9 Ways to Start a Cryptocurrency Blog

First and foremost, you’ll need to understand how cryptocurrencies work, and why they’re so important. For a lot of people, the first time they hear about cryptocurrency is from their friends and family, or from a news article about someone who got rich off of it overnight.

It’s a confusing concept for many people at first, but once you understand the basics, you’ll be ready to start a cryptocurrency blog about it. This article will help you with that process!

9 Ways to Start a Cryptocurrency Blog 2022

1) Decide on a topic

Take some time to brainstorm and figure out what type of blog you want to start. Is it going to be about cryptocurrencies? Social media? The latest trends in marketing? Once you have an idea, it’s time for Step 2
Select your topic and check for the audience: If you’re going to be writing about cryptocurrencies, check out CoinMarketCap. This site shows you all kinds of information, including average daily trade volume, each currency’s market cap, and price over time.

You can also see how many coins are in circulation, which is helpful for estimating how much it might cost you to start your own cryptocurrency business. Social media is another popular choice – maybe you want to write about Facebook or Instagram marketing? If so, spend some time checking out different social media sites and analyzing trends. For example, more than 400 million photos were uploaded on Instagram every day in 2016; that’s around 2 billion new photos each month!

2) Pick your platform

Cryptocurrency blogs have become extremely popular over recent years. Platforms like WordPress and Tumblr have begun accepting payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; offering more freedom and convenience for online publishers. If you’re looking to start a cryptocurrency-focused blog, here are some tips on how you can get started as quickly as possible.

Choosing your blogging platform is an important part of starting your cryptocurrency website. There are many different options, but if you’re looking for something hosted and managed for you, then WordPress or Tumblr are great platforms.

If you’d prefer to be more hands-on, setting up a Drupal site or using IPFS could be better options. Whichever way you go, getting started with your new cryptocurrency-focused website will usually require writing content and adding images; both tasks can easily be outsourced online for extremely cheap if needed.

3) Advertise

While you can write about cryptocurrency and charge for it, there are several free ways to get your writing in front of people. While you may not be able to make money with these sites, they offer exposure that could eventually lead to new business relationships.

Here are some places you can post content and have it seen by many interested people: Cryptorials, CoinTelegraph, Brave New Coin, and Bitcoin Magazine. Another avenue is The Cointelegraph which features multiple industry experts who have written articles on various topics pertaining to cryptocurrencies such as adoption and regulations.

When your audience sees an industry expert sharing their opinion on the news or upcoming trends, they will be more willing to listen when you publish content through your site as well.
There are also forums where you can participate in discussions about cryptocurrencies.

By sharing your thoughts on these platforms, you’ll be able to reach out to people who are interested in crypto but haven’t yet decided how they want to get involved. Other bloggers have done it before, and now it’s your turn! These forums include Bitcointalk Forum, Reddit, and Slack.

4) Connect with other crypto blogs

If you want people coming to your site, you should make it as easy as possible for them. One of those ways is connecting with other cryptocurrency blogs. By adding another layer of quality content around your topic, you create a stronger foundation for your own content and get some valuable cross-links in return.

You can even ask them if they’d like a link back when they tweet or share your posts on social media—it’s good karma.
The best way to connect with other cryptocurrency blogs is through Reddit. There are plenty of subreddits for everything crypto, and finding other blogs that aren’t competitors can be done via these. I found the most success with /r/cryptocurrency, which has over 200k subscribers. For better results though, I recommend searching specific subreddit topics such as /r/bitcoin or /r/ethereum.

These tips should give you an idea of how you can write your own technical writing in a professional manner so if you have been looking for a career change then technical writing may be for you but only if you are willing to put in the work it takes.

5) Know your reader

Before you can write an effective post, you have to know who you’re writing it for. In other words, find your ideal reader—the person (or people) for whom your post will be most valuable. To help refine your audience, ask yourself: What is my ideal reader interested in? Where does he or she live? What is his or her motivation for reading about cryptocurrency in particular?

Knowing these things will help ensure that your posts resonate with readers, and will also give you insight into what kinds of topics they might want more information on. Once you understand your target audience (and how/why they choose their content), it becomes much easier to craft great posts and convert them into subscribers.

6) Create valuable content

You can’t expect people to visit your cryptocurrency blog unless you’re producing valuable content. Make sure that every piece of information on your site is useful, accurate, and current. Be selective about which advice you share, as some advice might actually lead people astray.

If you aren’t completely sure about something, leave it out—no one likes incomplete or misleading information. The idea here is to keep readers coming back for more interesting news; ultimately your goal should be to become an authority on cryptocurrency blogs so that everyone knows who you are!

You should also take advantage of social media. Share articles that are relevant and interesting, and then encourage people to comment on or share your posts. This way you can engage directly with your readers and maintain a dialogue about cryptocurrency blogs. There’s no reason why you can’t interact with readers via email, too—they might be interested in receiving periodic emails from you providing valuable information about cryptocurrency blogs!

7) Promote your blog posts on social media

Even if you’re blogging as part of your job, it’s still important to promote your posts on social media. This is one of many ways that employers can keep tabs on how productive their employees are. Promoting your post with hashtags related to your industry or content can help drive traffic and attention back to your site,

which will make you look good in front of bosses and coworkers alike. If you’re just doing it for fun, promoting your posts will help grow your following and get more people checking out what you have to say—something any blogger should be happy about!

8) Use Google Analytics & SEO

Don’t overlook SEO or Google Analytics when it comes to your business. It takes time and effort, but they are valuable tools for tracking traffic. You’ll find out which sources bring you traffic, how much of it comes from social media, and how long readers stay on your site.

Having that information is crucial in determining what content resonates with people, where you can improve on your site design, and how often you should be posting. If that’s not convincing enough, Google makes up about 67% of all traffic referral websites get. Having a solid SEO strategy is one way to stay ahead of online competition.

Google Analytics has become an essential tool for businesses, especially those with an online presence. In addition to tracking traffic sources, you can use it to track page views, bounce rates, and conversions. It’s free and easy to set up.

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9) Measure success

Measuring success is easy – If you can acquire 1,000 readers in just 1 month that means your page views per visitor (pageviews/visitor) are very high and you can now focus on growing other aspects of your site like social media followers.

Your financial success is also measured by how much money you are making from advertisements displayed on your website. An average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rate for display ads which many bloggers work with is around $2-$10 USD. So if you have 100,000 impressions and are receiving 2$ from an ad network then your earnings would be 100,000 * $2 = 20000$. Note that these numbers are averages and every industry will be different.

9 Ways to Start a Cryptocurrency Blog
9 Ways to Start a Cryptocurrency Blog

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