10 Ideas for Boutique Business Names

Here’s a list of 10 ideas for boutique business names. Get inspiration and create your own.

10 Ideas for Boutique Business Names: Starting a business can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to choose the perfect name. At first glance, it seems like your only option is to use your personal name or the name of your business in its entirety.

10 Ideas for Boutique Business Names

But there are actually plenty of other ways to make sure that your new venture stands out in the crowd. Here are 10 ideas for boutique business names that should give you some inspiration as you search for the perfect moniker for your new enterprise.

Ever After Boutique

Not only is it a clever play on words (who doesn’t love a good pun?), but it’s also creative, memorable, and easy to spell. It just rolls off your tongue! It’s also perfect for lovers of fairytales, as every girl was once that princess who lived happily ever after. Just make sure that you’re okay with people making allusions to your shop by saying I’m off to Ever After.

If not, don’t pick that name! But if you can handle a little gentle ribbing and are looking for something whimsical, charming, and flirty, give this one some thought. This would be great for a children’s boutique or even an adult clothing store. You could go with Ever After or EverAfter. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, so choose what feels right to you.

Apple Blossoms

We love it, because it’s not only pretty but conjures up thoughts of picking fruit from a tree, which creates a colorful and cheery vibe. And what is business if not a colorful and cheery place to spend time? Plus, it’s short, sweet, and easy to remember. Perfect! If you run into other florists with the same name, that’s okay too: You can be Apple Blossoms of XYZ city or something similar.

This name would be cute as an Instagram handle too! Sunshine & Roses: Sunshine & Roses has a lovely ring to it and could make for a very interesting shop if your product line focuses on flowers or gifts. It’s also fairly easy to remember and spell, which makes it great for social media handles as well. Just don’t use sunshine in your company name unless you’re going all-in on the fun!

Bella Bella Boutique

This is a cute, stylish choice. If you have a feminine feel to your boutique, it’s perfect. However, if your boutique is more masculine in nature or you have a menswear boutique, I would suggest skipping Bella Bella and looking elsewhere. Bella also means beautiful in Italian – so it’s kind of like winning two ways!

It could be fun to write it Bella Bella or even Bella Bella Bella for extra cute points. And yes – I am fully aware that both of these examples are just missing an e from what would be traditional spelling. Deal with it! 😛 Bella Bella = Cute + Fashionable = Win!

Magnolia Boutique

With a name like Magnolia, you could go one of two ways: 1) Go bold and pretty, 2) Get quirky and fun. Decide which one suits your vision and audience best. Magnolia comes from Greek mythology and has plenty of floral connotations, but it also evokes images of old Southern plantations and luxurious living. If you’re going with 1), your boutique might incorporate a bit of an antique feel; if you’re going with 2), maybe your boutique is located in an up-and-coming neighborhood (or perhaps even a funky European village).

Since Boutique is right there in your name, don’t forget to think about what separates you from every other clothing store on Main Street. Maybe your clothes are handmade or designed by local artists? Maybe they’re eco-friendly? Maybe they all come with adorable handbags? Or maybe you have something completely different that no one else does. Whatever it is, make sure people know about it!

Peach Tree Boutique

Let your creativity run wild with playful and interesting ideas like Peach Tree, which could be used by a clothing boutique or interior design shop. What about adding your personal touch to a name by including your family’s last name, as in Marble Boutique? Or, you could also consider naming your boutique after an important event in your life.]

For example, do you remember where you were when Prince died? If so, maybe you’d want to pay tribute to his passing with a tribute store called Purple Rain. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure that your final choice is easy to pronounce and spell because if customers can’t figure out how to say it, they won’t buy from you.

TerriBerri Boutique

While many people automatically think of clothing when they hear boutique, you don’t have to sell clothes. TerriBerri, a professional organizer in New York City and author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life, explained to me that she started her business with a line of organizers based on her name – TerriBerri – because it was memorable. You could also consider using an acronym or abbreviation as your brand name.

For example, Mint is short for Mentoring Individuals Now Transforming Communities; VolunteerMatch is short for Volunteer Resource Information Network Matching; What Color Is Your Parachute? comes from Richard Bolles’ book by the same title, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! comes from a trademarked phrase coined by advertisers looking to make their butter substitute sound more like butter. If you can come up with something just as catchy, go for it!

