Business Ideas to Earn 10 Lakh Per Month – Earn Money Business ideas

Business Ideas to Earn 10 Lakh Per Month – Earn Money Business ideas. Get the best business ideas to earn 10 lakh per month. These are the best business ideas for entrepreneurs.

Business Ideas to Earn 10 Lakh Per Month: If you’re like most people, you don’t want to spend more time working than you have to in order to make money. That’s why it’s important to choose the right business model if you want the flexibility of only working.

Business Ideas to Earn 10 Lakh Per Month

When you want to work and only spend as much time on your business as you want to spend on it. Here are 10 business ideas that can earn you at least 10 lakh rupees per month in profit without requiring many hours from you each week or month.

1) 2D and 3D Animation Service

You can offer various 2D and 3D animation services in terms of visualizing products and ideas. You can work on projects like animated explainer videos, games, virtual tours, photo-realistic 3D infographics, product walkthroughs, etc. You can hire animators who can deliver high-quality content at a low cost. Hiring skilled 2D and 3D animators for a short period of time will save you money and enable you to increase your profit margin.

As these services are relatively new in India, there is ample scope for experimentation as there is little competition yet. This business idea can fetch good returns if you are skilled enough in creating impressive animations that resonate with your audience. Start charging per project or per hour. Freelancers and individual artists are also interested in offering their services for such projects.

So you may have to consider hiring them on a contractual basis instead of paying a lump sum amount. Many freelance sites have come up which facilitate such transactions including Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. Use online tools like Canva to create attractive banners and logos which will help attract clients.

2) Home Improvement Consultant

Home improvement may seem like a hard sell, but people will spend millions on renovations each year. If you’re handy and enjoy designing spaces, consider offering your services as a consultant. By working with homeowners directly, you can make money as you expand your business online through services like Angie’s List or Zillow (see below).

Be sure to consult your local zoning laws; homeowners might need to submit separate plans for property lines and energy efficiency before they get approved for any work. Look into becoming a certified home-energy auditor if that’s something you want to do. And check out these tips from HGTV on how not being afraid of DIY projects is one of several qualities all home improvement contractors should have!

3) Party Planning Service

Throwing a party can be fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Plan one too many events in your life and you might find yourself yearning for more free time. Take charge of your hectic schedule by establishing an event-planning business—it doesn’t take much to get started, and demand is high. Hosting birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, and team-building workshops are just some of the business ideas that can earn you handsome profits.

It’s important to set boundaries around your services; otherwise, you could end up getting swamped with requests. If you do decide to expand into other areas, make sure they fit well with your original service offerings. For example, if you host children’s birthday parties, offering a babysitting service might not be a good idea. But if you offer childcare at weddings or corporate functions, it could complement your existing business nicely.

4) Online Personal Trainer

How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer? The short answer is—it depends. As with any professional service, there are often many factors that affect pricing. At one end of the spectrum are full-service gyms and fitness centers, which offer unlimited access for set fees per month or year. At another extreme is Personal Training, in which an individual meets with a trainer once or twice per week, and pays by session.

Between these two extremes are everything from group classes, to training at your local health club, to contracting privately with a PT through their company website. Regardless of how you choose your trainer (or if you decide not to use one), all factors should be discussed beforehand so that no surprise costs come up down line.

5) Office Cleaning Service

In most cities, it isn’t difficult for someone to set up a cleaning service that allows people with full-time jobs or other obligations to hire them for basic housekeeping tasks. There are entire companies that do nothing but clean offices, and if you want something less involved, there are always odd jobs such as cleaning gutters, washing windows, or pressure washing houses. If you can provide some sort of service, then becoming an office cleaner could be a great way to get started in business on your own terms.

The most important thing is being able to negotiate a rate that makes sense for both parties involved—otherwise, you may end up taking on side jobs forever. And don’t forget about taxes! Make sure you know what kind of paperwork is required when starting a new business. This includes getting your own taxpayer identification number (TIN) from either the IRS or state tax agency. Your TIN will allow you to open a bank account and file income tax returns independently from your personal taxes. You can also apply for a sales tax ID if applicable at your state level.

