Business Name Ideas For Handmade Crafts

Get business name ideas for your handmade crafts. This guide will help you choose the perfect name for your business.

Business Name Ideas For Handmade Crafts: Looking to start your own handmade crafts business? You’ll have to think of the perfect name for it first, of course! Which one strikes your fancy (though you might want to look over all of them since you never know when inspiration will strike).

Business Name Ideas For Handmade Crafts

By the way, if none of these suit you, you can always try doing a Google search or looking up something related on Pinterest until you find just the right one. Good luck!

1) Something with your brand name

If you don’t have a product name yet, or if your product has a generic name, you can use your brand name as your business name. If it’s an established business, that makes it even easier. Other options include things like highlighting some benefit of your product (so it can be featured in advertising), or something that describes what you do (such as boutique or apparel).

A good business name should be memorable and easy to spell and say. It should also be short enough to feature on things like websites and advertising. Lastly, it should sound professional. This is not the time for cute puns or anything that could potentially turn off customers.

You want people to trust you and want to work with you—and a bad business name will make them think twice about doing so. The last thing you want is for potential customers to associate your company with something negative because they didn’t take one minute to read through everything before signing up!

2) Something similar to your brand name

Make sure your business name is close to your brand name. Branding isn’t just a logo; it’s also a name and a feeling. If you have The Squirrel Store as your brand, then you might want to consider naming your store The Great Gray Squirrel. Not only is it attention-grabbing, but people will be able to remember it easily if they hear about it from someone else. Choose something memorable that represents who you are and what you do.

Include your most important keywords: When choosing a business name, think about what people will search for when looking for businesses like yours. Using these keywords in your name ensures that when potential customers search for something like personalized gifts, they can find your business easily. Your business name should include your target market and some of your best keywords so that you’re found by potential customers.

You’ll get more traffic from Google searches, and you’ll rank higher on Google search results pages (SERPs). Be unique: It’s very important to choose a unique business name because there are millions of businesses online already. A good way to make sure no one has used your exact business name before is to use .com or .net at the end of it or add an abbreviation at the end such as Inc. or LLC. Keep it short: It may seem obvious, but keep in mind that shorter names are easier to say out loud and easier for people to remember.

3) Use a descriptive word in the middle

Unlike trademarks, descriptive names are not protected by law, but they’re also unlikely to be trademarked. That makes them ideal for businesses that want to stand out and avoid conflicts. Take a cue from businesses in other industries: Coffee shops have used words like house and parlor to emphasize their individuality—but those same terms can work well for many different types of businesses.

A yoga studio might describe itself as a nest or haven, while a flower shop could find peace with an airy name like bloom. Whether you go literal or give your business an abstract feel, finding something that suits your brand identity is crucial to choosing your perfect name.

After all, it will serve as a major component of your marketing strategy. If you can get people talking about your business when they first hear it, then they’ll remember it when they’re ready to buy! I really liked how straightforward these directions were! – Adriana Camacho (Jan 2015)

4) Switch two words around

Almost every business has to worry about naming its company, product, or service. Your business name is one of your most important assets; it needs to be succinct and memorable. Switching two words around in a well-known phrase can yield some great results. I love doing it because not only does it offer instant name recognition for customers, but also you can find company names with solid backlinks.

For example, if you wanted to start an online store that sells handmade crafts, try combining handmade crafts into a single word. You could end up with something like Handcrafts or CraftyHand. Both have positive connotations associated with them and are unique enough to stand out from other similar companies. If you want to get really creative, try switching three words around instead of just two! This will make it even more difficult for someone else to snatch up your domain before you do. It’s always a good idea to check that no one else has already claimed your domain name.

It’s relatively easy to check who owns a website on Google by typing in whois [website URL] into Google search. You should also check social media profiles and ask friends who work at local businesses if they’ve heard of any good names recently. The best way to come up with new ideas is by brainstorming as many as possible, so don’t limit yourself to just switching two words around—try coming up with lots of different variations until you’ve found something perfect!

5) Use an adjective as part of your business name

One of our favorite tricks for naming a new business is to come up with adjectives that describe your company or product, and then use those adjectives as part of your business name. This technique works especially well if you’re a one-person operation, or you already have a good brand established and are looking to change things up. For example, imagine you sell organic skincare products from your home. You could call yourself Organic Skin Care Lady (or something like that).

Or maybe you’re an interior designer who specializes in midcentury modern design. You could call yourself The Midcentury Modern Girl (or something like that). Once you get started brainstorming names using descriptive words, it can be hard to stop! Just make sure not to go overboard—it can be confusing for customers if they don’t know what they’re getting when they do a Google search on your business name. But even if you stick with just one adjective in your business name, there’s no doubt it will help stand out among all of your competitors.

6) Switch some letters around

This is a tried-and-true trick for coming up with brand names. One of our favorite tools for doing so: Is a Switch word around the tool, which can help you change a word’s letters while leaving its meaning intact. That way, you can play around with letter combinations (e.g., nitch) and figure out what works best. And don’t worry if nothing pops up right away; brainstorming takes time. Check out ten other ways to think up business names for handmade crafts here.

Check trademark availability by entering your keyword in If no results are returned, it’s available! If any results are returned that use your keyword or one that’s very similar, then it’s not available! It should be noted that sometimes these websites will return false positives when your keyword has different forms or slightly different spellings, but it shouldn’t deter you from using those keywords in your title!

7) Use an acronym or abbreviation as part of your business name

Acronyms and abbreviations are awesome for forming interesting names because they’re fun to say, easy to remember, and create a sense of familiarity. Acronyms can also be great for marketing purposes: If you have a good acronym, it’s easy to make T-shirts with your brand’s name on them without having to pay royalties (though there will probably be some costs involved).

You might even use an acronym in combination with your full business name—especially if you’re adding words like Inc. or Ltd. That way, people know immediately that it’s a business. Remember though: no matter how clever your acronym is, avoid making any name that seems overly rude or offensive. It may not seem like a big deal now, but later down the road, you’ll regret it.

8) add something unique at the end

Tie-Dye Tumblers: If you make and sell tie-dye tumblers, your business name could include a tie-dye reference. The cool thing about tie-dye is that it’s still relatively hip and never goes out of style. This can also be an effective way to get noticed if you’re selling in a saturated market where similar products are already being sold by many others. Consider naming your company something like Tie Dye Kit or Tie Dye Stuff. With a solid brand name like that, even if there are other businesses making similar products, yours will stand out because of its unique name.

If you make and sell tie-dye tumblers, your business name could include a tie-dye reference. The cool thing about tie-dye is that it’s still relatively hip and never goes out of style. This can also be an effective way to get noticed if you’re selling in a saturated market where similar products are already being sold by many others. Consider naming your company something like or. With a solid brand name like that, even if there are other businesses making similar products, yours will stand out because of its unique name.

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It’s hard to come up with something that hasn’t been used before. After hours of brainstorming, we came up with these simple strategies: look for available dot-com domains, use .co instead of .com, and make sure you can say it in one word (two at most).

Creating a new business is difficult enough without having to start from scratch to get a name too! Using these strategies will save you time and money while helping your business succeed even sooner. And, lastly, remember that no matter what kind of product or service you have—it can still be personalized!

Business Name Ideas For Handmade Crafts
Business Name Ideas For Handmade Crafts

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