouTube is another way you can make cash from your videos. Basically, if people watch your videos, an advertiser may pay you for that viewership. Obviously, more viewers mean more chances of making some cold hard cash. Like Sponsored Content and Affiliate Marketing, Ad Revenue isn’t guaranteed (you don’t know how many people will actually see your video).

But it is probably a good idea to start maximizing monetization while you’re getting your feet wet in video marketing. This way when you do eventually create content that blows up, there are one or two other options available to help boost revenue from your increase in views. On average $6 per 1,000 views.

The minimum payment threshold is $100 – which pretty much guarantees 100K+ views before seeing any real return! This also looks awesome on a resume/CV: Featured x 3; Earned $1432 by sponsored [company name]!

Affiliate Marketing

This is when you earn a commission from another company’s products. You can do affiliate marketing for your own company or for other companies. Many people use affiliate marketing as a way to generate passive income.

This means that even if you aren’t actively working on your business, you can still earn an income from it. One of the best resources for finding good affiliate programs is a website called ClickBank, but there are also many more like it out there.

After you sign up with one of these websites and create your account, they will give you special links unique to your account (these are called links or URLs in the internet language). These links allow anyone who clicks on them to purchase a product (usually through Amazon) and give you a portion of their purchase as commission. You get paid by check, PayPal, direct deposit, or gift card.

If someone buys something worth $100, and you get a 5% commission rate, then you would get $5. It may not sound like much right now but imagine if 10 million people clicked on those links! If just 1% of those 10 million bought something, then that’s 100 thousand orders which result in $50K in revenue!

Selling Products

Another way to earn money through YouTube is by selling your own products. Companies will pay thousands of dollars for you to promote their products, and if you’re particularly good at sales, it could become a lot of fun.

However, be aware that most of these opportunities are gifts with purchase and come with an expiration date so you might want to think twice about using a credit card. To learn more about how affiliate marketing works, read 5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success. Learn More About Affiliate Marketing .)
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Selling Services

In order to earn money from YouTube, you’ll have to market yourself. This might mean offering free advice or information about your skills and talents in exchange for a donation or for a donation plus some special perk of service. If you already sell goods or services, consider expanding your e-commerce offerings.

As always, authenticity is key—people are drawn to honesty and transparency in their video creators, and YouTube as a platform encourages it as well. For an even more engaged connection with fans, make sure you’re sharing videos at least weekly, ideally every day. For tips, check out our post on how often to post on social media.

Here’s a basic outline for creating your own infographic:

  • Choose what statistics you want to include and whether or not they’re illustrated (or animated) by data visualization tools like Visage, Datawrapper, Piktochart.
  • Then turn those stats into a visually appealing graphic that people will want to share and embed on their sites.
  • Consider including links back to original sources so readers can research further if they’re curious about specifics.
  •  Choose where you want to host it (the best part!). Wrike has native image hosting built right into tasks!


Making a living through crowdfunding is becoming more and more popular as people realize that even bad ideas can become good businesses. An excellent example of a successfully funded project is Exploding Kittens, which raised $8.7 million from 218,382 backers.

While most projects don’t raise millions, even those in lower ranges have been wildly successful—the funding goal for Exploding Kittens was just $10,000 and they still became one of the most successfully funded projects in Kickstarter history!

If you’ve ever had an idea you think would make a cool product or game but don’t know how to bring it to life, consider crowdfunding as an option. Let potential customers help you decide if your idea is viable before sinking hundreds or thousands of dollars into it yourself. You may be surprised by what you find out.

Create sponsored content through brand deals

One way to monetize a YouTube channel is through brand deals. You can offer companies products in exchange for them being featured in your videos. This works by targeting companies that are looking for brand deals and then reaching out with an offer.

It’s important to reach out via email or phone call instead of just going straight into a pitch without contacting them first. If you get their interest, it will make it easier to complete a deal. Companies usually pay around $50-$300 per product and you can decide if you want to feature one company or multiple companies throughout your video(s).

You should have plenty of time between filming, editing, and uploading for slow-moving negotiations to come about as well. This form of making money from YouTube may take more time than other methods so if patience isn’t one of your strong suits it may not be right for you.

Create and sell your own product or merchandise

While you don’t have to sell any products, creating and selling your own merchandise can be very lucrative. If you have a knack for design or just really like making t-shirts, people will pay good money for those. It’s always good to check out competitors in your niche because if you find something unique that nobody else is doing, it will likely become profitable quickly.

A lot of big YouTubers started by selling their own designs online—and that makes sense because everyone has seen a cool T-shirt before, and that’s something they all want. As long as you can make enough of them and sell them at a high enough profit margin, it could work out well for you.

The same goes for books. Just make sure whatever you decide to do, you protect yourself legally. Don’t infringe on anyone else’s copyrights or patents, because then what are you going to do? Have a lawsuit been brought against you? So think things through carefully before jumping into anything too hastily.

You might even want to consult with an attorney specializing in intellectual property laws (or at least get yourself educated) so that way if someone ever does take legal action against you down the road, (which isn’t uncommon) having all your bases covered can go along way towards alleviating some anxiety regarding potentially losing lots of time and money on an idea gone bad. After all, if every idea had been protected from its inception no one would ever come up with anything new!

YouTube Partner Program

If you have a popular YouTube channel, and assuming you also have a website or established online profile (blog, social media account, etc.), you may be able to join Google’s YouTube Partner Program. Once accepted, YouTube will place ads from its affiliate program onto your videos. The Partner Program is free of charge. In order for it to be successful, however, videos must meet certain criteria.

They must: Be at least 30 seconds long Promote a specific product or service not exclusively available through YouTube Have no vulgar language Include clear calls-to-action at the end of your video that people can use if they click off your page Allow users who don’t watch via mobile devices to avoid seeing/hearing unwanted ads Target a brand-safe demographic segment.

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All five of these methods can be incorporated into your YouTube strategy and should be considered if you want to earn more money from your videos. If you’re looking for some quick wins, I’d recommend going with either Google AdSense or affiliate links.

Both of these options offer benefits that will allow you to make more from your content—and both offer products and services that align with many existing YouTube channels. As for what type of video works best for each monetization method, keep in mind that product review videos tend to perform better on affiliate programs like Amazon Associates or ClickBank.

How-to and educational videos work well as a background source for Google AdSense—and if you really want to make bank from your channel, then go with brand sponsorships instead. No matter which way you choose to go about it, remember that there is never any shame in asking for help when it comes to making money online. There are plenty of resources out there who are eager to share their expertise. Happy earning!

Earn Money From Youtube
Earn Money From Youtube

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