Bumble Bee Boutique

Bumble Bee is not a very original name, but it perfectly demonstrates how to use proper nouns. The plural form of Bumblebee would be Bumble Bees, while a female Bumblebee is called a Bumble Bee. This name could easily become Karen’s Bumble Bee Clothing Company or something like that if you choose to use it in a real business. Just by adding words like Company or Clothing or whatever else you want to add at end of your business name can make all of these company names into viable products which will sell fast on Etsy and Shopify!

If you decide to go with any of these 10 ideas, do yourself a favor and spend $20 on buying some stock images from iStockPhoto so that you have pictures to upload with your listings when they sell. In order for customers to trust your store, they need to see pictures so just invest in some quality stock photos and you’ll thank yourself later. If there are any other words that describe what type of boutique business you’re opening feel free to add them at the end such as Unique High Quality etc… You get the idea now – come up with 10 names total, put them down on paper then move on to step 2 below…

Periwinkle Boutique

A shop named after your favorite shade of blue is a unique idea, and it would also be easily identifiable in ads and marketing campaigns. This name could also be used to describe your target market (women who wear periwinkle or have a fondness for periwinkle-colored clothing). If you choose an adjective as your business name, try to come up with something that makes sense when paired with the boutique or any other words you like.

Let’s say you choose periwinkle; that gives you options like Periwinkle Stuff, Periwinkle Fashion, and so on. You’re not limited to just one word; use several if it works better. The important thing is to find a combination that fits your brand well. It doesn’t need to belong either—you can add more keywords if needed. Remember, you want people to remember what they read and hear about your store!

To help make sure everyone gets it right, include a boutique somewhere in your business name (for example The Pearl Clutch Boutique). Just don’t overdo it by making a very long name—the goal here is clarity. Your final choice should sound professional and creative at once! That’s not easy, but we think you can do it! Good luck with your search!

Dreams Come True Boutique

Dreams really do come true at Dreams Come True Boutique, a quaint little shop with whimsical merchandise that’s sure to delight. Having an independent boutique-like DCT can be tough, but they don’t let that discourage them—they try to give everyone in their community a pleasant shopping experience. And what could be more pleasurable than coming across something you love?

If you want your boutique to keep shoppers coming back for more, then you should follow DCT’s example and make your store as cozy and fun as possible. Spend some time thinking about a theme or slogan for your shop, along with what makes it stand out from others in its industry.

Little Lady Boutique

How adorable is that name? I love it! While it’s not very creative, it could really stick with customers if you can develop a nice personal brand around it. Furthermore, what business doesn’t want to be thought of as little and ladylike? I also like how easy these words are to say and remember. But you should probably stay away from ‘lady’ because Lady Gaga owns that word, so go with Little Lady or The Little Lady. You don’t want to get sued! 😉

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It’s clear that choosing a great name for your business is a big part of starting off on the right foot. But it can be difficult to come up with creative ideas. Start with these 10 examples and you’ll surely find one that makes you say, Yes! That’s exactly what I want my business to be!

Consider how you want your customers to think about your product or service—what do they need? What do they love? Are they trendy or traditional? The answers are all in here, just waiting to help you get started. If still unsure where to begin, consider working with a branding agency such as Silver Leaf Marketing.

10 Ideas for Boutique Business Names
10 Ideas for Boutique Business Names

What is a boutique?

The boutique is French, and it literally means shop or store. In terms of retail and fashion, a boutique is a small shop that specializes in unique or trendy clothing lines (rather than large chains like Forever 21 or H&M).

What type of products or services do you offer?

Do you want your brand to reflect what you do, or how you do it? The answer can impact your name choice, which is why we recommend doing some market research first.

What is your company’s mission?

Simply, it’s what your company exists to do and how you’re going to go about doing it. Is your company in retail? Your mission statement will likely outline how you’ll offer unique customer experiences and how you’ll provide value to your customers.

What are your hours of operation?

It’s important to know when your business will be open and ready to serve. That way, you can let your customers know when they can expect you to be available. Let them know if there are any special hours that apply to certain seasons or holidays, too.

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