Best 22 Business Ideas for Highschool Students (Monthly Earn 4000$)

In this article, I have listed the best business ideas for high school students. In my last article, I have given the best entrepreneurship ideas. Best 22 Business Ideas for Highschool Students. (Monthly Earn 4000$)

I’m a high schooler and my favorite subject is science. So, I will be giving information on startups in the field of science & technology. This list is brought to you with the help of my dad, who’s an entrepreneur himself.

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Best 22 Business Ideas for Highschool Students

1) Online Paid Surveys:

You can start this small business with just a little capital investment. All you need is access to the Internet to answer surveys. You can take surveys on any topic, whether it’s about your favorite brand of digital camera or chocolate. The best part about being a survey taker is you are your own boss and set your own schedule. You can work part-time or full-time as well as your free time according to your choice.

2) Affiliate Marketing:

This is another super cool idea that needs little capital. You just need a website and then proceed to affiliate programs and earn money by promoting their products and services over the internet.

3) Wholesale Business:

If you’re good at buying stuff in bulk quantity at a low price, you can start a wholesale business with help of some vendors near your area. Even if you have no product of your own, you can buy on behalf of others who want to sell them in retail shops. All you need is some money (around Rs 25000) for buying goods at wholesale price.

4) Chit Funds:

A chit fund is one of the oldest ways to save money. You may have seen in newspaper or television ads about chit funds. If you can find people wanting their money invested, then it’ll be easy for you to start this business by investing Rs 10,000-20,000 per month. Before starting this business, just make sure that the numbers are good and your returns will remain more than 12% annually.

5) Insurance Consultancy:

There are many types of insurance policies available in the market at very low premium rates with high sum insured amounts. For example, Life Insurance or Child Plans that cover diseases like cancer within certain age limits, etc…

If a person is willing to take a life insurance policy he does not know which company to go for and on what terms to buy a policy. This is where you come into the picture as you can tell them all options available and on your commission rate suggest to him the best plan which would suit his need.

6) Car Wash:

Everybody likes having a new car, but maintaining it gives us some extra work. So why not do some easy business by starting up a car wash which is an old-style business people have been doing for around years back, so this one is not very risky as compared to others on the list. And once you are good at selling then try selling some more items like the tire cleaner or the wax paste etc…

7) Events Management:

You can start a small events management company by pooling up enough money with your friends. You can start this business with small events like birthday parties, family functions, etc… you can earn money by booking singers or dancers, DJ’s for the party.

8) Hosting Website:

If you are good at creating websites then hosting is one of the top web business ideas for high school students to make some easy money. It is very popular nowadays as everyone likes fast-loading websites and with fewer graphics. So you can create a simple website using HTML & CSS (not advisable) or use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal CMS (Content Management System). You’ll need to learn how to design simple websites before starting this business. There are many companies hosting millions of domains on their servers so it is not tough to find clients who are willing to host their websites with you.

9) Web Designing:

You can start designing web pages for yourself or your clients by using HTML & CSS (not advisable) or using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal CMS (Content Management System). There are many companies hosting millions of domains on their servers so it is not tough to find clients who are willing to host their websites with you as a web developer.

10) Online Surveys:

Everyone wants to make good money from home and also be their own boss. So why not join online survey panels and make money by taking surveys related to different products and services offered over the internet. If you have a computer at home even a laptop would do, a high-speed internet connection then this is a good home-based business idea for students with computer knowledge. You may have to fill in a survey of your opinions about the latest book released by publishing houses etc…

11) Data Entry Work:

This is one of the highly suggested business ideas from experts because it’s very simple and anyone can do it from anywhere, you just need an internet connection and that’s it. You can start this business at home itself as you need little investment for that. The work involves copying data from some website or document and pasting them into text files, Excel sheets, or even databases like MySQL, Microsoft Access. If you are good at typing then no one will bother about what type of data entry job you did and how much time it takes to copy and paste some data into files. You can earn money anywhere between $2 to $10 per hour depending on the speed of your typing.

12) Virtual Assistance:

This is one of the highly suggested business ideas for students who like taking care of others’ work at their homes. There are many virtual assistants companies in India and Nepal where you can sign up for online jobs like data entry, writing content, scrapbooking, etc…

All these virtual assistant companies pay handsomely if you work hard enough because they provide all the tools/software which help their clients like web developers, graphic designers, etc… become more productive at cheap rates compared to market prices. It is not that only students can take advantage of this business idea but it is for anyone with an interest in helping other people with their work.