6) Data Entry Job

If you have good typing skills and basic computer knowledge, it is a simple job and can earn Rs 30-50k per month. You need a laptop/PC with an Internet connection. Anybody who is looking for any extra income opportunities can do data entry jobs at home or part-time. Many companies hire part-time workers also. You just need to be fast in typing and good in the English language (It’s an added advantage if you know other languages) A 15-year-old can also do it because all one needs is interest, perseverance, and dedication.

The best part about data entry jobs is that there is no age limit or educational qualification required. Even housewives, retired persons, and students can take up such jobs. It’s a flexible work-from-home opportunity available 24×7. One may work for 5 hours daily or 20 hours weekly depending on his free time availability. There are many online websites where one can find such jobs & many offline companies also hire people for data entry positions.

7) Event Management Service

Event management is very common in India, with parties and weddings being some of the most sought-after services. For an event manager, entrepreneurship can be a good route, because it combines creativity and business skills. You can provide event management services for social or religious events like weddings, engagements, or birthday parties. You should come up with a business plan for your startup before starting it to ensure its success.

For instance, you can add a ‘party decorations’ service along with event management if you want to earn more from your ventures. Income opportunity: Between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 15 lakh per year. You may also contact National Event Management Association (NEMA) India for further details about starting an event management company in India. Its office is based in Noida.

8) Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile applications have boomed over the past several years. They’re more popular than ever, with smartphone and tablet users consuming a whopping 3 billion hours of media per day on mobile apps. As such, mobile app development is big business, and those who are able to work within it can make quite a bit of money.

Top developers can earn anywhere from $80-$100 per hour – or more – which equates to about $250K in annual income for someone working a 40-hour week. That’s just an average salary, however; top performers in certain fields can easily earn six figures annually. It all depends on your skillset and where you live.

9) Mobile Repair Service

Getting your smartphone repaired is a common pain point for a lot of people. Especially as we rely more and more on smartphones for everything from communication to task management, it’s understandable that so many of us wish there was an easier way.

Luckily, creating a mobile repair service offers both convenience and value—all you need is your phone and laptop, plus basic tools. Sure, you’ll have competition in most areas—but can other businesses fix broken iPhones? (Yes.) That’s one advantage you can use to differentiate yourself.

10) Medical Transcriptionist

As a medical transcriptionist, you are responsible for converting doctors’ and other healthcare professionals’ handwritten or recorded notes into accurate, meaningful clinical documentation in a digital format. These records will then be used by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to improve patient care.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical transcriptionists earned an average salary of $33,600 in May 2016. However, top earners made up to $62,160 annually. While certification is optional for entry-level positions, it is necessary for career advancement as an experienced MT; earning a certificate requires taking one or more medical transcription courses through a recognized training program and passing an exam on that material.

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Many people enter a new career field with dreams of earning a six-figure salary. While not all of us will achieve that level of income, it’s important to remember that being financially successful doesn’t necessarily equate to making a ton of money.

People who earn six figures also have large mortgages, student loans, and often multiple car payments as well as expensive tastes and hobbies. To help you focus on success within your means, we’ve rounded up these 10 business ideas that could earn you between Rs.1 lakh and Rs 1 crore per month.

Business Ideas to Earn 10 Lakh Per Month
Business Ideas to Earn 10 Lakh Per Month

What are the benefits of joining a Business?

A business can give you a solid foundation and experience in leadership, management, organization, and financial skills. It can provide invaluable real-world experience that will benefit you through college and your future career.

How do you make money?

There are a lot of ways that you can make money. You could start your own business, get a side job or sell stuff online. However, it’s usually best to stick with something that isn’t related to your full-time work.

What do you need to start a business?

Many people are happy working for someone else. And that’s fine. But it may not be your dream job, and you might long for something more.

How long have you been in business?

This is a very important question to answer. If you’ve been running your business for more than one year, then you have a reasonable chance of it succeeding.

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