Bank Al Falah Credit Card Benefits, Eligibility, Discounts

The Bank Al Falah Credit Card is one of the leading credit cards in the country, with an excellent 2% cashback on all purchases and no annual fee. It’s also highly versatile and convenient, as you can use it almost anywhere (physical or online) with no foreign transaction fees or hidden costs involved.

Bank Al Falah Credit Card Benefits, Eligibility, Discounts

If you’re looking to learn more about the Bank Al Falah Credit Card and how to get started, keep reading for everything you need to know about this incredible card.

What is the Bank Al Falah Credit Card?

The BAF credit card offers competitive reward points on all purchases. With a credit card from BAF, you can be assured of some great benefits and discounts from retailers such as Ikea, Carrefour and more. Interest rates are competitive.

Making it easier for you to pay your credit card bills in full each month and avoid those pesky interest charges! The cash advance fee is 2% which is relatively low compared to most cards in its class. If that’s not enough reason to get your hands on one, how about a sign-up bonus of 15% discount on your first order at Ikea? Sounds like a good deal to me! You can learn more about their rewards program here.

Why Choose This Card?

The best thing about a credit card is that you can use it anywhere and get cashback on your purchases. You also get perks like discounts, freebies and priority customer service. The disadvantages are that they come with higher rates of interest and charges if you don’t pay them off in time.

Plus you have to make sure to never miss a payment or risk damaging your credit score. If you spend wisely and avoid paying interest, however, a credit card can actually save you money while adding some convenience to your life! Get yourself a card now!

Bank Al Falah Credit Card Benefits

There are lots of benefits to using credit cards. Credit cards can be a great way to pay for things you need and want in your day-to-day life. Many people use their credit card on everyday purchases like gas, groceries, movies, or dining out.

Since they offer rewards points and cash back bonuses, it’s worth putting some thought into what kind of credit card will benefit you most! If you’re looking for a new credit card that could save you money over time, there are lots of other options besides Bank Al Falah’s credit card! It’s helpful to compare credit cards so that you can find one that fits with your lifestyle and spending habits.

You may even find that it’s beneficial to have multiple credit cards, especially if you frequently make larger purchases or shop at certain stores frequently. The cost of a single payment can add up quickly; consider cutting those costs by making several smaller payments instead.

In many cases, smaller payments also have lower interest rates attached to them (so long as each is less than 30 days late!). If you shop online often and make online payments through your bank account, a no-fee debit card may work better for you than another type of credit card!

Who Should Apply For It?

Qualifying for a credit card can be done over phone or in branch; whichever you’re most comfortable with. Simply provide your personal information, including your national ID number and government-issued passport (or residence permit if you’re not an Omani citizen). You’ll need to have at least one of these documents on hand when you apply.

Once all your details are verified, an approval letter will be sent to you via courier service within 2-4 days. This is good news! If your application is denied, there’s still time to make corrections before reapplying. Failing multiple times could lead to negative consequences, such as placement on a Central Bank blacklist—but that rarely happens.

How Can I Apply For it?

If you don’t already have an account with Bank Al Falah, you can apply for one by visiting any of their branches, or contacting them directly. If your application is accepted, simply use your card when making a purchase. The bank will then review your application, and once approved (usually within 1-2 business days), you’ll receive a notification via SMS and email.

You’ll be required to provide additional details including proof of address and identification documents such as a passport or national ID before receiving your new card in the mail. To add money to your account you can deposit cash into any branch or just give them a call and they will process it over phone by transferring money from your credit card account to bank account using RDF method.

How Do I Use It Online?

Using your credit card online is quite simple and quite safe. All you need to do is enter your 16-digit card number, expiration date, and CVV2. Once you’ve done that, you’ll simply select Pay Now or Checkout with PayPal. (Please note that PayPal transactions are subject to a 2% fee.)

You can also choose to save your billing information so you don’t have to type it in every time. This speeds up checkout times considerably! If you ever want to remove saved cards from your account, just click on My Account in the upper right hand corner of any page, hover over Manage accounts then click Delete account .

It should be noted that while we don’t store full credit card numbers on our servers—which means they aren’t visible to anyone but you—we do require some data at check out for security purposes. We take additional measures like tokenization and stored value numbers to ensure maximum security during payment processing.

As an added benefit, adding an additional layer of security helps speed things along too! Our goal is always maximum convenience for our customers. To learn more about how we protect online payments please visit our secure payments page .

You can apply for a card and get approved within minutes. Plus, you’ll receive bonus points after your first purchase on it! Other benefits include: no annual fee, ease of use, and much more. Apply today by clicking here. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bank Al-Falah.

I was compensated but all opinions are my own. This post does not contain any affiliate links, nor does it contain links to or advertisements for any services provided by affiliates.

Or companies other than those who have partnered with All4Men to create sponsored posts like these that help us pay our bills through advertising revenues which in turn enables us to keep producing content free-of-charge. Please visit our disclosure page for additional information about our policies. Thank you!

Bank Al Falah Credit Card Eligibility

The eligibility criteria to apply for Bank Al Falah credit card is as follows: A person should be at least 18 years of age. He/she should have a valid identification card. He/she should have good credit history in order to obtain a visa and can make purchases in local currency on a regular basis.

He/she should have minimum salary of BD 600 per month, with no past due or open credits with other lending institutions. He/she has monthly expenditure less than BD 300. He/she does not hold any loans from Bank Al Falah nor from any institution whose name sounds similar to that of Bank AlFalah.

Bank Al Falah Credit Card Discounts

Many bank credit cards come with lucrative discounts and perks. For example, you may be eligible for a 0% APR card, which can help you save money on things like home renovations or buying a new car. Or, if you’re looking to fly in first class or book hotels at a deep discount, there are special travel credit cards. The exact benefits of your Bank Al Falah MasterCard will depend on your individual situation.

Make sure to compare both bank rewards and non-bank rewards credit cards when looking for one that works best for you—and remember that it’s crucial to pay off any balance every month; otherwise those rewards could quickly turn into debt.

Bank Al Falah Credit Card Installment Products

Visa, MasterCard and Cirrus. Offered as both a revolving line of credit and an installment loan, these products allow you to access cash when it’s convenient for you while paying off balances in manageable amounts over time. * Enjoy competitive rates on installment loans.

* Multiple purchase options, including 1st Installment Loans, which can be taken out up to $15,000 to use for any purpose with 2 simple interest-only payments and no additional fees attached! After that, your other charges will begin accruing interest at 18% APR until your balance is paid in full.

You can also choose our popular Weekly Plan: made to fit your budget with no fee or penalty rate after all available credit has been used. The choice is yours!

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Considering that credit cards are a convenient, effective way to make purchases and, when used responsibly, can be a great way to establish or build your credit history and even help you save money with built-in rewards programs—Bank Al Falah’s discount and other perks don’t seem like a bad deal.

Many people swear by their Capital One Venture card or Discover It for cash back—so why not give it a try? You could even use your new found savings to fund a vacation or special purchase; both are proven ways to boost your mood. 🙂

Bank Al Falah Credit Card
Bank Al Falah Credit Card

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