13) Web Designing & Development:

If you are really good at creating web pages or designing graphics for websites then this is an amazing business idea to make money online. You can sign up as a freelancer with companies like Elance, Freelancer, Odesk, etc… and start making money by taking projects of website development, graphics design, etc… just be sure that you have enough experience before doing so.

14) Ad Posting Work:

This is another one of home-based business ideas for students who just finished school or college looking to make easy money from home without much time to spare each day. You can do ad posting work in your free time while watching television or listening to music on your PC because it requires less mental work. You can make around $3 per hour from this job, it is suitable for people who like working at home and also being their own boss.

15) Greeting Card:

It’s a very simple business idea to make money online without investment if you are good at designing beautiful greeting cards in your school or college days then you can take advantage of that talent and turn it into big bucks by selling such cards over the internet too. There are many websites like Evite which allows users to design free personalized greeting cards, invitations, etc… If you have free time on your side then why not give it some nice use by earning extra cash.

16) Website Scrapping:

This is one of the highly suggested online business ideas especially for students who are good at computer programming because coding is required to do data entry work related to website scrapping. The job involves copying the contents of some websites and pasting them into text files, Excel sheets, or MySQL databases. You can earn around $1 per hour doing this task by working in your free time.

17) Website Flipping:

This is also one of the highly suggested online home-based business ideas for students with basic knowledge about web designing and development skills.

A new trend called “website flipping” has surfaced where you can buy cheap hosting plans online for under $4/mo which is ideal for creating personal websites, blogs, etc… If you have enough experience in buildings web content then you can sell it for a good amount of money to people who want to use it for themselves.

18) Blogging:

If you like writing and having knowledge about some specific topics like science, technology, etc… then starting a professional blog is one of the best ideas on how to make money online. You can not only take advantage of this business idea but also earn handsomely by working at home or anywhere else because you don’t need office space to run your own freelance writing business.

Make sure that your content appeals to your reader’s taste & mindset before hitting the publish button, links are also important in blogging if you are targeting search engine traffic because it drives more hits towards your website too. I’ll suggest reading How To Start A Profitable Blog By Raghav for more info on how to become a successful blogger.

19) Affiliate Marketing:

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that anyone can take the lead in this business idea because all you need to do is promote other company’s products through your website, blog, etc… and make money by getting paid commission on each sale made via traffic driven from your ads.

There are many online courses available over the internet which teaches people about affiliate marketing, one of them is Wealthy Affiliates.

Best 22 Business Ideas for Highschool Students

20) Data Entry Jobs:

This home-based business idea is for students who want to earn extra cash but don’t have much free time on their hands & also to complete homework assignments that require typing skills (like essay writing).

You can apply to any large company that offers online data entry jobs, there are many good opportunities available over the internet to work as a data entry operator from the comfort of your home. Here’s one article which explains how you can make a decent income by working at home as a data entry professional.

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21) Website Testing:

Companies who want their websites to be tested for finding out bugs and errors fairly compensate testers with a decent amount of money for this job. You’ll need to have some technical knowledge about web development to do testing work at home. If interested then take a look at this list of companies that pay people for website testing.

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22) Poster Making:

There are many places in your town or city where you can find poster boards hanging with different notices & advertisements.

Best 22 Business Ideas for Highschool Students

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Best 22 Business ideas for Highschool Student
Best 22 Business Ideas for Highschool Students

What should I do if I want to start my own business, but I’m not old enough?

There are a few options available to high school students who want to start their own businesses. You can start a small business by partnering with your parents or another adult, or you can start a business as part of a club or extracurricular activity at school. You can also look into youth entrepreneurship programs in your area, which offer mentorship and training to help young entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

What are some common business ideas for high school students?

There are a number of different business ideas that high school students can pursue. Some popular options include starting a small business, becoming a freelance writer or graphic designer, starting a pet sitting business, or starting a blog. Alternatively, you can seek out an industry that interests you and get a job in it.

Can I start my own business without quitting school?

Yes. You don’t have to quit your current job or drop out of high school to pursue a self-employed career. In fact, some teen entrepreneurs choose to stay in school while they’re starting their businesses. You can also start a small business on the side while you’re still in school.

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